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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Source Knowledge - Let it Flow

There is a time when all living things will have the choice to awaken to their divine potential. There is a time when galactic events will bring about a mass shift in consciousness.

The time is now. The time for this choice has arrived. We must take this opportunity and allow it to flow into us, as a waterfall flows into a calm river. We must try our best to calm our minds so that the flow of divine universal knowledge can rush in without barriers. The calmness of mind can be brought on by different actions.

The calmness can be achieved through meditation, creative arts, prayer and other positive uplifting actions that bring you away from the outside material world and back into the ethereal soulful world that exists in pure nothingness. It is possible for individuals to reach these states without even knowing it, it is possible to fall into a state of flow, a state of transcendence without realizing it, this is the true way, falling in love, flowing with it, without creating a significance, without pointing it out, because as soon as you do, as soon as you start to notice that you have entered the realm, it ends, and you are instantly transported back to the material illusion that has been implanted and conditioned.

Let it flow…

Absorb, Reflect, Appreciate, Love, and Let it Flow…

Through discussion, a man said, when I meditate, I start to think about the universe, the galaxy, the sun and the moon, the earth, and I start to think about how small I am compared to these huge forms in the universe, I start to feel really small, and this makes me feel insignificant…his friend answered that we are all significant, and that we should always remember that no matter how small we are compared to the infinite size of the universe, we will always be the significant beings that we were created to be…another man suddenly appeared from beside them and explained “significance only occurs when men of the material world create it, insignificance only exists when something outside of your self is given significance, in order to emerge from meditation without feelings of ego, one must embrace nothingness, embrace the reality that there is no significance in anything, which in turn makes everything nothing, and nothing everything, it will then become clear that all that comes from the source is the same, nothing and everything holds significance”

Appreciate without attaching significance to the appreciation. Love without attaching significance to the love, and finally, let it flow…

There was a young man sitting on a park bench overlooking a river. An old woman appeared after a while. The young man avoided the old women’s glance. The old woman stared at the young man with intense joy and genuine happiness. The old woman said to the young man “I just missed the sunset, I try to catch it every day, but I was caught up today” the young man looked at the old woman with a blank expression, the old woman continued “it must have been beautiful, the sky is quite clear, did you enjoy the sunset son?” the young man shrugged his shoulders and said “ma’am, with all due respect, I’ve seen so many sunsets it doesn’t faze me as anything special” the old woman smiled, with patience and gratitude, and said “son, I want you to know, that everything in this universe is worth contemplating and appreciating, and nothing in this universe can be taken for granted, there is great benefit from deep gratitude…son, you never know when it will be the last time for you, in this human form, to appreciate such a wondrous site, you never know how many you have left, remember that when you appreciate such a site, you are in turn appreciating yourself, feel that you are appreciating the fact that you can appreciate…” the young man, slightly confused, looked up at the dusk sky, and thought for second, the old woman then stood up from the bench, leaned over the young man and gave him a hug. The young man, caught off guard, stiffened, but slowly, he could feel his shoulders loosen, his spine became round, and his arms hugged back, he felt an immense warmth and suddenly appreciation and gratitude rained all over his soul …a tear rolled down his cheek and he whispered “thank you, thank you for making me feel again, my mother passed away this morning, and I couldn’t feel anything, I only felt bad for myself, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling and I was only thinking of myself, and now you gave me the answer, I will no longer take things for granted, from the sun setting to the embraces I receive from loved ones…thank you ma’am, thank you so much for waking me up”…

Appreciate to the fullest extent and beyond.

Love unconditionally and endlessly.

Let it flow into infinite nothingness…

With Love


  1. I love it :)

  2. thanks for sharing this wonderful post... =D
    Mr Lonely from ~ XD

  3. this post brings to mind a few things, seemingly unrelated...
    1. when you say "without pointing it out, because as soon as you do, as soon as you start to notice that you have entered the realm, it ends." This reminds me of Eckhart Tolle. He speaks of this... in a moment of bliss, when you try to hold on to it (attachment)... it disappears
    2. I appreciate my surroundings everyday... rain or shine, and there are a lot rainy days :-))
    3. Lastly, mindfulness... it's a living meditation

    Thank you... loved this one too!!! :-)

  4. oh... one more view/thought:

    Appreciation (gratitude) is prayer... Thank you is the most powerful prayer, I feel!

    Now, I'm done :-) for now!

  5. :) This post serves as a great reminder...thank you for the comments All :) Love and Light