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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Declaw the Beast

International creditors would rather sip on the blood of the youth than release them from chains..
International creditors force nations to their knees, forcing the nations leaders to punish its citizens. Romania, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Libya, Syria, Iran...these are just a few nations that are being squeezed, and played, and screwed...
International creditors are responsible for all the revolutions around the globe, for all the destruction, for all the death...the blood of innocent creatures are on the hands of those banksters..As long as the world is run by these elitists, the world will continue to suffer...when will nations wake up? When will REAL leaders step up to those banksters? It seems that the leaders of our worlds nations are cowards...
Before the Zionist elite force WWIII, leaders must stand up, and stop bending over...Wake up...before its too late..Those who prosper off of false prophecy will stop at nothing to push an apocalypse, its part of the Zionist plan..its part of the plan that has been set in motion thousands of years ago...
The claws of the beast will rip through our mother, and we will be buried inside her...if we let it happen. Let us declaw the beast, and tame the beast, so that we can finally turn the beast into a house cat...meow

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