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Friday, 16 November 2012

You and I Are Not Each Others Judges

I think its important that we see all sides of the story when it comes to global conflicts. I think its important to keep in mind that the people who run the media outlets that so many of us use to obtain "news" are human beings just like you and I (at least I would like to believe they are human). They have their own opinions, their own agendas..Media is NOT unbiased, it is biased and always has an ulterior motive, or a purpose to serve. Keep in mind that no matter what "news" you are receiving, it is an opinion, always biased. It is wise to question, or better yet, do what I have been trying to do, pay less or no attention.

I understand that the events that so many are talking about right now are for some people extremely troubling and silence about these events would be as bad as the crimes committed...but please keep in mind that adding to the tension solves nothing.

Debating with people who have no plan or WILL to change their own biased opinion is pointless.

You can educate and spread awareness far and wide, but when it comes down to it, you cannot convince or force people to change their conditioning or to re-consider their entire belief systems, this change is a change that can only be triggered from within......

Even though I try to steer clear of propaganda and biased news, some of it is unavoidable, and since I am an opinionated person right now, I felt the urge to write this...

I read some of the news, and saw some comments on posts on social networking sites....and it confirms to me that our society is populated with humans who have never grown up, who are borderline psychotic, who still find comfort in bullying each other, who take no responsibility, who hate and who are afraid...

These behaviours are not only ridiculous and counter productive, they are a HORRIBLE example to our children...This is what I see, not only in comments, but even in the news: "You started it! No you did!! Well you stop first and then I'll stop!! No! YOU stop first and then MAYBE I'll stop!!" Really? Does this not sound like a fight you would hear on a playground?  

The comments I see from not only the citizens of such countries in global conflicts, but even from people who have never lived in or been anywhere near any such conflicts are troubling, sad, and again confirm to me that the human race is very very sick, diseased to say the least.

I am tired of taking sides, I don't want to say who is right or who is wrong, it is not for me to decide or to judge, I am not a judge, I do not own a gown or a gavel. I will say that I am against any violence, ANY VIOLENCE, I don't care who you are, what nationality, what culture, what religion or sect, I SIMPLY DO NOT CARE, it does not change my opinion that violence or that killing is NEVER JUSTIFIED, ever...whether it be killing humans, animals, or our mother the earth, none of it is justifiable.

People on both sides are committing these crimes with a goal in mind, with an agenda, the ones who sit back and support the crimes have a deep rooted belief in the justification of such crimes, they are the children who have been conditioned to hate, who lived in environments where it was normal to commit criminal acts, where interconnectedness meant and means nothing, where gangs are seen as a way to prosper and protect a culture or community, where killing innocent people is somehow justified, where revenge through slaughter is acceptable. There is no changing this, you cannot say or do anything to change these deep rooted beliefs or these conditioned behaviours. The environment that they were moulded in has created their current reality, it has created who they are today...just as your environment has created your current reality and who you are today...

Instead of adding to the hate, fear and violence, try to pray, meditate, send love, ask for peace, ask for understanding....this is much stronger than trying to force change on people who have no interest in changing...stop wasting your energy in places that are already lost. Screaming and yelling will get you nowhere, pointing fingers will accomplish nothing. It is more than OK to vent, especially if you are affected directly by these conflicts...but do not expect anyone to hold your opinion as truth, and please please please try to remember that you are not anyone's judge, and that those who have their strong opinions have it for a reason...hating them accomplishes nothing at all...

May our mother end the ignorance that is reigning over this planet.

Peace, Love and blessings to all


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mother, Please Forgive Us

Why do you continue to RAPE your own mother? Why do you continue to rip her to shreds? So many take and take and take from her, she continues to give, but she will soon stop giving, and will take back what has been robbed from her...listen to your heart, it is telling you the SAME THING that the elder brothers have been your eye, see that this society is killing our mother...stop raping your own mother...why do you not want to protect her?

Do you not see that the mother gave birth to all of us? Do you not see that without her bosom we would not even exist? Do we not see that by hurting her, and by hurting all that she births into existence, we are ultimately destroying our own existence? The earth does NOT belong to you, or to me, or to anyone, the earth is our mother, we came from her, and she can stop giving at any moment...stop taking her for granted, PLEASE!!!! See that the way we treat our mother is the deciding factor of our existence. See that the way we have been treating her is grounds for our complete extinction. The way that she has been taken advantage of is inexcusable in my eyes, but not in hers. I believe that there is still hope, she is forgiving, she still provides, she sees that there are many who are opening their eye, and that are feeling her again, and that are trying to help others to see that we need to stop taking her for granted.

So many follow a god that is somewhere out there, somewhere above, away from the problems on this earth, separate from us, separate from the mother earth. So many follow a god that judges based on how well and often you perform rituals, and how you can become obedient, regardless of the truth of our existence. You follow a materialistic god, that wants your money. If this blind following continues, so will the raping of our mother. If this blind following of religion continues, our mother will continue to be ignored. She will not wait forever for us to wake up. She will get to a point where she will have no choice but to defend herself. She is quickly reaching that point. Open  your eye and may already be too late, but at least, if you try to change things now, you won’t feel so horribly about taking advantage of your own mother...stop raping your own mother, stop taking advantage of her...she gave birth to you, she feeds you, she provides you with water and shelter, she inspires you, she offers you comfort, heat, diversity, she allows you to grow in her womb....she asks for nothing in return other than respect....she does not NEED anything from you, all that is required for us to continue into an evolution of consciousness is respect and love for her...if you truly love and respect your mother, you will stop raping her. You will stand up and use your voice to stop others from raping her, you will stop polluting her, you will do your part to stop consuming her, you will use your voice and your numbers to stop those who have lost all respect and love for her....if we do not protect her, she will be forced to protect herself, and you will not be spared.

I am not trying to scare you, I am merely telling you what you already know. If you do not care about her, and you truly believe that you are not harming her by keeping silent, then that is your choice, it is completely up to you.

If all that you care about is your existence now, then reading this will probably mean nothing to you, but if you care about the future of your children, you will read my words and at least start to change your attitude towards your mother.

You will start to realize that in order for the world to continue on a path towards peace, towards evolution, the masses are held responsible for the protection of our mother, why do you destroy the womb that we grow in?

Remember the golden rule? Treat others how you want to be treated? How would you like to be treated?? Do you think it is fair for someone to keep food from you? Do you want to be thrown down the stairs? Do you want to be forced to do hard labour? Do you want to be insulted and spat on? Do you want garbage thrown at you? Do you want harmful and deadly poisonous chemicals injected into your veins? If you do, then you have deep issues that need to be looked at immediately...If you do not, which I have faith that most of humanity does not want to be treated this way... then why would you do this to your mother? Why would you do this to your wife? Why would you do this to your brothers and sisters? Why would you do this to the earth?

Love and respect your mother, for if you do not, she will no longer be your home. You will no longer be welcome in her womb to grow, she will force you out, a stillbirth, a miscarriage.

When you build a home, or move into a home, do you want to take care of it, or do you want to destroy it? Would it be logical to move into a home and not take care of it? Would it make sense to start ripping the ground in your home apart, to start breaking the foundation, with no plans on rebuilding? Where will you lay your head to rest if there is no shelter to protect you? Where will you break bread with your loved ones if there is no sacred space to do so? Where will you sit around with your loved ones to talk about your days, to talk about your dreams and your passions if you have no sanctuary to share? Where will you live if you plan to destroy your home with no ambition to rebuild? This is not logical....the earth, this planet that we live with, live is our home, without it, we would be nowhere, floating in space, with no shelter, no protection, nothing...everything on this earth combined has given us the blessing of life...if you destroy her, you destroy your not think for a second that the bricks that you have built around you and your loved ones are your real home, for without the earth beneath those bricks, without the materials used to create those bricks, you would have no home.....respect her, and you will prosper, love her, and you will evolve with her...protect her, and she will forever protect you.

We have received warnings, time and time again...yet we ignore the urgency. Our greed and selfishness has brought us to this point, it is crucial for us to change our ways of thinking. Convenience and an obsession with material possession has turned us all into slaves. It has made us become consuming monsters, zombies that feed off of the energy of the earth and of each other....stop for one second, and think about where we are, think about what we do to make our lives more convenient, think about the patches of garbage that pollute HER oceans, patches the size of Texas. Think about the landfills that pollute her soils, that prevent us from growing any REAL HEALTHY food. Think about the wars that tear her soils apart, while shedding the blood of innocent animal, human and plant this what you want? Is this respect? Is this love? What do we create all of this destruction for, what is the end result? So that you can drive your cars to work? So that you can consume, consume and consume? So that you can easily fill your stomachs with food that brings no real nutrition? Convenience that has been created out of the blood of the earth will always be a curse on humankind.

It’s hard to break free from the chains that have been shackled on so tightly, its difficult to break free from this “westernized” society that has been built around us, this prison, this illusion of comfort, this madness that is quickly consuming and destroying all that this earth truly has to offer. Remember that just because it is difficult, it does not mean it is impossible to break free...all you need is the key to undo your shackles...your masters do not hold this key, they hold nothing other than the veil of ignorance and false freedom. YOU hold the key to your own your eye, and it will lead you to your heart, where the key resides.

So now you ask, what can I do to help protect her? What can I do to show my respect, my gratitude and my love for her? What can I truly do? Well, the answer to that question is residing with the key in your heart. We are all here for one reason or another, we all have purpose, we all create a path that we follow. Some will show their love for their mothers by building sustainable projects for energy, by advocating clean and renewable ways of energy. Some will lead lives of activism, where they will spend most of their days protesting against injustices, against wars, against animal cruelty, against fear and war mongers. Others will spread awareness about the effects of consumption, the effects of overconsumption, and will try to find ways to decrease the garbage that pollutes this earth. These are all commendable intentions.

There are ways...For one, it is wise to stay away from large corporate stores when doing your weekly, daily, monthly shopping. Stick to the small stores, the ones that are locally owned, this will not only help your own community, this will also help our mother, do your research and you will find out why. Drive your car less and use public transport, make sure the demand for oil drops. Stop throwing your shit out, reuse it, reuse everything that you can, bottles, cans, jars, anything plastic, reuse it, it saves you money and creates less garbage. Start a compost so you are not wasting food. If you see garbage lying around in the parks or what not, pick it up, help keep her clean. Stop eating at the major fast food restaurants, not only is this HORRIBLE for your own health, but this creates a demand for more meat, which creates a demand for more cattle, which creates a demand for more water consumption by the cattle, etc, etc, etc....I’m not going to get into details, just watch any of the countless documentaries that exist about this subject, point is, you eating that big mac ultimately affects your mother earth negatively, it creates more pollution, more demand for slavery, the list is endless, OK? Don’t just take my word for it, do your research. Really important one here, stop watching mainstream television, its poisonous and it is built to distract you from your responsibility to your mother.

The point is, there are ways to show your respect and ways to show your love for your mother, it starts with an intention, and from there, it will grow into action. I have said this a long time ago, and will say it again...a baby must crawl before it walks, and we aren’t even crawling is now crucial for us to start walking, it is too late to learn to crawl...there needs to be a major spark that changes our process, that fast forwards our growth, from babies in the womb into elders....all you need to do is listen, and the rest will fall into place.

I’m done preaching and telling you how to live...if only for a second you can open your heart and your mind to my suggestions....If only for a second you can understand that this message is coming from someone who is on the same level as you, someone who has trouble himself following this advice, someone who is still not totally free from the shackles, then you would see that I am not talking AT YOU but with you...lets help each other become better, lets help each other protect her, let’s stop arguing about trivial BS (belief systems), let’s stop arguing over culture or ethnicity, let’s stop arguing over who is right and who is wrong...all this arguing is leading us to our extinction... lets all help our mother TOGETHER so that she can see that we do love and respect her, so that she can continue to welcome us in her womb. Stand up and use your voice so that the ones who hold the veil of ignorance and false freedom will have no choice but to drop the veil, and run away into their holes....the mother will take care of the rest...

Peace and Love