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Monday, 23 May 2011

In Ourselves We Trust

There is only one path to clarity.

The path will not be found by following what others teach. The path will not appear for one who relies on others to show the way. Be weary of those who claim to know truth and groups who claim to be "higher" than others. Beware of people who label themselves. Take everything with a grain of salt.

There is surely a battle for the mind. Whether this is done by outside powers purposely or not is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is to insure that the mind is not owned by anything other than the entity that the mind is directly in connection with. Your mind is your souls mind; your heart is your soul’s heart. Insure that these are not sabotaged for whatever reason, and by trusting your gut, trusting your internal knowledge, you will protect yourself from outside influence.

Confusion runs rampant. So much information, so many are claiming this or that truth. There is only so much claiming of truth that one can handle. We are fed up of being fed what others believe as truth. We must awaken to the reality of universal knowledge; the library is open and waiting for all to enter. If you want truth, we cannot teach you, we can only urge you to look within yourself; we can only present you with the option to find truth in self- reflection, deep understanding of who you are. Why do you behave as you do? Be honest with yourself. Why are you here? What is your purpose?  How can you reach the fullest potential, as intended? What is right and wrong, is it universal? These questions have answers that are universal, they are found in almost every spiritual and religious practice. These answers are also found within, every single one of us hold these answers. It is NOT a coincidence that every  messenger, every prophet, every genuine spiritual attained come to the similar, if not identical answers through deep meditation, self-reflection, self-observation…it is the connection to the same source, it is universal knowledge, and this knowledge can be attained by every single one of us.

Before we can understand what was intended, before we can see unity, real unity, not the illusion of oneness that is fed to us, but actual unity, no hierarchy, no leadership necessary, before this can be a reality, we must understand ourselves individually, and we must strive to evolve from our state of “natural born sinner”.

We always pass blame. We say that the planet is the way it is because it cannot be any other way, impossible for anything other than what we see. We claim original sin, or that it is not possible for all humans to change the way that we were created. Does this not all sound like a way to not take responsibility for the current status of our system, a system that clearly enables all the deadly sins that are preached in the same faiths that preach original sin? Do we also do this on a smaller scale? We blame everyone else for our misfortunes; this is why most of us have issues solving personal problems, because we rarely take full responsibility. We must grow up, and take responsibility; we must evolve, and rid ourselves of the old ways of thinking. The bubble is almost gone, but it lingers...

I am an idealist, I do not bother with statements such as “that’s not possible” or “it cannot be changed”, for if I can think this way, then surely, others do as well, that my friend, is reality.

I am not equal to God, for God is my creator, and the creator of all. The created cannot be greater than the creator. God is not above me, God is not below me, nor is God beside me, God is not seperate from me at all...God is within me. For when we say "In God we trust", we are also saying, "In ourselves we trust".

WIth Love

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Let Us Now Create Ourland

We see that so many are held back from their full potentials because of feelings of fear and guilt. If every time you think outside the box, you become full of guilt and fear, you will never realise your full potential, and your connection to all. How can we possibly believe in utopia if we have been lead to believe that hell is where you will reside if you stray? What is it to stray? Who decides? Why have so many been convinced of this generalized negativity? Is it because good and evil must be evident in our society in order for the institutions that exist to continue on?
If disease did not exist, would pharmaceutical companies exist? What if there were permanent cures for diseases such as diabetes and cancer? Some say that cures already exist, but this is not a rant about conspiracies, we could leave conspiracies to those who choose to give their energy to that…

What if every single human being on the planet had what they needed? What if every single human being felt that they were a part of a world full of love and care, and that in order for this world to live in true prosperity, we must strive and live to help one another?

What if poverty and hunger did not exist? Would crime still exist? If crime did not exist, prisons would cease to exist, police forces, lawyers and judges would cease to exist…

What if everyone had a true feeling of belonging to this interconnected universe, to the source…no middle man needed, no trivial rituals practiced…would churches, mosques, synagogues, shrines, temples and other religious institution’s exist? Would we need to convince one another to congregate? Would we need to be reminded to be thankful? Would we need to be reminded to be grateful?

It seems as though we have created these institutions only because we have created a belief of duality, negative and positive, good and bad, reward and punishment, heaven and hell …

Do you believe that doing good deeds should be based on the fear that if you do not do good deeds you will end up in hell? Or do you believe that we do good deeds out of the goodness of our hearts…

We are lead to believe that utopia is not possible. We are lead to believe that we cannot change what we have already created…some people say that there are certain realities that we cannot change, so there is no use in stressing over them. Yes, there are certain things that we cannot change. For example, we cannot change the size of the sun, we cannot change the size of the moon, we cannot change the growth of the universe, we cannot change the natural process of birth and death, etc…no use in stressing over these things…but none of these things were created by human kind. All that has been created by humans can be changed, all that has been manipulated by man, can be further manipulated and transformed. The system that we live in only exists because humans have created it, so what exactly makes you think that it cannot be changed? It can be, though it will not change unless there is a major shift in mass consciousness…

Let go of your guilt, let go of your fear, let go of the conditioning. Understand that good and evil only exist because we have chosen to define it as such.

When you do good, make sure it is from the goodness of your heart, and not so that you can earn points with God. When you do good, make sure it is not just because you are afraid to go to hell.

Have you ever heard someone say they are afraid of going to hell, for something as simple as a thought that may lie outside of the teachings of their own religion? I have…this feeling of guilt is a sign that you are not fully aware of the existence of the creator. This feeling is showing you that you do not trust yourself, nor do you trust the creator of all that is…for the creator allows you to stray, allows you to discover, in order for you to find the true path. The connection to God, to the source, cannot be taught, it can only be realized…felt from within.

We should allow ourselves to flow, without fear, with an understanding of the true connection we all have to the creator of the universe and to each other. We should allow ourselves to flow just as the river flows. Without pre conceptions of what lies ahead, without fear of punishment for our thoughts. We must embrace our thoughts, embrace our changes. A river flows without fear of what lies ahead, a river flows and adjusts itself to any and all twists and turns, without any complaints, it flows and continues to flow at ease…we must learn from nature.

Guilt and fear within you will cause disease and sickness. Guilt and fear create mistrust and lack of growth. Be who you are without fear. Do good out of the goodness of your heart. Do good for others because of a realization of oneness and interconnectedness. As I have mentioned in the past, altruism will take this world to a higher level of consciousness. Realization of our connection to each other and to all that has been created by the ultimate creator will bring about a new age of freedom, equality, unconditional love, unity, prosperity, and growth….utopia…

It has been called Neverland, but I wouldn’t say never…this is a land that exists in the mind of children…why? Why does this exist only in the mind of children? Is it possibly because the conditioning of fear and guilt has not yet taken over their minds? Neverland, a land with no rules because there is no need for rules when respect is a reality for all, no boundaries when there is nothing to hide and nothing to restrict, immortality when death is accepted as a part of the cycle of life, endless love and infinite beauty when there is appreciation for all, as if every time is the first time you experience love and beauty…this is not a fairy tale. This is the world that we must create, first in our minds, as you have done when you were a child, do it again, and then eventually, once the masses begin to create this world in their minds, this world will manifest, just as the world that we live in now was created in the minds of the fearful and guilty….the NEW WORLD will be created by the minds of those who have chosen to love and to accept. Separation will perpetuate the current system that has been created, unity will destroy the corrupt system and will usher in a new age, and Neverland will become OURLAND.

With Love

Monday, 9 May 2011

Its Easy to Stay Asleep - A Challenge to Awaken

It’s easy to stay asleep. It’s easy to continue with distractions. It’s easier to be ignorant than it is to be knowledgeable and open minded. It’s easy to support yourself while not caring about what is happening across the globe. It’s not difficult to continue on with your life when you block everything out. Your bubble will float you around, bouncing you from here to there, with no real experiences, no true moments of consciousness…
It’s easy to stay in the bubble, and very difficult to imagine life without it.

We collect our money, pay our bills, fill our stomachs and our families’ stomachs, supply ourselves with endless hours of distractions via entertainment, drugs, alcohol, pointless gossip, etc…And we continue, ignoring the need for an awakening…

There are so many around us who have awakened and who continue to wake up. We are grateful that these people have been making connections with one another, it is important to try to spark discussion. We understand that everyone is growing and evolving at their own pace, on their own path, but this does not mean that we cannot spread what we know, and share what we have discovered...we do not force an awakening upon individuals, what we do is present an option, present a reality, and hope for the best.

There are also those who refuse to even consider an awakened consciousness and are under the impression that there is no such thing. They suggest that there is nothing that we can do to change the current system of greed and corruption, that it is pointless to stress oneself with these idealistic approaches to reality. It is this belief that keeps our system as it is. It is this belief of powerlessness that enables the Powers that Be to produce more and more chaos and inequality on this planet for all living entities. When there is a lack of light, darkness will take over, and it has, but not for much longer. I’ve spoken to those who believe that the point of this life is to make money and to support oneself, to survive, to gain as much material as possible, to outclass others, to “dance with the stars”…this is destructive…consumer, consume, consume, consume to the point where you consume your own soul…consumption, consume, destroy, create, destroy, get high, get drunk, consume, consumption is our system, consuming is our destruction.

I saw a crow and a pigeon flying together, swooping down and then shooting up into the sky, this sight for me was beautiful, they were playing together, enjoying each other…I pointed this out to a friend that was sitting in the car with me, who I must admit is not willing to pay attention to his surroundings past his money and material gains, his view of this scene was completely different than mine, his view was of survival, his comment was that the crow was showing the pigeon who was boss, and that the crow was most probably stealing the pigeons food…this is proof that this lack of consciousness brings about very negative views of the world. We mustn’t be naïve, but we mustn’t allow ourselves to be manipulated and moulded into thoughts of negativity.

We must stop labelling ourselves as masters and presidents. We must stop labelling ourselves based on the system of hierarchy. The pyramid is used as a symbol of hierarchy, and it has fooled us into believing in classes of inequality, classes of bourgeoisie, classes of higher and lower cast systems…This system of hierarchy is one of the main reasons that we do not grow into a vital and sustainable society. This belief of importance through labeling, significance through stature causes jealousy and false motivations. All living entities are equal. There is no higher and lower, only levelled relationships.

We all strive for the same thing; happiness, appreciation in love and in suffering, evolution, ultimate and infinite potential, a connection to the creator…this will not be reached through classing yourself as a master of spirituality. Understand that a master of spirituality does not name oneself, nor does the master accept this label as his or her own…it is in this understanding that a true “ master” is born.

With Love

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Significance is in Unity -- Not Seperation

Why are we always looking for attention from others? Why do we feel the need to be noticed? We see so many who will do almost anything for attention, whether it is positive or negative…if the attention is given, the person becomes satisfied, until the attention wears off, the circle continues.

I have sat with myself long enough to see that I also crave attention -- significance and validation. I have sat down with myself in silence, and my thoughts tend to show me that I want to be validated by my fellow human beings, and I ask myself, why? I ask myself, when I do a good deed for someone, is it so that I can be recognized? I ask myself, what actions have I done for me and what do I do for others. Is what I do for others ultimately done for myself?

And the answers appear from within in silence. When I do for others, I am doing for myself, because I and other are the same, there is no separation, only a reflection. Therefore, if I hurt someone for attention, I am truly hurting myself as well as that person, and if I help someone for attention, I am truly helping myself as well as that person. One may perceive that the action has a winner and a loser, but this is a false perception. When one hurts another for the benefit of oneself, there is no winner. Instant gratification and material gain will not hide the reality of the negative effects of the action, it will only mask it, until the guilt and the universal law takes its toll.

I have been told in the past that every action is selfish unless there is no ego involved, yet I find this to be untrue now. I used to believe this statement, until I came to a realization that there is no such thing as “no ego”. The ego will always exist; it is somewhat of a defense mechanism that is built into all human beings, in this world, it is needed. If this realization is truth, then this means that the actions are not selfish, because we are all interconnected, so no matter what you do for others, you do for yourself, and vice versa. This becomes very clear when you see the reality of interconnectedness and oneness…

If we continue to see ourselves as separate from each other, we will continue to believe in selfish and selfless acts, and we will continue to crave unhealthy attention through significance and validation. If we remove the false separation, selfish and selfless acts would simply not exist, every action done to others is an action done to you; whether it is negative or positive, the action is an echo, and the attention is focused inwards.

When one cuts down a rainforest, it’s not only the trees that are affected, but the earth that the tree is planted in is also affected, the animals that once lived in the rain forest are affected, the ozone layer is affected, the land is affected, the people who inhabit the lands are affected, and so on. This alone can show us that every living entity is connected one way or another. The butterfly effect only exists in a universe of interconnectedness

I am writing this for a reason, I write this to myself while at the same time I write this for everyone else. I think, therefore I am. I am, therefore you are. You are, therefore we are.

Some are in denial of the fact that they crave attention from others so that they can feel significant, so that their ego can be fed. As long as we deny this fact, we will never be able recognize when our ego is involved, and we will always need reassurance from others. As long as we ignore ourselves, we will never grow. Ultimate truth is found within yourself; the more you go in—the more truth comes out. We will slowly start to see our egos, we will start to observe our egos with our self, and once this is seen clearly, the balance will be attainable and the oneness will be irrefutable.

We need to look away from the outside, and focus on what is inside. We need to avoid judging others, for this is only a judgement of ourselves. We need to realize that when we point our fingers to others we are pointing at ourselves. We need to see that when we ask for attention from others, it is because we are not giving the necessary attention to ourselves. When we want to feel significant, it is because we falsely perceive ourselves as separate from the other…

There is a stunning significance in our unity, not in our separation…

With Love

Monday, 2 May 2011

As Requested - USama is Dead

My head has been pounding all weekend. It stopped this morning…I woke up, and heard the “news” that the President of Uncle Sam announced late last night…

The man is dead, he has been killed, and somehow, the world is a safer place. A safer place because one man is dead…How much power did they actually believe this man to have? To make such a statement, that terrorism is going to end because of the death of one man who was already on the verge of dying, is to basically call every single person listening a moron…Is it possible that the powers that be are calling you ignorant and foolish, are they assuming that you are gullible and will fall for anything because you stand for nothing?

Our planet is in a better state today because a man that was trained and funded by an entity has been killed by the same entity…I feel nauseous when making this statement...

The man is dead, he has been killed, and somehow, chaos will end. Chaos will end because we no longer need to worry about the man with the kidney disorder who travels from cave to cave, somehow ordering people to carry out terrorist attacks all around our safe planet. Do you truly believe that our planet is safe because the powers that be make our planet safe? I leave that for you to answer...

Does Uncle Sam and the powers that be truly believe that the global population is this naïve?  No, they do not…this was done for an entirely different purpose…Political tactic, distraction, propaganda…ritualistic practice,…the reasons are much deeper than I can truly understand, but if you think logically, you will see that there is a deeper reason, reasons that will not be known, not yet…

Is it a coincidence that Hitler’s death was announced on the same day 66 years ago? Is it a coincidence that yesterday’s month added to the day equals to 6? Wait a minute, does that somehow make 666? Yes it does, may mean nothing, but if you think in terms of numerology, it means a lot.

Numbers mean a lot more than we think, we take it for granted, and the powers that be take advantage of this knowledge…

Now, since I do not want to give too much of my energy to this “news”, I will make this short. There are two things I want to put forward.

1- Do not try to force people to wake up to these tactics; awakening is not forced on people, it is realised by people. You are where you are and all you have to do is be grateful. Have no pity for those who do not see, for the creator has blinded them for a reason. We are not here to judge ourselves nor are we here to judge others.

2- Let us not be swayed by their rituals. Let us be aware that these announcements are for a deeper purpose. Let us not participate in the drama that they create. Observe, educate, and move on. Do not allow these statements to get under your skin, your energy is extremely important, and your energy should not be given to the powers that be…Keep your energy for yourself, for others who need it and ultimately for the true creator. Appreciate your days, every day, every moment. Take your energy back, meditate, pray, appreciate and love.

I am not asking you to pretend that these things do not exist, I only suggest that you try not to stress about it, and dont stress about people who are not seeing what is truly there, for they will wake up when it is their time. And the time draws closer with every moment…

With Love