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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Declaw the Beast

International creditors would rather sip on the blood of the youth than release them from chains..
International creditors force nations to their knees, forcing the nations leaders to punish its citizens. Romania, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Libya, Syria, Iran...these are just a few nations that are being squeezed, and played, and screwed...
International creditors are responsible for all the revolutions around the globe, for all the destruction, for all the death...the blood of innocent creatures are on the hands of those banksters..As long as the world is run by these elitists, the world will continue to suffer...when will nations wake up? When will REAL leaders step up to those banksters? It seems that the leaders of our worlds nations are cowards...
Before the Zionist elite force WWIII, leaders must stand up, and stop bending over...Wake up...before its too late..Those who prosper off of false prophecy will stop at nothing to push an apocalypse, its part of the Zionist plan..its part of the plan that has been set in motion thousands of years ago...
The claws of the beast will rip through our mother, and we will be buried inside her...if we let it happen. Let us declaw the beast, and tame the beast, so that we can finally turn the beast into a house cat...meow

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Illuminati? New Age Prophets? Decide for Yourself...

What if there is no conspiracy? What if this whole time, we’ve been chasing our tails? Why do we always need to point the finger and blame others for our planets misfortune? Is it not possible that the world is changing as it should? I am not the type to believe blindly in any form of idealism, which is why I find it fitting for me to be questioning these subjects.

Humans have a long and agonizing history. Our history is full of ups and downs, sharp turns and obstacles. Humans have apparently (according to some history buffs) lived through a golden age and a dark age. Humans have hit rock bottom and have reached successful heights as well. I’m not going to get into detail about our history because if I did then this would just turn into another history book (written by someone who was taught by someone else). Rather, I want to ask questions, and then possibly answer them by using my “feelings”…some will call this using logic.

I am almost positive at this point in our history that the word Illuminati has become a mainstream term. I could now mention this word in passing and most people will recognize the name. They will associate it with secret societies trying to dominate and control the planet, an evil society who practices Satanism and ritual black magic. They own everything from the governments, banks, media and even the music and porn industries. You can search the term on YouTube and I guarantee you will find thousands of videos. I wonder if these same people who post these videos actually know where this term appeared and why. The Illuminati are as far as I know a fictional group of possibly non fictional characters who hold a lot of power (money and possibly knowledge). They are, in my terms, a group of enlightened humans who have passed down from generation to generation secret knowledge (and lots of money).  They do not wish to share this knowledge (or money) so they instead distract humans from asking questions by filling our heads with nonsense (watch mainstream television for 1 hour, its 100% nonsensical and sometimes even unhealthy for our brains). So, in approximately 5 sentences, I have summarized the most popular conspiracy theory that exists in our society (of course there are hundreds of different variations, some involving non-human species).

I believe that this conspiracy theory is merely an excuse for society. It is a way for society to point the finger for our failures, for our lack of evolution, and for our greed and selfishness. It is a way to give someone else responsibility. We, as humans, have become very lazy, and quite babyish. We have found ways to always blame another for our misfortunes. What we fail to realize is that WE are responsible for the state of our society. We have asked for what we live with. We continue to live this way because we do not think critically about our environment. There are so many people, I’m guessing in the millions, who give a large portion of their time and energy into researching conspiracy theories such as the one I mention above. They spend time writing books about them, making movies, documentaries, holding rallies, protests, marches, vigils…but what actually gets done? So you tell me you are educating the public. I say, you are merely propagating the distractions. How can we change the world for the better if we are too busy pointing our fingers at a group of apparently extremely powerful men and women who apparently control everything? We cannot. It’s as simple as that. If we continue to point, to pass the buck, to blame, we will continue to propagate this diseased society into the next age…If we finally stand up, and assume responsibility for our state of society, change will be inevitable.

We went from living as cave men, to living as kings. We went from hunting, to manufacturing…We grew fast, and because of this exponential growth, we got lost at some point. We stopped being responsible, and we started to enjoy distractions. We stopped caring about the future of our species, and we started living in the past and in the NOW. Ouuu, must have caught some of you off guard there.  You  must be thinking “living in the NOW is a good thing isn’t it?” This brings me to my next subject, New Age “spirituality”. This fad, as I believe it to be, is becoming increasingly dangerous to our society. At first, I looked at it with a smile, thinking that people were finally thinking outside the box, finally taking responsibility for our actions. Well, that smile quickly turned into a frown, as I started to notice the growing numbers of people taking advantage of the open minds. From fake Gurus to scam healers, I was and am disgusted by the lack of ethics and morals presented by these so called New Age prophets. You speak of spirituality as if it is some kind of possession, some kind of material gain. You speak of universal knowledge as if it is a book written by a professor. You cannot teach universal knowledge, nor can you force spirituality as a material possession. This is not TRUTH.

There are those who can see through the bullshit that is fed through online social networks and forums. There are many who can swallow the bullshit and shit it out instantly, without it affecting their minds and their souls. But, unfortunately, there are many who are not able to protect themselves against these harmful toxins. There are many who open their minds only to be infected by an ideal that will only lead them to complete destruction. We are irresponsible, and this must change.

I am not blaming the so called gurus or new age prophets, because they are the same as the ones so many call the Illuminati. Just like the Illuminati, the gurus and new age prophets are out to get what everyone else wants so badly in our present society. Can you guess what that is? Money, material possessions, riches…and more importantly for these types of people…FAME…I don’t blame them, because just as the bankers and politicians, they are a product of our society. The society we all created together…How can we change this? Simple, stop blaming everyone else, and take responsibility. Stop allowing yourself to be swayed into distraction. Remember, that the only person who is responsible for your happiness, is yourself. Remember that if you are searching for a path, you will only be able to find it within. As I said above, one cannot be taught universal knowledge and one cannot be given spirituality…these are non-possessions, non-material, not existing in this realm of physicality…to learn universal knowledge is to teach yourself how to differentiate true from false, to be completely in touch with your intuition. This is taught to yourself by studying your thoughts and making sure to be the observer of said thoughts rather than the participant. This way, you will start to filter out the toxins and protect the truth that lies within. Spirituality follows….

This is my mind’s eye, my own intuition speaking to you. This is my truth, my soul spilling onto a keyboard. I do not wish for you to think as I do, nor do I want you to believe what I feel…I write this so that you may consider my point of view….to stop blaming, and start taking responsibility. Protect your mind, and trust your intuition. This way, when the time comes, you will be able to easily tell the difference between what is TRUE and what is false…only the EYE within the mind will be able to tell the difference, what you see with your physical eyes, is not always what is true…we know that much…you may follow a book, and believe in a certain ideal (or religion), but I can assure you that this is not enough to protect you…only your higher self can protect you…I wish you the best, with blessings from my heart…

With Love