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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Awakening 1

Written Today

The weeks have been racing by as if time has ceased to exist. Events on the globe have been occurring exponentially. The events for the past three months have been an awakening for many people. A feeling lingering for the past x amount of years is now coming to the front and revealing itself, this is true for many.
This is nothing new; these events have been stirring for as long as we can remember. Natural disasters, political turmoil, war, conflict, this is nothing new to our dear planet, but there is a difference now. The difference now is that people are being woken up as the process unfolds, and they are paying attention. The world’s leaders are aware of this awakening, they were warned some time ago, and they are somewhat prepared for this awakening. What they don’t realize is that a greater power, much greater than they have ever had to face is behind the awakening, and this great power will face them, from above, and the judgements will be set.

The leaders that we speak of do not appear on your plasma and LCD screens. These leaders are not reported in the media or on the news. These leaders are not seen by many, yet they are seen by the greatest power that watches them constantly, and as this process unfolds, the unseen leaders drown in their greed and arrogance…

We need to understand that what we are experiencing has already been set in. What we are seeing is part of a great process, a process that we try to explain through religion, through ancient scripture, yet so many cannot grasp these explanations. These things cannot necessarily be properly understood by us, by our intellects, mainly because of the environment that these scripture were written were completely separate from our current environments. What we need to realize is that the experience of this process is written within us all, inside of us, it was instilled in us from the beginning, in every plant, in every animal and insect, in every living entity, we know that the process is for a greater good.

Some have ease of access to this imprinted schematic, some have a great view of the process as a whole and are able to access all the information freely. Others need to work a little harder to gain access, some need to break free from the invisible chains that have been shackled on by the hidden powers. Forget what you have been taught about the end, forget about the violence and torture that they want you to visualize, if you continue with these visions, you will create it for yourself…

Remember that they have taught you to believe that committing sin results in a permanent suffering in an eternal hellfire; remember that they taught you that doing good will result in an eternal paradise for you to live in. Put that aside, and think clearly, put that aside and pause, think with what is inside of you rather than what has been moulded into you by men. You will feel it, you will realize that what is important is the now, is the moment, and every moment is a moment for you to perform good deeds, a moment for you to purify your thoughts, a moment for you to make your actions upright and filled with light. Every moment that passes is a chance for you to lift your spirit into light and away from the imposed darkness...once this realization is solidified and lived in constantly, every breath you take will strengthen the Light that lives within you.

We have heard of lightworkers, starseeds, indigos, crystal, and so on. We need to be sure that these terms are not only used for a few, we need to insure that these terms are not used as a way to feel significance. We must understand that we need to get away from labelling each other as one thing or another. We are all one, and we need to understand this, we are not better than anyone else…We love, and they love, we hold light and they hold light, there is no we, and there is no they, just ONE.

Please, it is imperative that we change our thoughts to purity. No matter what we see or what we hear, we need to keep our minds clear so that we can see when deception tries to perpetuate the darkness. Remember that darkness is light turned inside out, and it is our responsibility to flip it. Remember that we are not alone, that there is the great power that will judge those who want to keep the darkness as the ruler of all. Remember that the process started and will come to its conclusion with a rule in our favour…don’t be afraid, there is nothing to fear. Again, live in the moment with love and light; surround yourself with love and light. Your light will shine strong and bright, even in the darkest situations, your light will swallow up the darkness, this is your eternal destiny…

When the time is right, we will be asked to act; our actions will be the final blow. When the time comes, you must be prepared to be heard, you must be ready to be the light that you are. Prepare to strengthen that fire within from this moment on, we will all be called upon, and we will all come together to form the greatest light that has ever touched this planet, a light that will be seen across our galaxy, a light that will never fade…

With Love & Light


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