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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

The journey down the rabbit hole has many twists and turns.

These twists and turns appear as thoughts, thinking, and from being in the mind. It is quite the challenge to step away from these twists and turns and to accept them as a part of the transformation. There are many obstacles, both physical and mental that appear in the path. 

I feel that there is much work to be done on my part, work that is mostly related to stepping away from the drama, breaking the conditioning and going with the flow. This is not an easy task, though it is a do-able task, and it must and will be done. 

This article is a description of the journey down the rabbit hole, the process, the old thoughts that linger and the new ones that appear.  Sharing this journey with you is a great help for me. Thank you for joining me in this sharing.

It is in my nature to want to balance all that appears on my path. At this moment, there is a challenge to balance the spiritual with the material. I have been on a path of introspection for most of my life, there have been times in the past where my focus has been concentrated more towards the material and away from the work of introspection and self observation. The balance that I always strive for has sometimes been lost. I struggle to find that balance, it is a struggle to find comfort in the material world, though I know that I must strive to achieve my material goals in order to make a difference, in order to accomplish the pie in the sky goals that I have created, in order to turn the pie in the sky into reality.  Even though I feel the need for a balance, I sometimes question myself, I question if it is the life that I want.

The beauty of being human in this world is that we have choice. We can choose what we want, but this does not mean that the choice of what we want will turn out to be what we need in this life. My choices are clear, though it is proving to be difficult to recognize which choice will turn out to be what is needed for this life; it is proving to be the greatest challenge of my life thus far, to truly feel which path my Self set out before it chose this body that it drives. 

My choices are clear:

1.       Continue on a path of introspection, self-observation, go deep inside myself and connect with who I can become, become fully, reach the divine potential, create wondrous realities for all who encounter my true self, give all that is to offer, usher in peace, spiritual abundance and prosperity, unveil acceptance and gratitude to every living entity in this earthly realm, enable others to reach their divine potentials, this is the work, the ultimate goal. 

2.       This is funny, i was just about to write my second choice, and as i wrote the first sentence, i stopped, and i laughed out loud...this is why it is important to reflect on your thoughts rather than ignore them, rather than push them aside, this is when you can make a real choice, i laugh at the second choice because i now know it is not my true path.

Thank you,

With Unconditioned Love

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

This Is What I Feel - Let's Not Be Led Astray

This is what I feel.

There is a massive awakening in progress. This mass awakening is happening and continues to happen as an on-going part of our evolutionary process.

This path of evolution consists of self-observation, introspection, deep meditation, bottomless acceptance, pure gratitude and finally an emptiness that is surrounded by nothing less than unconditional love.

This is the process, this is the evolution into an age away from materialism and into spirituality, into what we were destined to become, what we are as one, the potentials we hold and the intense light that will be.

I have noticed that many who are on this awakened path are being pulled in a million different directions.

There is a block; this block is designed by entities that are better left unknown and unnamed. I do feel that there is a spreading of a certain fear that is being perpetuated into the public eye. This propagation of this fear is rampant on what we call alternative news sites. Let us not confuse the esoteric school of thought with alternative media; there is a very big difference.

The fear was once segregated into nations because of the separation that existed in the past. But since the creation of mass media and more importantly, the internet, there is a global society, a global world that has emerged. Fear as a means of control and distraction cannot be separated anymore, fear is now used on a global scale. Most recently, fear was propagated on a global scale through the terrorist/islamaphobia tactic. Now, with the cowboy style killing of Bin Laden, this fear tactic has come to an end, we barely see reports about terrorists plotting to destroy our countries anymore. More people are turning away from mainstream media and are paying attention to the alternative media. Let’s be logical here, the entities that control mainstream media know that this is happening, therefore, the entities will surely infiltrate and inject into those alternative sites. It is also known that because of the interconnectedness that the internet has created (mainly through social media and blogging), it is proving to be very difficult to turn people against each other.

Let me get to the essence of what I’m saying here – fear is known to be one of the most effective means of control and distraction. Comets, Brown Dwarfs, Asteroids, Planet X, Nibiru, Pole Shifts, Illuminati, Mind Control, Doomsday, 2012, Mayan prophecy, Sumerian prophecy, the I Ching, Evil Aliens, etc., all these subjects have been manipulated into the energy of fear, the darkest of energies. I am not stating if these subjects are true or false, that is for you to decide, true and false are nothing more than personal perceptions based on belief systems and deep conditioning.

We can fill our minds with knowledge of nuclear meltdowns, natural disasters, conspiracies against humanity, we can distract ourselves with these events, we can worry, and stress about these catastrophic events, we can prepare ourselves for events that may occur....we can...but remember that certain distractions will lead you astray, and stressing about these events will only limit the potential that can be reached. Remember that it is crucial to be aware, but not attached...
These are distractions; these are the same as the terrorist fear tactics. These distractions and dark energies will only work if the masses buy into them. Self-observation and deep introspection heighten intuition, bring us back to feeling rather than knowing, this is our ultimate protection.

There are messages that can be realized from these subjects, and much light can be seen, but light is not what is being spread on these alternative media sites, the light will only be seen by ones who look for it, stop using your eyes to see, and start to feel.

Those who are on the path to spirituality, who feel that there is an evolution of consciousness, of awakening to divine potentials, see that these fear tactics will only lead us astray. Feel that these subjects are of no importance. Feel that importance lies in self-observation first. Feel that this path is already set out for us, and that no matter what is happening in the universe, it is happening as it should. Observe as the drama unfolds, do not participate, observe, for all that happens is part of the process, we are part of the process as well -- just be.

I feel that the entities that want to control are doing so because it is obvious that many are awakening to their divine potentials, when more and more awaken, it will be impossible to push the awakened down, it will be impossible to control the awakened with fear, it will be impossible to frighten the awakened, and the entities will no longer have the slaves, the entities will no longer have the factory workers to run the machines, the entities will no longer have the system that has been forced upon all.

This is part of the process and it happens as it should.

My suggestion is this; let go of what was and what may be. Live now, be now. Introspect, and become what the universe has willed you to become. Allow light to flow in by accepting the darkness that is. Accept that this is a process, allow things to unfold, let’s not get in the way ;)

With Unconditional Love

Thursday, 16 June 2011

From Knowing to Feeling

The importance of self-observation becomes more and more apparent with every passing moment. The acceptance of ones path will allow a flow of living and a possibility for a heightened vibrational frequency.

Stop getting in your own way, I was told. Stop blocking yourself from being where you are supposed to be, I tell myself.

Just be, just flow.

Stop knowing your intention, instead, feel your intention, in its purest nature, it is shapeless…

Get out of your head, I was told, use the intuition that has been gifted upon so many of us, I tell myself.

Just let go, allow it to flow.

Sever the chords that attach you to distractions, you cannot change what is outside of yourself; instead you must drive to completely being your Self.

Self vs. Ego - ego is very powerful and does not want to let go, Self is even more powerful and carries wisdom, therefore, self will not force, self will allow ego to overtake until self feels as though it is ready to take over, it is up to self to tell heart that it is time for ego to let go. Self is then fully initiated, potentials are visible, energies flow, and vibrations heighten.

Let it go, let it grow, let it flow…

Stop knowing that you are on the right path, feel, and feel that you are on THE PATH, no definition, no measurement, no weight, just pure nothingness.

No more building boxes that shape our minds into thinking in terms of measurements…

Become, as you are becoming in every moment that passes, be comfortable with becoming, for you are what everyone is, the potential that you can reach can be reached by everyone, at ones own pace. Feel that with this becoming, there is great responsibility, feel that with this growing, there will be temptation, feel that there is guidance, and feel that the foundation is stronger than anything, and that nothing can destroy the foundation that has been built by your intuitive, pure intention less, SELF.

Be, and with being, feel, and with the feeling of being, you have already taken the most crucial step in the creation of a better universe.

A universe filled with divine, a universe driven by pure feeling, a universe accepting of pure nothingness…a universe filled with the Queen of All Powers – Unconditional Love…

With Unconditional Love


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Source Knowledge - Let it Flow

There is a time when all living things will have the choice to awaken to their divine potential. There is a time when galactic events will bring about a mass shift in consciousness.

The time is now. The time for this choice has arrived. We must take this opportunity and allow it to flow into us, as a waterfall flows into a calm river. We must try our best to calm our minds so that the flow of divine universal knowledge can rush in without barriers. The calmness of mind can be brought on by different actions.

The calmness can be achieved through meditation, creative arts, prayer and other positive uplifting actions that bring you away from the outside material world and back into the ethereal soulful world that exists in pure nothingness. It is possible for individuals to reach these states without even knowing it, it is possible to fall into a state of flow, a state of transcendence without realizing it, this is the true way, falling in love, flowing with it, without creating a significance, without pointing it out, because as soon as you do, as soon as you start to notice that you have entered the realm, it ends, and you are instantly transported back to the material illusion that has been implanted and conditioned.

Let it flow…

Absorb, Reflect, Appreciate, Love, and Let it Flow…

Through discussion, a man said, when I meditate, I start to think about the universe, the galaxy, the sun and the moon, the earth, and I start to think about how small I am compared to these huge forms in the universe, I start to feel really small, and this makes me feel insignificant…his friend answered that we are all significant, and that we should always remember that no matter how small we are compared to the infinite size of the universe, we will always be the significant beings that we were created to be…another man suddenly appeared from beside them and explained “significance only occurs when men of the material world create it, insignificance only exists when something outside of your self is given significance, in order to emerge from meditation without feelings of ego, one must embrace nothingness, embrace the reality that there is no significance in anything, which in turn makes everything nothing, and nothing everything, it will then become clear that all that comes from the source is the same, nothing and everything holds significance”

Appreciate without attaching significance to the appreciation. Love without attaching significance to the love, and finally, let it flow…

There was a young man sitting on a park bench overlooking a river. An old woman appeared after a while. The young man avoided the old women’s glance. The old woman stared at the young man with intense joy and genuine happiness. The old woman said to the young man “I just missed the sunset, I try to catch it every day, but I was caught up today” the young man looked at the old woman with a blank expression, the old woman continued “it must have been beautiful, the sky is quite clear, did you enjoy the sunset son?” the young man shrugged his shoulders and said “ma’am, with all due respect, I’ve seen so many sunsets it doesn’t faze me as anything special” the old woman smiled, with patience and gratitude, and said “son, I want you to know, that everything in this universe is worth contemplating and appreciating, and nothing in this universe can be taken for granted, there is great benefit from deep gratitude…son, you never know when it will be the last time for you, in this human form, to appreciate such a wondrous site, you never know how many you have left, remember that when you appreciate such a site, you are in turn appreciating yourself, feel that you are appreciating the fact that you can appreciate…” the young man, slightly confused, looked up at the dusk sky, and thought for second, the old woman then stood up from the bench, leaned over the young man and gave him a hug. The young man, caught off guard, stiffened, but slowly, he could feel his shoulders loosen, his spine became round, and his arms hugged back, he felt an immense warmth and suddenly appreciation and gratitude rained all over his soul …a tear rolled down his cheek and he whispered “thank you, thank you for making me feel again, my mother passed away this morning, and I couldn’t feel anything, I only felt bad for myself, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling and I was only thinking of myself, and now you gave me the answer, I will no longer take things for granted, from the sun setting to the embraces I receive from loved ones…thank you ma’am, thank you so much for waking me up”…

Appreciate to the fullest extent and beyond.

Love unconditionally and endlessly.

Let it flow into infinite nothingness…

With Love

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Soul Nourishment vs Soul Poisoning

There is a need for all living things to feed the soul. Some may view the concept of souls as religious nonsense or a mythological creation. After much self-reflection and some research into quantum physics, I personally view the soul as the energy that drives our mass, the light that is encased in our bodies, and I personally believe that this energy is present in every single living thing, including our earth, and including every other living entity in the entire multiverse.

Deeper self-reflection and meditation is required to grasp its full presence…a better understanding of quantum physics will benefit the masses greatly. We have a lot to learn, and the learning starts within.

With that said, my view is that the soul is as important if not more important that the material world, than mass itself. I see the soul as being part of the realm that we have not been trained to see, the realm that exists everywhere in the multiverse of dimensions. The soul is the driving force for all of reality, the illusion of the material world is a mere perception. We have been trained from very early on in our existence to perceive the universe in a materialistic manner, in a state of measured reality, though we fail to comprehend that even the soul can be measured, quantum mechanics will bring us more answers, though I do believe that the answers will never totally show themselves to the masses, it will only be revealed to those who go deep inside…whomever has interest in this subject should read about out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and even shamanic practices. Also, many quantum physicists have written books about the soul; one in particular is written by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and is titled “Mind into Matter”.

Now, let me get to the essence of why I am writing this for us.

Feeding the soul is the simplest thing to do yet so difficult for many to achieve. There are certain actions that we perform that hinder our souls from being fed. These actions start as thoughts. Sometimes, we may not be aware of the thought before we perform the action, and other times we catch ourselves in the thought, which gives us the choice to act on the thought or not. Being able to catch the thought and then make a conscious decision is a great benefit of self-awareness.

We should always do what is good for the soul. It is difficult sometimes to know what is considered nourishment for the soul and what is considered to be poisonous for the soul.  This is learned through self-reflection and personal experiences.

We sometimes want to fulfil an urge, a thirst that can be temporarily quenched through instant gratification, we only realize later that the means used to quench the thirst can actually be damaging to the soul. Sometimes we will trick ourselves into thinking that the means is not poisonous or detrimental, that it is a natural thirst quencher and that it will have no negative implications. A realization of the negative affect will only materialize when the means is repeated over and over again, with the same result. The insanity in this behaviour is a mere part of our growth. If we choose to ignore the repetitive behaviour, and fail to learn from it, we will be stuck in a cycle of soul poisoning and we will deprive ourselves from reaching our full divine potential. Growth can only continue when one accepts ones actions as damaging and learns how to avoid repetitive behaviours.

There is a fine line between ‘living in the now’ and instant gratification. The fine line is extremely distinct yet so easily crossed. We must study our thoughts and the implications of a possible action of our thoughts before actually acting. This process is meant to avoid crossing the line, into the darkness of instant gratification which in turn destroys higher levels of frequency that your soul can reach. It is possible to enjoy and appreciate every moment, it is possible to live in the now without driving yourself crazy by always studying your thoughts, it is possible to live your life fully and with depth without implicating anyone else in a negative way. If there is a likely possibility for a person in the situation to come out short, whether it is yourself or the other, then you can be sure that the action is based on instant gratification and will be detrimental to the souls. This is a clear indication that the action being performed is not based on a true appreciation for the now, the moment; you have created this illusion…

People are always saying ‘enjoy the moment’ but fail to mention what is truly important – ‘enjoy the moment, without implicating anyone in a way that may be detrimental to yourself or to the other’…

Self-reflection and self-realization is not selfish. Understand that aside from the benefit you can receive from knowing yourself, remember that you are not alone; your self is shared by billions of others. Truly love yourself and in turn you will truly love others. Love others unconditionally and you will see that your actions will always be based on what is good/beneficial for all who are involved. Be aware of the illusions that we create when we are vulnerable, be aware of the justifications we create when trying to fulfill a need, self-awareness is the key to a world full of unconditional love and infinite respect. Our souls are not lost, they are just not felt.

Below is a very easy list of ways to nourish the soul that anyone can easy, so simple, yet soooo nourishing... :)
15 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Meditate, go inside yourself, feel, become what you were at the beginning and nourish the soul.

With Love

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Transformation of Consciousness

There is a strong movement and transformation of consciousness occurring in our world today, and the gratitude that is felt throughout my mind, body and soul is immense.

There have been many who have been asleep for most of their lives, ignoring compassion, unconditional love, appreciation, and finally, ignoring oneness. This ignorance has brought our world to where it is now, where it stands today, at a major split in the road. The choice is clear for many.

One can choose to continue on with ignorance, continue on with attachment to old structures, and accept the total destruction of a meaningful life.

Or, one can choose to accept the change that the universe is offering, accept the reality that we have been ignoring, become aware of this acceptance, be grateful for this awareness, spread unconditional love, understand why we fear, understand why we react to certain situations, observe our emotions, observe our behaviour, learn, teach, live to our full potential…open yourself to what is being offered and enter the library of the universe.

Many are awakening to the beauty and tranquility that is found in appreciation for creation, including appreciation for our self. Many are understanding the difference between “happiness” brought on by materialism, and true happiness brought on by gratitude of your surroundings, appreciating what many have come to name “the small things in life”, in knowing yourself, which in turn enables you to know others as well, which empowers acceptance, and brings about confidence in where we are now, at this moment. There is peace of mind found in accepting your path as it is, without labelling your path as good or bad, right or wrong. Our intentions will become known, and this will lead us on our virtuous and blameless path.

We must also accept that there is the lingering past, the residual effect of our slumber. We must accept the reality that we are experiencing a process of change, and we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves when it comes to feeling certain emotions such as guilt, anger, hate, anxiety, sorrow, etc. These emotions appear as a signal for us to pay attention, observe, and discover why we are feeling such emotions. By observing and allowing yourself to feel these emotions, without repressing them, you will then learn to let them go. Scream, yell, jump up and down, and lose it a little, it’s relieving and it is a necessary part of the transformation. Once these emotions are brought to the surface, you will feel an immense sense of appreciation; a huge weight is lifted off of your shoulders. The heavy darkness that exists will be transformed into light.

As mentioned in previous blogs, we all need reminders. We can also call these reminders validation or approval. Now, I have come to realize that this validation is a necessity for some who have been recently awakened -- From my personal experience, since I have become recently actively aware of my own behaviour; I noticed that I still look for this approval or validation from others who clearly show signs of awakened consciousness. I realized that I look for this approval because I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the uncertainty of my path. I am still attached to certain lingering concepts that may limit the potential for a continuous growth, complete acceptance and appreciation, a complete and continuous awakening. What also becomes clear is that because of my awareness of these behaviours, I am now becoming more comfortable with the uncertainty of my path; the journey is becoming richer, even though it is uncertain. This may sound like it doesn’t make any sense, but if you are able to accept the uncertainty of life you begin to see clarity in it. If you can accept that your path is taking you where you need to be, your comfort zone expands, uncomfortable areas are dealt with confidently, and fear slowly ceases to exist…

Another revelation that I have come to is that we should never repress our fears, what works is an awareness and acceptance of our fears; the fear is in turn transformed into nothingness…it’s all about transformation through acceptance and gratitude.

It is an ongoing process, a revolution, a continuous completion of our development, and it will only continue if we choose to flow with it. It will only take full effect if we can observe our emotions, our thoughts, and our behaviours. These observations will surely bring us to a higher form of consciousness, a full out awakening of our full potentials; we will become the light that we are fully capable of becoming. Again, this will only be revealed if you open your mind, open your eye to what is not seen. Allow your heart to feel…know that if every single religious teaching, holy book, spiritual guide ceased to exist, the knowledge and wisdom would not disappear, know that this knowledge and wisdom is written in our hearts, it is the light that drives our mass, it is the energy that is everything. Every divine word of the creator is written in and on our hearts…it will never cease to exist, it is the only eternal truth.

The choice is yours; no one can force a transformation, only you can choose to accept the unconditional love and eternal light that the universe is offering.

With Love