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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Walk Away and Clear Your Mind

I want to share this with you...a technique, so simple, yet so powerful...This helps in so many situations...I learned this from a very very wise man, who I respect and admire, who I believe was sent to me as a guide...though I did not realize this at the time...

Thank you Missak...

A piece of advice I gave someone today after helping her solve an issue:

'It is my job to help everyone, when we are confronted with a situation, we tend to get very involved, and sometimes, it is diffuclt to solve an issue when we are too involved...thats where I come in.

At my last job, I used to repair sewing machines, it was not an easy task at all.
The learning process was not what I expected. It was an unorthodox way of teaching. I later realized, it was the only way.

My teacher, who taught me how to fix the machines, also taught me a very valuable technique very early on in our dealings with each other.

He would give me a machine that he broke himself and he would hand me some tools, and say, fix it

I would sit there, tinkering with the machine, trying to figure it out
I would feel as though I was getting so close, but the issue would still be there
I would spend hours trying to figure it out, sometimes days
Scratching my head
Getting frustrated and so deeply involved
Then he would push me aside, tinker with a few gears, and BAM, it was fixed
This really furstrated me
Until one day, he stopped me about 15 minutes into repairing one of the machines
He said, "you know why I am stopping you?" I said "why?"
He said "because you are getting frustrated, as soon as you get frustrated, you must step away from the machine, go take a walk, go chat with a friend, have a kit kat" (word for word)

He continued "then, when your mind is clear, come back, sit down, and the machine will fix itself"

Guess what, he was right...'

We tend to get so deeply involved in a given situation, that we miss the obvious lesson, or obvious solution...if we step away, clear our minds, and then go back, the issue will resolve itself...

I hope this helps anyone out there who is involved


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