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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Be the Beacon and Spread the Light - You are Needed

There is so much Love being spread across the universe, I can feel it seeping into my being through every pore. There is so much awareness being spread across our planet, I could see and hear it even if I plug my ears and cover my eyes.

The hate, fear and deception that is propagated throughout popular media outlets are no competition for the genuine unconditional love that counters these negative forces. One positive mind, one loving outlook on life, one bright light, can make a huge difference in the lives of so many. One positive notion in the midst of negative messages changes people's mindsets and propagates love into an exponential wave of light.

Never give up hope and never stop spreading  your positive vibes and your loving knowledge.

You may be placed in situations where so much negativity and fear is being spread, and the people who are receiving these signals and frequencies are just waiting for your light, waiting for  your positive signals and frequencies. You will see that as soon as you open your mouth and release your words of wisdom and light, their hearts open and their minds shift to receive the positive frequencies that the universe is readily dishing out through you and to you. It is our duty to be that beacon. It is our responsibility to shine our light in the darkness. There is no match against the love that is spread when truth is spoken.

Don’t run away from situations or people who have fear in their hearts, they need you. Don’t shy away, for there are so many just waiting to hear, see and FEEL your love. 

Of course, there will be situations where your love will fall on deaf ears, for their hearts are buried in fear. For those hearts, there are other ways. Leave those to faith and hope, move on and you will find that there are many that have a fear on their hearts, but a gentle scraping can remove that fear. 

You will know when it is possible to remove the fear, and you will know when you should leave it to faith and hope. Follow your feelings, listen to your heart, it will guide you and it will tell you exactly what you need to say, or your intuition.

Be easy, be calm with your words, be sincere, be understanding, be gentle..lead slowly and with ease..lead calmly and with grace, shine dimly and slowly brighten as your listeners open their hearts and shift their minds...there is no need to hesitate, but remember, the heart is fragile when surrounded by fear, be easy, be caring and be graceful...the rest will just flow..

With Love