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Friday, 14 September 2012

Conversation with a Soul

Reach inwards and find the compassionate divinity that has always been there. Reach out and use this part of your original self to help others find it within them.

I am not saying that we should force people, or preach for people to find themselves, or to be more compassionate. What I am saying is that in order for us to help others find their original divinity again, we must be compassionate with them.  We must lead them to their own wisdom.

I was approached the other day by a soul who has recently woken up from a deep slumber. This soul was excited at its new discoveries. It was moving at an infinite speed, and it reminded me of when I first started to be aware of my search and the universes willingness to lead us into a beautiful set of discoveries through synchronicity. The soul asked me to guide it, and to help it be more powerful, and to use the discoveries to manifest things into this physical reality. I have never been asked before by any soul to guide it, especially not to guide it to create manifestations onto this physical 3D plane of existence.  The soul was in a rush to create. I wanted to help, but not so much guide. My guidance would be so that the soul can remember its own wisdom, for wisdom cannot be taught, only remembered...I guided the soul to the wisdom of its own memory...and have not heard back from it since, though I know I will.

I told the soul not to be so hard on itself; to allow the time to reflect on its slumber. When woken up suddenly, it can be hard to adjust the eye to the outer world; therefore, it is important to be gentle, and patient.
I told the soul that there will be situations of extreme discomfort, but to remember that these situations arise for a positive purpose, to lead us to our divine potentials, and to boost our growth, or rather, reminds us of how much we’ve grown in our past journeys.

I told the soul that there may be solitude, and the solitude may seem unbearable, where you will have no choice but to observe your thoughts. Do not get involved in the thoughts, take it step by step and clarity will eventually be reached.

The soul asked what it’s like to reach clarity. I answered that it is almost impossible to describe but attempted to do so anyway with words created by man...I answered,  it is bliss, gratitude, you feel like you are in everything, and everything is in you. Nothing matters, and everything becomes very, very light. Colors are more vivid and sounds and scents are amplified. Step by step, clarity is reached.

I told the soul that the moment the mind realizes that it has allowed the soul to reach these heights, it is quickly lost. To deal with this, just let it be, patience and acceptance is the key.

The soul said to me that it tries to preach to other souls, of the importance of this other world that we cannot see with our eyes, and that most of the other souls shun and ridicule. I suggested that it is not a wise choice to try to awaken souls who are still in deep slumber and that there is no need to try to prove anything. What is important is what you feel, and what you know as truth. In time, the souls will awaken by themselves, one by one, and they will gravitate towards other awakened souls, asking questions and looking for guidance.

The soul asked me if manifesting positive into our reality was possible. I answered that it is more than possible; we do it every day without even knowing it. Souls in slumber do it every day without even knowing it. I explained that this is why negative people always attract drama and negative events, and they also attract other negative people, they are manifesting their own reality...and vice versa with positive people. I explained further that positive people attract positive events, but that these were just words. Being positive is much deeper than just saying “I love my life and everything is wonderful!” You really must FEEL the positivity, the love, running through your body, lighting up every inch. Words do not do any of this justice. When appreciation is accompanied by truly feeling the moment, manifesting is the next step.

The soul started to tell me about events that have been happening to it, what seem to be signs and messages from the universe. The soul wondered if it was losing its mind. I explained that these synchronised events were being sent from the universe constantly but that we will only see them when we are ready to see. The more the soul reaches clarity, the more it will receive messages from the universe, letting it know that it is on a path and to keep on stepping. These signs and messages increase and become more and more obvious. I stressed the importance of not feeling or thinking that the soul was going crazy. I told the soul that the ego, or the mind, will try to make it think that it is going mad, because the mind or ego is afraid of the unknown and tries to protect like an over protective mother.

The soul, which is still accompanied by an over protective ego, as most of us are (even those  who believe they have reached clarity), pushed on saying that when it shared its discoveries with friends or family, they all looked at it as if it was crazy. I knew this feeling as I have gone through and still go through the same thing. I used an example, saying that I thought it was crazy for people to sit in front of a television obsessing over episodes of Jersey Shore, or sitting in front of a computer screen all day and night obsessing over an on-line fantasy game. The  soul understood, and was content that it was not alone.

The soul then went on to say that these on-line games and reality television shows were a way to distract us from our own divine potentials. I agreed. The soul went on to mention conspiracies about depopulation and reasons behind the distractions. I shared with the soul that I used to get carried away with the reasons, and used to research conspiracies more than I would concentrate on my own growth. He realized what I was getting at. Even though it is important to be aware of what is happening in our physical 3D world, it is not wise to get carried away, or to get involved, since it would then just become another distraction. As countless gurus and saints have suggested, we must work on our inner world and awaken our souls before any outer world changes can occur.

The soul was grateful for our conversation, and it thanked me for taking the time to talk to it and share my own experiences with it. It thanked me for helping it and said it had learned so much from such a simple and short conversation. I thanked the soul for taking the time to listen...

By sharing my own experiences, and taking the time to converse with the soul, I had reminded myself of the path that I am soul had learned from this conversation as much as the other soul the end, we are all here to help each other walk along our paths...ultimately, my soul was conversing with itself, as all souls are connected and each conversation happens for the benefit of all involved....I hope and pray that  these conversations will never cease to exist...

With Love