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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Awakening 1

Written Today

The weeks have been racing by as if time has ceased to exist. Events on the globe have been occurring exponentially. The events for the past three months have been an awakening for many people. A feeling lingering for the past x amount of years is now coming to the front and revealing itself, this is true for many.
This is nothing new; these events have been stirring for as long as we can remember. Natural disasters, political turmoil, war, conflict, this is nothing new to our dear planet, but there is a difference now. The difference now is that people are being woken up as the process unfolds, and they are paying attention. The world’s leaders are aware of this awakening, they were warned some time ago, and they are somewhat prepared for this awakening. What they don’t realize is that a greater power, much greater than they have ever had to face is behind the awakening, and this great power will face them, from above, and the judgements will be set.

The leaders that we speak of do not appear on your plasma and LCD screens. These leaders are not reported in the media or on the news. These leaders are not seen by many, yet they are seen by the greatest power that watches them constantly, and as this process unfolds, the unseen leaders drown in their greed and arrogance…

We need to understand that what we are experiencing has already been set in. What we are seeing is part of a great process, a process that we try to explain through religion, through ancient scripture, yet so many cannot grasp these explanations. These things cannot necessarily be properly understood by us, by our intellects, mainly because of the environment that these scripture were written were completely separate from our current environments. What we need to realize is that the experience of this process is written within us all, inside of us, it was instilled in us from the beginning, in every plant, in every animal and insect, in every living entity, we know that the process is for a greater good.

Some have ease of access to this imprinted schematic, some have a great view of the process as a whole and are able to access all the information freely. Others need to work a little harder to gain access, some need to break free from the invisible chains that have been shackled on by the hidden powers. Forget what you have been taught about the end, forget about the violence and torture that they want you to visualize, if you continue with these visions, you will create it for yourself…

Remember that they have taught you to believe that committing sin results in a permanent suffering in an eternal hellfire; remember that they taught you that doing good will result in an eternal paradise for you to live in. Put that aside, and think clearly, put that aside and pause, think with what is inside of you rather than what has been moulded into you by men. You will feel it, you will realize that what is important is the now, is the moment, and every moment is a moment for you to perform good deeds, a moment for you to purify your thoughts, a moment for you to make your actions upright and filled with light. Every moment that passes is a chance for you to lift your spirit into light and away from the imposed darkness...once this realization is solidified and lived in constantly, every breath you take will strengthen the Light that lives within you.

We have heard of lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, crystal, and so on. We need to be sure that these terms are not only used for a few, we need to insure that these terms are not used as a way to feel significance. We must understand that we need to get away from labelling each other as one thing or another. We are all one, and we need to understand this, we are not better than anyone else…We love, and they love, we hold light and they hold light, there is no we, and there is no they, just ONE.

Please, it is imperative that we change our thoughts to purity. No matter what we see or what we hear, we need to keep our minds clear so that we can see when deception tries to perpetuate the darkness. Remember that darkness is light turned inside out, and it is our responsibility to flip it. Remember that we are not alone, that there is the great power that will judge those who want to keep the darkness as the ruler of all. Remember that the process started and will come to its conclusion with a rule in our favour…don’t be afraid, there is nothing to fear. Again, live in the moment with love and light; surround yourself with love and light. Your light will shine strong and bright, even in the darkest situations, your light will swallow up the darkness, this is your eternal destiny…

When the time is right, we will be asked to act; our actions will be the final blow. When the time comes, you must be prepared to be heard, you must be ready to be the light that you are. Prepare to strengthen that fire within from this moment on, we will all be called upon, and we will all come together to form the greatest light that has ever touched this planet, a light that will be seen across our galaxy, a light that will never fade…

With Love & Light


Monday, 28 March 2011

Every Action Has It's Reaction

Written March 3rd 2009

It seems that many are completely unaware of the basic concept of action and reaction. People seem to think that if our actions do not have an immediate effect, we need not worry or even think twice about the action we took or are about to take. Our system lacks this awareness of action and reaction; the powers that be perform actions on a regular basis that display this lack of awareness. We want you to know, that we are all being affected by these actions, whether it is you who has made the decision or not, because the actions that they take are so negative, the reactions will be extremely negative and far reaching. You will be affected, directly.
The reality is, every action, no matter how small, has an effect. The effect may not be immediate, but it is inevitable. A consequence that is lingering from a past action can be much worse than any immediate consequence.  Whether it is physical or not, it will eventually take full effect, and the build-up will be catastrophic if you are unaware.
Also understand that this is on a micro and macro scale, on an individual and collective level. Some of us smoke, consume alcohol, use drugs, eat toxic foods, fill our heads with poisonous media, etc., and these actions will eventually bring about negative results on an individual and collective basis. Some will say that moderation is the key, and this may be, but do not assume that moderation will avoid negative effects. We all want to let go every so often, it is easy to get carried away, we know this from experience. Remember that we must grow more and more everyday with every moment that passes...the next time you just want to let go, think about the consequence, if you can accept the possible outcomes to your actions, go ahead, enjoy...
Many have spoken of karma, a belief that many preach on a daily basis, which makes it obvious that there is a greater universal understanding of the consequences of our actions. You may help someone and expect nothing in return, yet are rewarded in some way; this reward can be understood as a reaction to your previous action of generosity or kindness, or good karma. On the other hand, you may purposely hurt someone and receive no immediate repercussion or punishment, yet somehow, your life becomes more difficult to live, achievements become harder to accomplish and obstacles seem to be endless; a realization of the connection between your past misdemeanour and current predicament can be understood as a punishment, or bad karma.
Karma still exists when you harm yourself; you should respect yourself as much as you respect others, you are also a part of this universal law. We have all heard of this concept of good and bad karma, and it is an understanding and honest belief of this concept that will lead us into a society of generosity and kindness and away from the current system of greed, corruption and murder. It can lead us into a society of heightened mental and physical health...a spiritual awakening, an acute awareness of action and reaction.

We need to believe that whether it is the smallest act of love or the most elusive act of fear, we will always be rewarded or punished accordingly, not by mans laws, but by fate, by the power of the universal mind.
We were all installed with the knowledge of love and light. We all know when we have done something based on fear, and we know that we are responsible for our actions, this is not taught; it is felt from a very young age. We know the difference between love and fear. We know that the reactions that come from love are positive, and the reactions that come from fear are negative, this is the universal law that I speak of. This is why you have that negative feeling when you see injustice, and you have that positive feeling when you see people performing selfless acts of love and kindness, the feelings are very distinct and easy to differentiate.
You cannot lie to yourself when you are feeling guilt, you cannot hide guilt, and even if you are trained to lie, your guilt will eat at you whether you like it or not, it will eat at you until you self-destructavoid this and act on the basis of love only, its that simple.
Do not expect instant gratification; do not expect rewards, just do good, thats all. There is nothing to lose when you are acting based on love, nothing to lose when you are being sincere, compassionate, genuine, honourable, respectful and courteous.

Altruism will take this world a long way, into a new age of love and light, and away from the current age of materialism, greed and corruption. understand that every single action has it's proper reaction, on an individual and collective level...The new age is our destiny, and I urge you to join in this inevitability, the sooner you attempt to adopt this way of life, the easier it will be for you to make the transition

With Love

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Don't Let the Lights Confuse You

Written November 2008

Someone said to me the other night that those who ask questions about things that are not known to the average person are looking for excuses to get away from all the responsibilities that tie us to societal living. She said that certain individuals look for reasons to get away from responsibilities, like paying bills and going into work every day, day after day. I did not disagree with her, because I knew that she was referring to a certain type of person.

What she failed to mention was that there are those who ask questions and demand answers, not for reasons of laziness and empty excuses, but for reasons completely different. There are those who look straight in the face of truth and close their eyes because it is too bright to stare at, and there are those who look right into the face of truth and they stare it down until it is something that they can recognize and look at with ease, without squinting and without looking away. If I can stare right into the bright light without flinching, then I am meant to know, I can handle what many others shy away from.

Some people live lives that are meaningless to me, yet meaningful to them, and this is without truth. If you let them cover your eyes, and you let them distract you from the reality of what has happened and what is happening, then you will be satisfied. You can pay your bills, and work your 9-5 job, day in, day out, and be satisfied. But what if the cover is suddenly ripped away to allow full vision of your surroundings. What if the distractions are no longer available? What will you do then? How will you cope with such brightness? You will cover your eyes, but this will not work as a cover, you will be forced to look straight at it, and you will try to look away, and this will not work either because everywhere you look, the truth stares right back at you. You will be forced to see what has always been right in front of you.

I have spoken of a bubble that we must burst to allow a true understanding of what our world has come to be. If we do not burst these bubbles willingly, one day, in the near future, these bubbles will no longer be strong enough to withstand outside forces.

Some people say that I ask too many questions, that I am searching for something that is not there. I tell these people that if I didn’t ask these questions then who would? There are people like myself all over the world, and they ask the same questions, and they search for the same thing. A revolution of the mind and spirit is needed and the only way for this to come about is for the masses to gather with a reason of truth.

I go into work every day, I pay my bills, I am a citizen of a powerful country, I am born to immigrant parents, I have studied and filled my head with nonsense that has been forced upon every single one of us, I have read novels and textbooks, I have watched Hollywood movies, I have listened to politicians and lawmakers, I have seen some of the tallest buildings, I have felt fear, happiness, pain, sadness, loss, gain, growth, and yet I have not found truth in any of these things. Humans were not meant to live such meaningless lives, without mind, without spirit. We were not meant to learn what others write in text books based on belief systems, we are not meant to slave for worthless paper money. We are not meant to suffer day in and day out for the good of nothing. We are not meant to believe every single thing that is shown to us in such bright colors and moving pictures…yet we are comfortable doing so; the great majority has been successfully moulded. This does not mean the moulding can’t be broken, it can be broken, shattered into pieces. It will be painful, it will feel like you’ve lost yourself, but do not worry, you have not lost yourself, you are actually slowly finding you self again…

We look at the lifestyles and cultures of others across the globe and we judge, we say that they are third world, uncivilized compared to our high standards of living. Our morals and values surpass others. We are better than they are because we have more and they have less. We understand better than they do because we have textbooks and teachers and they don’t. We are better people because we live in houses that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I can assure you, they have not been moulded, and they still see the truth. They see what we have been moulded into, and they pity us, our high standards of living are just mere complications and are useless to them. They know that true good values, high morals and higher learning all come from simplicity. They know the difference between what is wanted and what is needed. They know how to learn without textbooks and teachers. They know the secrets that the spirit holds in conjunction with the planet and the universe that we claim to know so well. I have learnt more from myself than I have from any teacher.

I can admit that teachers are very important, yet if they are controlled by sets of standards of what they can actually teach, then I do not consider them to be true teachers. I have said before that the majority of teachers are taught to mould us into workhorses and slaves without even knowing it, the teachers themselves don’t know because they went through the same moulding at one point. The education that is offered to the general public is necessary for the maintenance of our present society. The education offered is not intended for higher learning or spiritual growth. We are trained engineers, doctors, accountants, lawyers and politicians. Many go through the system with a goal in mind, and this goal rarely evolves into anything more than material gain. Materials to distract and imprison...

Open your eyes, open your mind, and allow truth to enter without hesitation.

With Love

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Consider This - A Short Rant

Written January 20th 2011

Stop being dependant.

Stop depending on them. think clearly.

Stop expecting to be provided for when you are capable of providing for yourself.

Stop expecting to be “taken care of”. All you are doing is giving your “caretaker” power.

Stop depending on the power structure and allow yourself to taste true freedom.

Stop distracting yourself, whether it is through mainstream media or backdoor conspiracy theories. These distractions will only pull you further away from what truly needs to be accomplished.

Your mind shuts off, and time passes, your mind sleeps, and time passes, the structure grows, and your mind is held prisoner within the structure.

You will never learn if you are always expecting to be taught.

Imagine for a second that you did not have any of the “commodities” that this society has provided.

Imagine that you did not have anyone to provide food, shelter or electricity for you. What would you do? How would you survive? How long would you last?

Consider this. The powers-that-be have created a monster society of consumption and dependence so that they can forever hold on to power. They have turned you into slaves in a factory that produces itself over and over again. You are the factory worker and you are the product being produced in their factory. You are producing their main product, and their main product is your energy...

Consider this. The powers-that-be have made you dependant on them to the point where you have forgotten how to be a real living entity on this planet.

They have provided you with what they have taught you to “need”, and the teaching was based on consuming everything around you including your own self. They have fed your ego with all that the ego needs to grow and have left your self in a deep hole that is being buried alive everyday that you breathe their oxygen. Your self will eventually suffocate.

Consider this. You depend on the powers that be to provide you with all that is necessary to live your life in this society. This fact has enabled the powers that be to continue to hold power. This has enabled the powers that be to have complete control over your life. You may not see it or even feel it, but the control is there. It is obvious when you start realising how dependant and useless you have truly become to yourself and to the rest of the planet.

Consider this. No one is to blame but us. We are to blame. We have allowed it to come to this. We continue to follow like sheep. We have been following since the beginning and will continue to follow to the end if we don’t achieve our true potential consciousness. It is pathetic. There is a desperate need for us to take responsibility for our failures. We are the most pathetic living entities on this planet while in this state of sheep consciousness.

A monkey is much more independant than you are. The animals do not depend on a power structure, they are self sufficient...the power structure hates animals...

You have accomplished what exactly? Have you truly used your talents? Have you ever truly been rewarded for you merits? Have you reached your true potential? Are you learning? Do you continue to learn everyday? Have you ever learned absolute truth? Have you ever taught absolute truth? Do you simply follow?
Yes, yes you do…we all do.

The ones who do not follow have fallen off the radar. I don’t know them, nor do you.

You do not know how to be self sufficient, therefore, if this power structure decides to stop providing, you will NOT survive, that is absolute. Natural selection and you will not be naturally selected…

Survival is to be self sufficient. Survival is self sustainability. Survival is real love for life and for you. Survival is he who is able to provide for himself therefore being able to provide for others who in turn are willing and able to offer their talents. Everyone provides for the other, based on individual talent. Meritocracy.

Grow your own food. Filter your own water. Build your own shelter. Become self taught. Become an autodidact. You hold truth inside your real self. You are powerful beyond belief. The sleeping giant lies within you and within us all as one. This is noble. This is truth.

Being taught by the current education system is adding to the dependence. The current education system prepares you only for our society as it is and it will only prepare you to become a consuming, dependant slave…

I have been saying this for more than a decade now, we need to break free from the chains and experience true freedom through true independence…

Pull that door open, and walk through with your head held up high. You are reliable, you are incredible, we are ONE. Together, we can pull open the giant doors ahead of us, the locks have already been broken, we just need to pull together...

With Love

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Short Love Story

Written in July of 2008

I sit here in a daze, thinking, feeling, and connecting.

Having the fierce drive for accomplishment with positive intentions is a gift.

Life is fragile, life is precious, life is mysterious, and I am grateful.

Simplicity is fruitful. Modesty is abundance.

Knowing within what is true is a gift that must be appreciated.

A lot of the time, the truth hurts, but the truth is what we must cherish.

Without truth, knowledge is truly useless.

You can spend an eternity learning nothing more than useless words.

Memorizing data is not knowledge, and truth will not be reached by their means.

Our lives only become true once we learn the truth about life. 

We mustn’t let ourselves be swayed by all the lies that surround our regular societal lives.

This is why we need to love, to truly love, to love all that is within and all that is without.

If you can truly love, and be accepting of the hurt and the awe of love, then the truth of life is close to you.

Even when love hurts, we still love; just like when life hurts, we still live.

Our survival instinct for life is unquestionable just like our driving force for love is undeniable.

I understand that what matters is what we take for granted. What we overlook is what we need to cherish.

Simple, I love knowing it; I want to share it with you.

Our lives and the essence of every living thing depend on love.

Without love we cannot live.

Life is love.

We must love to live, and live to love.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Into the Light - The Number 11

If you search the web, if you talk to people about it, you will find a commonality…no one is sure what it really means. There are some who have their theories, there are some who speak their theories as fact, and that’s fine. If these explanations are comforting and allow you to evolve as a spiritual being, then the message has been transmitted. The fact is, no one knows, just as no one really knows what will happen to you after death. This number 11 phenomenon is illogical and makes absolutely no sense to minds that have been educated by structured societal norms. I have seen highly intellectual individuals explain their theories and make connections regarding the number, and I have been impressed and baffled by the connections that can be drawn. The number is also very significant in numerology. But does any of that even matter?

The point is not to dwell on what it means; the point is not to emphasize every possible connection. We are all well aware that there are an enormous amount of conspiracy theories out there, and I hope that we can agree that many, if not all, are more distracting than they are constructive. If we dwell on hidden meanings and definitions, we will miss the message. I’ve said this before and will say it again, we need to stop paying attention to the messenger, and start being aware of the message itself…The fact that hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of people are experiencing this phenomenon proves one very important truth that has been ignored for ages, Collective Consciousness…

Let me give you some background on my experience, maybe you can relate. And please, I urge you to tell me your experience, tell us all your experience. Why have you become aware? What has pushed you to question? What has given you the urge to introspect? Please, share. I believe our world is in a state where we all need to come together, it is extremely obvious that if we do not, we will not survive…share and unite.

I have always been open to new ideas, always asking questions, since I was a young boy, I have been searching. My awareness started at a very young age, though I was never able to explain it, I knew there was more than I could see with my two eyes, I knew there were questions that needed to be asked, I knew there would come a time when these questions would matter…I am sure many can relate to this.

Pic taken "by mistake" on my phone in 2010
I started my 11 awareness in early 2008. I started to notice the number everywhere, on digital clocks, dates, sums of numbers, addresses, everywhere. When I first became aware of this, I decided to look it up online. I typed it into a Google search, and found a couple of websites and blogs that mention a similar experience that I was having. I then found some forums where people discussed this phenomenon.

I gave up on my search because I realised that no one really knew what it meant, it was all just speculation. Some people were saying that it meant that you were being contacted by life forces from another realm, a message being sent to you from angels. Others simply said it was your subconscious mind wanting to see the number, and it just so happens to be the number 11. A psychological phenomenon, plausible, but I felt like there was more to it.

The thing about me is this; I have always considered myself to be a very logical thinker, and a sceptic sometimes too, my close friends and family can vouch for this. This phenomenon was not allowing my logical mind to think clearly of what it meant. This reoccurrence of the number over and over again had no logical explanation, so rather than ask and research more; I decided to let it go.

If this truly was a psychological phenomenon, something my brain wanted to see, wanted to notice, something my mind was creating, then I would assume that because of my “letting go” of the significance of this reoccurring number 11, it would have stopped. But on the contrary, the more I ignored the phenomenon, the more it showed up. Not only that, people around me started to admit to me that they were seeing it too. 11 and 1234.

After almost 2 full years of ignoring and pushing the phenomenon aside, I started to notice that these 11 sightings were accompanied by a certain awareness of my reality. The more often I noticed the numbers, the deeper my attention to detail became. The number appeared, and my awareness became deeper, my thoughts became lighter.

Allow yourself to walk out of the darkness and into the light..... 

Certain people came into my life during these times to solidify the experience, to elaborate on the meanings of this increased awareness. The amazing thing is that these messengers most probably didn’t even know that they were bringing me the greatest gift of all; they brought me closer to self awareness and self realization. The messenger that had the largest effect on me was born on the 11th

My life and who I am has always been changing and evolving, but the past 3 years have been flowing with much more ease than the previous 25. My past has been filled with experiences that very well could have led me on a different path, a path of destruction and ignorance; a path with no appreciation for the life that surrounds us, no notice of the light that lives within. The universe would not let this happen. I did not do anything specific to be aware. The spark that ignited this flame was not initiated by me; it was initiated by the universe. The synchronicity of events and experiences that have led me to this were set forth before I was born into this tangible reality. Every moment that is experienced has already happened. People will be stuck with pain and confusion when the experiences are avoided or controlled, when the person does not ascend into the flow, the person will suffer, and the worst type of suffering is the one that goes unnoticed.

I have suffered, but the feeling of this internal fire was always there, and as time passes, the awareness becomes stronger and stronger...I feel the universe and my ancestors calling for me to awaken, I feel the fire burning, I feel the light pushing me forward and raising me up. The flame that burns will continue to burn and will ignite the path into light, into an eternal lighted path, for all to walk on. If we can all understand that this realization is a collective realization, we can start to understand the interconnectedness, the oneness that has been lingering. It will bring us to answers that have been lost, answers that are within us, and answers that will only be unlocked when the realization of collective consciousness is activated.

Continue with your beliefs; no one can tell you to drop them. I am not a preacher, and this is not a sermon. I ask only one thing: think clearly, realize that we are all here together and nothing REAL separates us. Truth is not taught, truth is only REALized.

My only suggestion to everyone is to introspect, pray and meditate. And remember, meditating can be done in many different ways; cook, paint, compose music, listen to music, poetry, any form of art, activities like kayaking, jogging, walking, hiking, etc…the possibilities are endless, and the outcome is a bright Light that fills the darkness…

With Love

Monday, 14 March 2011

Lost Souls

Written March 3rd 2010

I notice so many lost souls, so many people walking around with little in mind about what they are here for, or why they should even care. I feel like we live in a society full of mindless, pointless, endless souls. People follow what they are told to follow. It is obvious that the majority are being molded into sheep, slaves, workhorses, ants, pawns, etc…Pointless, wasted lives….

I don’t blame them, I don’t blame their parent
s and no I don’t blame society. I blame four decades of brainwashing. I blame broadcasting corporations; I blame psychological vampires, and mass media as a whole. Who am I to judge others you ask? Well, its simple, I am someone who is slowly but surely trying to come out of the mist, someone who has been able to find a part of my soul. How do I know this? Well, its simple, I see things others don’t, I notice signs and feel vibes that others don’t. I follow these signs, and they take me to where I am supposed to be. Its very obvious once you start to understand it. I told someone the other night that everyone you meet has something to bring you, and this wasn’t something I had realized until I actually said the words to her. I haven’t realized many things until I either write about it or talk about it to someone. It makes me realize that there are so many hidden truths and answers within ourselves that we need to discover by discussion and deep thought. Sometimes, these things can be realized by simply doing what you feel you should be doing at that moment. I have always said that I go with the flow, and I truly do, and this has led me to where I am today, and it has also led me to this thought, this article, this moment.

I noticed that certain symbols that I see are placed there for a specific reason, to lead me on my path. Kind of like flag stones. Everything that has happened to me up to this moment has been a perfect sequence, and the more you accept this, the more you will be able to see it. The lost souls are almost like people who suffer from alcoholism. They cannot realize their problem until they can admit that they have a problem. Once they admit that they have a drinking issue, they are better equipped to fight the addiction. Once these people see that their souls have been truly lost, they will be better equipped to find it again, better equipped to see what has been right in front of them and within them this whole time. I tend to get into spiritual and philosophical conversations when I’m with people one on one, and I love to ask questions and listen to the answers that the person instantly comes up with. I love to analyze the answer, because the best answers are the ones that are not thought out, the best answers come when the person is caught off guard. I asked a good friend of mine the other day if he believed in God, his answer was no. I then asked why, and his answer was I don’t know. I‘m not here to preach that God exists, but as soon as I made him realize that he has no logical explanation as to why he doesn’t believe in the existence of a “higher power” (as so many people call it these days) he then changed his answer to I don’t believe in religion but I believe in a higher power. People have been almost completely brainwashed to believe that their existence is a purely materialistic existence of this world and only this world, and that nothing else exists, and that religion and God are mere complications and examples of how to teach less intelligent people the difference between right and wrong. I find this to be hilarious. I’m not going to get into why this is pure stupidity and ignorance, all I will say is that I have had the pleasure of knowing very intelligent and highly educated religious people and very unintelligent and uneducated atheists and agnostics (and vice versa). Sciences like neurology can explain all kinds of human behavior, science in general can explain so many things that were unexaplainable not that long ago, but science has never disproved the human soul, nor has it disproved the existence of a great power that constantly creates and harmoniously rules over the universe. The point is this, the belief in God, a higher power, a universal mind, does not make a person naïve or unintelligent, on the contrary, it makes them noble, honorable, and trustworthy (this is only true if the genuine belief in the existence of God is accompanied by the feeling of Gods existence within oneself).

This brings me to my next thought. Those of you who practice their religions just to follow tradition or habit, I suggest that you re-think this. It’s not necessarily harmful, but it is pointless and will sometimes limit a person physically and spiritually. I suggest that you look into your religion. I suggest that you look into other religions. I suggest that you research everything you can about your religions and every other religion out there. I assure you that one of two things will happen. You will completely stop your traditions and habits and will embrace some other kind of real spirituality, or you will continue practicing your own religion, but no longer as just tradition and habit, you will practice because you truly believe. So many people have told me that they are from this or that religious denomination simply because they were born into it, and they decided to follow it because their parents pushed them to. I understand because I was also born into a religious belief. I get it, I understand that it’s easier for many of us to just say we believe even if deep down inside we want to question. I understand that for many of us tradition and religious belief is practiced out of respect for your parents, grand parents, family members and so on. And I understand that many people would rather not question because they do not want to risk upsetting or disrespecting their bloodline. But these people need to realize that the only person you are disrespecting and hurting is you. Believing blindly without any true understanding of the belief is compared to a bird without wings….The problem is this; most people don’t question, they want to, but they rather be comfortable with the belief that has been preached to them their whole lives, even if they don’t understand what they are following. What we all need to realize is that the only way for a person to truly have faith and to truly believe is to question the belief itself. Question the belief to the breaking point, until you finally realize what YOUR truth is, and understand that this may take a lifetime.

I know the basis and the foundation of my truth, and I believe that I will discover that many people, if not all people, will eventually share the same truth…


Thursday, 10 March 2011


As we witness nations struggling across the globe, we are reminded of the importance of unity. This should not only be the case in times of difficulty, but should be the case permanently. We should not wait until things fall apart completely to come to each others aide.

I hear reports of what is happening across North Africa and it makes me proud to see many sticking together, not allowing the fear tactics to tear them apart. Egypt saw an attack on a church a couple of days ago, this attack was carried out by remnants of the Mubarak regime of fear. What amazes me and maintains my feelings of hope is that the Egyptians are not falling for these fear tactics, they are not allowing divisions. I got in contact with a certain person who lives in Cairo, and I expressed how proud I was of the Egyptians, for sticking together and uniting to insure that this revolution will not be countered successfully.

I have heard and read in mainstream media that the Libyans are in for a civil war once Kaddafi leaves, mainly because they are a tribal nation. Well, this may be a possible outcome. I am not a messenger or a prophet. I am not a psychic, I cannot tell the future, but I never assume and I steer clear from propagating fear and negativity. Do we not see that these tribes have all united for one purpose? Again, same as the other revolutions that were sparked by the Jasmine, Libyas revolt was not sparked by a political or religious leader or party, it was sparked by the people, for the people. My positive view is that the tribes will unite, and stay united, forming a unified party.

The revolution that are in progress in the Near East are windows of opportunity. Doors that have opened for us to walk through. These revolutions are just the beginning of a change that has been lingering in the heavens for eternity. These changes will be positive as long as we can project them into our reality.

What we should start to absorb from all of this is that people are coming to each others aide for reasons other than material gain. I am hearing more accounts of people helping each other and banding together. This is how it should always be. People need to give to each other, without expecting or wanting anything in return. People must realize that in order to change the system, we need to help each other. We need to be able to depend on each other so that we no longer have to depend on the system.

The first step is to strive for self sufficiency. The second step is to offer your help to others who are striving but struggling to achieve self sufficiency. The third step is to provide for each other, continuously and endlessly.

A society that does not depend on a power structure is a society that helps each other with no expectation of return on investment. A society without a power structure is a society that rules itself, through humility and modesty, through minimalism and simplicity, through honour and compassion, through LOVE.

There is no room for compassion and love in a society based on materialistic Return On Investment. None of the doctors in Liberty Square were there for their own benefit, none of them expected any return, and none of them expected any profit. They were there to help, to offer their talents and provide their service, with compassion on their minds and in their hearts.


What we need to realize is that there is a return on this kind of investment; it’s a return that is not materialistic in nature, nor is it necessarily tangible. It is a return that manifests itself in an infinite number of possibilities and situations. It is a return that many call Karma, it is not an expected return, it is not a measured return, but it is a return nonetheless.

If this realization occurs on a collective level, it will be a collective return on investment, a collective reward. 
Do good for others from your heart, and your soul will benefit immensely…light is always seen by the universe. Light can always be what your heart offers, and light will always shine in the darkness. It is in all of us. Altruism is extremely beneficial, to all who are involved. Altruism is proven to be a form of therapy, a form of exercise and is proven to be a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Offer yourself with love, with no expectations. If you can set intentions that are filled with light, the light will overtake the darkness that fills most of our world.

Remember that the darkness is not evil; darkness is not good nor is it bad, darkness is a creation as everything else is. The darkness only lacks the light, that’s all, fill the darkness with light and the world shall continue into a new era…

With Love

Monday, 7 March 2011

Some of the System As I See It

Educational Systems teach us to be subordinate and to think inside the box, not to challenge the status quo and to stick to current paradigms.

I vaguely remember mention of ancient philosophers during my early years in school. There was mention of philosophers such as Pythagoras, but we never delved into their teachings. I understand that many will say that these teachings will take a lifetime to understand, but why not introduce us to the deeper concepts of our reality at an early age? There is so much to learn from ancient philosophers, mathematicians and spiritual teachers.

It would be logical that the first subject taught is language, and what follows are the main subjects that form our life and our universe: mathematics (complete mathematics including all subsets, as well as music), philosophy and spirituality. All other subjects can stem from those 3. All forms of science have come from those three subjects...

Of course it is essential that we teach geography, but not in a way that implies that we are separate because of our borders, flags and languages that were all created by men. Geography needs to be taught in a manner that enables and promotes interconnectedness and not separation. I haven’t totally figured this out yet. We could use the technology we have to connect our students, I know this is already being done, but I do not think it has reached its potential. I’m also reluctant towards the idea of patriotism to one nation and flag; I believe all this does is create separation and alienation towards other nations. Your sense of belonging should not be based on a nation, it IS based on a species; the living species, and not just the human species…This is something that needs to be thought of as well. What are your views on that?

I have checked out some high school websites in the area, and have been pleasantly surprised to see that some of them have created what they call spiritual centers for meditation, with information about different religions and spiritual practices. This is great, but is it enough? Do students participate? Is our society promoting spirituality in the media or even at home? Not that I know of…Some families promote religious belief, and this is their choice, are they also promoting acceptance of other religions and spiritual practices? What about the ones who ignore any such practice? We have lost our true potential to become more than what they have taught us to be. I believe that this can only be cured through spiritual practices and acceptance; we need to promote it and explain the benefits that will come out of a spiritual practice. Our society needs to be re-programmed to understand the importance of spirituality. With it come morality, ethics and healthy lifestyles.

We teach our children mathematics but do we tell them what importance it holds in everyday life? Do we bother explaining to them that the whole universe is made up of mathematics? Do we explain to them that all the music they hear is based on math? Do we explain that through the understanding of mathematics we can understand the building blocks of our universe? NO. We don’t, and I believe if we did emphasize the importance that I just mentioned, more students would be interested in absorbing all that is taught to them when it comes to the subject.

I remember having conversations with friends in school about how useless the things we learn can be, and I still have conversations with people now who mention to me that they have learned more by themselves than they have learned at school…

Teachers rarely tell students why they are learning a certain subject, they just say that they need to do their homework, study for tests, and pass the class or else they will fail and if they fail they are failures and may have to do it over and over again until they pass the tests and do all the homework…no reason as to why, just do it and that’s that….really? Where’s the motivation in that? What are we teaching our children? To comply and not to ask why they are complying…that’s sad, and that’s why most of us do things without even knowing why we do it…simply to put food on the table? Really? And how are you accomplishing this? Is the means important? Is it morally responsible and logical to live on an island of happiness surrounded by an ocean of misery? Will the ocean eventually flood the island? We don’t ask these questions because we are taught not to…

Challenge the status quo only if it doesn’t challenge the authority. Ha! How does that make any sense? That is what I call illogical.
The educational system does not allow for students to be creative and to think outside the current system. Unless the students are in luck, and the teacher is awake, but in most cases a teacher who is awake will not be able to get away with much, and they are the minority.

We teach our doctors how to prescribe medicine, but do we teach them how to prevent certain conditions? It’s all about solving the issue after it occurs and never about preventative measures. It’s all about bandaging the issue and never about permanently curing it. We teach in school the basic food groups, but do we teach how difficult it is for our digestive systems to break down red meat? We promote the consumption of certain foods because of the industry that already exists, regardless of discoveries of the negative effects these foods have on us. We lack something very important in our education systems, LOGIC. We teach based on a set of guidelines implemented by our government, always to promote the current system, to uphold the current paradigm. We never explain the logic behind a certain teaching. We never explain why it is important to learn a certain subject. We only teach and expect the student to learn what we are teaching, regardless of the importance that it holds in everyday life. Our expectations are based on the belief that if you pass a test, you understand the subject. This is ridiculous, I know countless people who have breezed through high school by memorizing and sometimes even cheating…none of these people learned anything. They claim to understand, mainly because they passed a test, but like a Rasta friend of mine says, “Do they overstand?”…no, they do not…it’s an illusion of understanding based on what authority tells you to understand.

Very interesting concept and I totally agree, look at the definition of overstand taken from the Urban Dictionary: The Distinction between Overstanding and Understanding is a matter of "authority". If you can use something or do a job, you understand and memorize enough to act. In order to innovate or redesign, you must overstand. Understanding can Drive the car, but Overstanding Builds it, (or replaces it with something better). The difference between Under and Over standing is the difference between Oper-ating and Cre-ating. Understanding does the Job, Overstanding wrote the Business Plan. It is similar to the distinction between Academic "Knowledge" and Experiential "Wisdom". Overstanding emerged as a word from the global hip hop culture, to help portray an ethic of entrepreneurialism, self sufficiency, and sustainability.
"Overstand the Definition, then write your own."
I studied political science, and the job that I do now has absolutely nothing to do with political science…I’m an electronics technical specialist and trainer. Never went to school a day in my life in electrical or mechanical engineering yet my job is based on those principles. I work alongside other technologists and engineers, and somehow, I am able to keep up…actually, because I didn’t learn what I know through a book written by a pompous engineer, I have an easier time thinking outside the box, and solving issues that others cannot solve because of the set system that runs their mind…I am living proof that learning based on a set of standards and principles can be extremely limiting, and learning as you learn, learning with your hands on allows you to train your mind to do things that most people would otherwise think impossible….this is the beauty of true learning…Overstanding…I must admit, if I overstood the importance of Mathematics when I was a young teenager, I probably would have taken it upon myself to learn more than I have, and I would be creating technologies that have not been created yet…guaranteed…our students rarely want to learn because they do not see the importance, and it is because we are not showing them the importance. We allow ourselves to take everything for granted…and we teach them to take everything for granted as well, perpetuating the system.

Do any of you know how to grow your own food? Do any of you know which herbs can alleviate pain or benefit the human body? We’re lead to believe that a human being cannot learn everything in one lifetime. Is it possible that our potential for learning is much greater than we have been moulded to believe? I’ll leave it up to you to answer that….

Don’t get me wrong, there are many people out there who are awake and who take it upon themselves to learn more. There are many who consider themselves to be autodidacts, and many of them have accomplished a hell of a lot.

Here, let’s just name a few autodidacts whose accomplishments were outstanding:

Leonardo De Vinci
Albert Einstein
Nikola Tesla
Malcolm X
Abraham Lincoln
Maya Angelou
Alexander Graham Bell
Quentin Tarantino
Thomas Edison
Paul Allen
Bill Gates

These are just a few…the list goes on and on…what does this prove? Well, it proves that the current educational system rarely pumps out any geniuses’, it only perpetuates the total system that has been built upon the conditioning of our minds…that’s all for now J

With Love


Friday, 4 March 2011

The Disease: Fear, The Cure: Love

Written February 7th, 2011
Please read what I write with an open mind. Realist or idealist, it simply doesn’t matter at this point.
Humans would not have discovered and created much of what we take for granted if it wasn’t for idealists who think outside the box.
If idealists did not exist, the world would be doomed for eternity.
People have been molded into calling themselves realists when in reality all you are doing is calling yourself a pessimist who has simply given up.
Compassion is not an ideal; it is a fundamental human emotion that stems from love.
There are two main emotions; all other emotions stem from these two. LOVE and FEAR. Unfortunately, the society that we have created is largely based on the Fear emotion. You can see this very clearly anywhere you look. This is an infectious disease, much like cancer. We all have it in us; it’s a matter of activating it. The fear emotion was activated a long time ago, and this emotion is still predominant in our society. This will not change unless we start to create societies based on the love emotion. If we continue to teach our children based on the fear emotion, the world will fall into a darker state.
Much needs to change. “Educational” systems, health “care”, “economic” principles, etc. I put the words educational, care and economic in quotations because of the following; our current educational systems do not truly educate our youth, much of what needs to be learned is not taught. I can elaborate on this in a separate posting. The word health care implies that the system cares about your health, when in reality, if you look into it, it does not care at all; it only wants to patch things up so that you can continue to use the system. The word economic implies that it is a system put into place in order to economize, though in our current economic system, there is very little about it that economizes, all it does is benefit a few and shits on the rest, while gambling in casinos that we call stock markets is seen as normal...
Thankfully, the Love emotion is much stronger than the Fear emotion, this is why people out there are compassionate and want to change things. This is why we can find millions of videos, blogs, organizations, etc, that all send the same messages of love, peace and unity. That is why we see what is happening in Egypt and the whole near east, peaceful protests from Human Beings who want to be in a society based on Love, not fear. And what we also see is that the power that rules over them uses nothing more than fear tactics. Every move they have made thus far stems from Fear. It is extremely obvious once you can simplify where our emotions come from.
What we fail to see is that our society is the same, just not as obviously ruled by fear. I have never heard a political leader in government tell his or her people that we need to love each other and unite as one against corruption and injustice. I believe that Obama may have tried, but he obviously has failed until now to actually change anything in his country or in the world. We cannot assume that Leaders of countries are responsible for any of the decisions being made; it is more likely that there is a Power Structure, or Elitist Group, that actually pulls the strings and manipulates all world events. This may be why it sometimes seems as though an elected leader wants to make a difference, but cannot, because ultimately, it is not up to them, the agenda is not under their control.
Now here is where it becomes our responsibility, since as I just mentioned, world leaders have obviously lost control. Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Secular, etc., you are all still human beings, living organisms who all share the same planet. You have to understand that if we continue to fight each other, the oppressors that are in place all around the globe will always have the power to oppress. The best way to conquer is to divide the people. The world has been conquered and oppressed for centuries by structures of fear and hate.
It is our own fault that we are being oppressed. It is our own fault because we are divided. As long as you preach hatred aimed at other faiths such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, you will always be divided and conquered. Over and over again until we completely destroy the planet and each other, if not for the sake of human kind, for the sake of the planet and all living things. You, me, the planet and every single living thing in this universe is connected, all one. Do not blame others for a problem that exists because we are too distracted by hate and fear to UNITE AS ONE against all oppression, corruption and injustice.
Understand that the world is in the chaos that it is in because humans are divided, other living things do not cause these issues, only we do, and we need to fix this immediately. Understand that to be victorious you must first sacrifice many things. Understand that to be victorious you must accept each other, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc., all need to UNITE under ONE MOVEMENT for justice and true FREEDOM. Put your beliefs aside, and put your prophecies behind you, prophecies only materialize if you dream them into reality. The human mind is extremely powerful on an individual basis; imagine how powerful it is collectively, the power can be used to manipulate our environment, to dream things into our reality. This is why all of your prophetic beliefs of end times need to stop, all of your negative tendencies towards life and the after life need to be questioned and transformed into positive ones. Extremists are not the majority, the majorities want peace and unity, and the extremists will eventually dissolve into the majority. Do not tell me that this is not possible. The only reason this would not be possible is if you think it is not. Has negativity ever gotten you anywhere in your own personal individual life? I bet it hasn’t, so then why do you think it would be any different on a collective and united scale? It would not be different, negativity will only perpetuate the current system, Positivity and Action will give birth to the New Age.
Stop the fear mongering and hate propagating. This will only make things stay the same if not get much worse...If everyone was able to spread love rather than fear, the world would be a very different place. A place with no weapons, no dictators, no armies, no war, no hunger...The world would be what it was meant to be from the beginning, before negative powers took control and infected your minds with fear....Cure yourself with LOVE, it is the only answer!

With Love

This is Fear
This is Love