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Monday, 9 May 2011

Its Easy to Stay Asleep - A Challenge to Awaken

It’s easy to stay asleep. It’s easy to continue with distractions. It’s easier to be ignorant than it is to be knowledgeable and open minded. It’s easy to support yourself while not caring about what is happening across the globe. It’s not difficult to continue on with your life when you block everything out. Your bubble will float you around, bouncing you from here to there, with no real experiences, no true moments of consciousness…
It’s easy to stay in the bubble, and very difficult to imagine life without it.

We collect our money, pay our bills, fill our stomachs and our families’ stomachs, supply ourselves with endless hours of distractions via entertainment, drugs, alcohol, pointless gossip, etc…And we continue, ignoring the need for an awakening…

There are so many around us who have awakened and who continue to wake up. We are grateful that these people have been making connections with one another, it is important to try to spark discussion. We understand that everyone is growing and evolving at their own pace, on their own path, but this does not mean that we cannot spread what we know, and share what we have discovered...we do not force an awakening upon individuals, what we do is present an option, present a reality, and hope for the best.

There are also those who refuse to even consider an awakened consciousness and are under the impression that there is no such thing. They suggest that there is nothing that we can do to change the current system of greed and corruption, that it is pointless to stress oneself with these idealistic approaches to reality. It is this belief that keeps our system as it is. It is this belief of powerlessness that enables the Powers that Be to produce more and more chaos and inequality on this planet for all living entities. When there is a lack of light, darkness will take over, and it has, but not for much longer. I’ve spoken to those who believe that the point of this life is to make money and to support oneself, to survive, to gain as much material as possible, to outclass others, to “dance with the stars”…this is destructive…consumer, consume, consume, consume to the point where you consume your own soul…consumption, consume, destroy, create, destroy, get high, get drunk, consume, consumption is our system, consuming is our destruction.

I saw a crow and a pigeon flying together, swooping down and then shooting up into the sky, this sight for me was beautiful, they were playing together, enjoying each other…I pointed this out to a friend that was sitting in the car with me, who I must admit is not willing to pay attention to his surroundings past his money and material gains, his view of this scene was completely different than mine, his view was of survival, his comment was that the crow was showing the pigeon who was boss, and that the crow was most probably stealing the pigeons food…this is proof that this lack of consciousness brings about very negative views of the world. We mustn’t be naïve, but we mustn’t allow ourselves to be manipulated and moulded into thoughts of negativity.

We must stop labelling ourselves as masters and presidents. We must stop labelling ourselves based on the system of hierarchy. The pyramid is used as a symbol of hierarchy, and it has fooled us into believing in classes of inequality, classes of bourgeoisie, classes of higher and lower cast systems…This system of hierarchy is one of the main reasons that we do not grow into a vital and sustainable society. This belief of importance through labeling, significance through stature causes jealousy and false motivations. All living entities are equal. There is no higher and lower, only levelled relationships.

We all strive for the same thing; happiness, appreciation in love and in suffering, evolution, ultimate and infinite potential, a connection to the creator…this will not be reached through classing yourself as a master of spirituality. Understand that a master of spirituality does not name oneself, nor does the master accept this label as his or her own…it is in this understanding that a true “ master” is born.

With Love

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