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Monday, 26 March 2012

Soul Dance

Just as the planets, the stars and every other entity in the universe make vibrational music for the source, we must do the same…this is important for our evolution of consciousness. 

In order to be at and in peace and constantly consciously connected to all of creation, we must harmoniously vibrate with all of creation. We must not only harmoniously vibrate, but we must vibrate at the rate that creation has intended for us. Just as every other entity in the universe, we have our place, and we must fulfil our duty.

Sing and dance in complete gratitude and bliss to creation and its creator. Let the body that your soul moves sway to the sounds of creation, allow it to feel the vibrations that connect us all to the one source. Allow the vibrations to energize your being, and to awaken your divine potential by connecting to the ultimate divinity, the source of all of creation.

Let the sounds that go up, down, twist and turn in perfect harmony take you on a journey into the worlds beyond the commonly known and felt senses. Let the sounds that come out of the body that your soul moves connect us all to the one source.

In gratitude and bliss we show our love for all of creation and for its ultimate creator, the one source. It is in complete appreciation that we sway, it is in complete acceptance that we whirl. It is our souls that are swaying and whirling the bodies they choose...It is how our souls entered this world, and it is how our souls can enter other worlds. Physically the body appears to be here, in this realm, but what your eyes do not see is that the soul is travelling…dancing through realms that cannot be described by words that men have created. 
The soul dances through these realms, it experiences and absorbs the divine energy that lifts the spirit and enhances its divine capacity. The vibrations are the waves that we travel on…through these movements, we travel, through these sways and whirls, we ride, we fly, and we become what we are truly meant to be…

With Love

Friday, 23 March 2012

The River is Calling

Knowing what lies ahead is sometimes frustrating. Seeing what will come in a blur, yet feeling what will come with certainty can be confusing. Feeling what will come then pushes me to see what I have been ignoring…

We sometimes ignore the subtle signs given to us. We sometimes feel that we may be losing our minds when making connections, connecting the dots.

If I follow the signs, which I do most of the time, I continue to grow and learn about things that I would otherwise overlook. My advice to anyone out there who understands what I am trying to convey, follow the signs, and you will notice a flow, a synchronicity of events…Nothing can stop the flow once it starts. Though be careful of ignorance and distractions. Be careful that you do not get pushed away from the flow, for many out there will not understand what you speak of when you speak of following the guides…don’t let them steer you away.

Even if you do remove yourself from the flow for a little bit, don’t worry, it continues, and you can jump right back in at any time. The signs and the guides do not judge, they only wait for an answer, a yes or a no, they do not understand grey areas, maybes, not sure…It's simply yes or no…

You must make sure it is clear to the guides what your intentions are. This way, signs will appear in abundance, and you will be able to go with the flow with ease…Obstacles will become nothing more than tiny whirlpools in the flow that can easily be avoided, or even used to give you a boost up the flow…

If you stop going with the flow, it is as if you have taken a break, and are resting on the shores of’s as if you are deciding stop and set up camp, pitch a tent, roll out the sleeping bag….but there will come a point when your soul will need to keep moving again, and you will leave everything, and dive back into the flow…continuing on your journey…until you arrive at home, wherever that may be…

I have been camped out for long enough, and I must soon dive back in, for the river is calling my soul...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Feel at Home...

It’s been a while since I feel that I’ve written something that came directly from my heart. I feel like lately I have not been inspired to write anything at all. Though, through connections I’ve been making, relationships that I have discovered,  my heart becomes inspired again…I think it is important for me to rest every so often, to recuperate my energy, to go within… but it is also equally important for me to make connections, so that my heart can continue to be inspired…

I sit here now in a café, far from home…yet I have no feeling of being far from home, nor do I feel like I have found my home here... I know it’s not here, but I also know, that where I physically lay my head at night, my permanent dwelling place, does not feel like my true home either.  I am starting to realize that home is not a physical place at all. Home is not somewhere that I can see, or touch, or smell. Home is not a shelter, with walls and furniture. Home is not a city that I fall in love with; it’s not a country that I belong to. Home is not a culture or a religion, not a tribe or a family….So then, what is home to me?

Well, from what I have discovered about myself, and about others, I can tell you that home is yourself. Home is being completely comfortable with yourself. Home is a sanctuary within another person as well. Genuine relationships are home. Strong connections are home.

What about family? Is your family considered part of your home? What is family to me…? Well, I realize more and more every day that family is not always blood tied. I discovered that there are people out there who are family, who you have never even met. So, in other words, family as we know it, or how it has come to be defined, doesn’t necessarily make a home.

Making a home means being complete within your own self. Feeling at home finally means more to me than simply feeling welcome in a physical place. Feeling at home now holds much more meaning to me. It means being at peace with myself and accepting all that I am, and all that I am becoming.  I can also add to my feeling of a home simply by welcoming strong connections into the world I have created as my home.  Connections are home. I can travel this planet, until the day I die without the need or want of a physical home; however, the connections I make and the people I fall in love with will always be my true home.

Walls, furniture, material possessions…none of that makes a home for me…None of those things add to  my peace of mind…People, beautiful people, that’s what makes a home, and again, I stress that the people that you create your home with do not have to be blood related. You would be surprised how many family members you really have. The universe only waits for you tlo accept who you are, so it can introduce you to yourself, in and through others.

I finally understand the true meaning of feeling at home…thank you Truth

With Love