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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From a Simple Mind

Things seem to be quieting down. The storm is approaching as we continue to experience the calm.

In the western part of the world, people are still very comfortable in their environments. The majority of people in this part of the world do not have to struggle on a daily basis. This atmosphere of perceived comfort creates a society stuck in a standstill, with very little possibility of an evolution in consciousness. This atmosphere forces society to become completely dependent on a structure that is led by greed and corruption. We work ourselves to the ground almost every day of our lives, from the day we enter school, to the day we retire from the work force. Whether you are a banker, a lawyer, a dentist or a clerk, you are another cog in the destructive machine we call civilised society. The society gives you a choice; either you work to live, or live to work. The majority of us can convince ourselves that we are satisfied with one of those two choices.

We must not forget, there is a minority who have not been able to convince themselves. The choices presented by the machine or rather the lack of choices, are questioned and challenged for their entire lives. Working is a necessity, but it ceases to become the reason for living when we are capable of providing each other with the unconditional support that will create a balanced and equal society. The minority can see that the destructive machine that we depend on depends on us to allow it to function.  It is clear that this machines creation came out of a very low frequency of existence and that it will continue to function as long as the masses are standing still at this frequency. It cannot be forced on people to feel and understand the implications of our inaction, though it is obvious that more and more people are opening their minds to other possibilities of existence. It does not need to be forced, it just needs to be spoken about and put out into the open, without hesitation. You would be surprised whose eyes you may open. The minority has a responsibility to awaken the majority.

We cannot simplify things into the 99% vs. the 1%, this is not a realistic way of describing our society. This is my simplification: Within the 99% there is a majority who do not feel the need for change, and who are comfortable with the way things are. The minority in this 99% feel a great need for change, and are keen on educating others on this need. The majority can sometimes agree with the minority, yet there will rarely ever be any action from the majority.  The minority may clearly point out the inequalities and injustices in our society, and may even sometimes present solutions, yet the majority is always easily swayed and distracted because of comfort and dependence on the machine. In come the 1%. The majority of the 1% do not control the machine and may or may not be sympathetic to the 99%s perceived injustices in society. Then you have the elite who are the minority of the 1%, the ones who are at the main controls of the machine, the portion that rewards greed and corruption. Of course it goes deeper and deeper and there are more and more separations within portions of our society, and this is understandable.

Our society is based on separation. Right down to the individual, where one cannot understand who they themselves are. There is a separation on a personal individual level. It makes sense that we create these separations in society, because these separations exist within each one of us. This is the disease that has caught us in this machine, and has perpetuated this standstill. The dualism that exists within each one of us can be balanced into a non-dualism, which will then allow unification within your true self, which is consciousness. The individual is then cured of the disease, and the perceived self which created separation and dualism dissolves into non existence. Once this is accomplished on mass levels, where more and more individuals become consciousness, society will seem to fall apart. Separation and dualism slowly become unimportant and disappear. The cured people will start to see that the perceived reality of society falling apart is false. It will be clear what’s really occurring is the unification of masses and a realization of interconnectedness. This will eventually evolve into a transformation of mass consciousness. 

The world is waiting for us…let’s work on ourselves. Some have more catching up to do than others, just keep in mind that help is always just around the corner when you’re looking for it…

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

...and Freedom for All

“The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. He frees himself and shows the way to others.” Ghandi

“Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison…for your mind.” Morpheus in The Matrix

The Occupy movements that are taking place across the globe have given me so much hope and so much faith for the future of humanity. I have always been an idealist, with pie in the sky goals. I have always believed that this society is in need of major changes. Just by reading this blog you can clearly see that I know that things in this world can be better for everyone.

It’s beautiful to finally see millions of souls waking up. It’s amazing to witness the unity that is appearing worldwide. The time for change has come. We have been preparing for this for years, without any doubt that it would happen.  I know, as we all do, that there are many out there who are still asleep. There are countless numbers of lost souls who believe that they are comfortable enough to not pay any attention to what really matters. This is inevitable; there will always be large numbers of souls who are not yet ready to awaken. The best we can do is fight for them, one day, those souls will be found, and they will join us in occupying. 

For many of us, waking up was not our choice, it just happened. For many who are active in these movements have been fighting for us since the day they could express themselves. For many, this movement is what we have been waiting for. Though we mustn’t forget that this society still exists and there are still many prisoners who need to be freed. It is not easy to let go of what you have been conditioned to love. It’s not realistic to believe that these movements will accomplish the change that is needed without much suffering. There will be suffering, and there will be times where our efforts will seem to bring nothing fruitful. We must be patient through these times and we must never let go. The light at the end of this tunnel will be seen, as long as we travel united.

Right now, we occupy, just as the imperialists have occupied our lands for hundreds of years. For now, we slowly take the land back from them, and we give it back to the source. We must remember that this planet does not belong to any of us. We must always keep in mind that we are here to protect her. We must never forget that in order for the planet to sustain us, we must give to her. We cannot do as they did, we cannot repeat the same mistakes or else this will all go in vain. We must never be careless as they are, or else we will fall right into the trap of greed and selfishness. The planet is a soul as we are; we must protect her as much as we protect each other. We are occupying her lands, and we must occupy with respect, peace, wisdom and love. As long as we can continue to remember these truths, she will be kind to us. As long as we give to her more than what we take, she will sustain us. As long as we protect her as we would our own child, she will protect us. Never again can we take what we have for granted. We must not fall into a society of destruction, of waste, of carelessness and greed.  Our ancestors knew this, they knew how to treat the land, and they knew how to love the land. We must remember this, to always count our blessings, and never allow ourselves to fall into disharmony.

Forget about race, about color, about language, about religion, about borders and national anthems. Forget about separating each other by their means. Remember that there was always one source, and that all that we are is souls. We are not our senses, not female nor male. We must remember that we were once inseparable, and that our unity created the brightest light that the universe had ever witnessed. Our unity is what will change the world. Our unity is what will bring peace and justice into this realm permanently. 

We must not be in this for our own personal gains or else unity will not be accomplished. Push your ego aside, and let others speak for you, to you and with you. Give your opinion without expecting others to agree. Take opinions and agree if you truly do, do not use your pride to hide what you truly feel. Live alongside each other without expecting to take anything from each other. Give without wanting to take. Give all that you can and take as little as you possibly need. Live modestly and abundance will appear throughout.  Do not act on judgement. Remember that most of what we think we know has been taught to us by those who imprison our souls. What you know may not be what truth is. For facts are mere words and numbers put together to try to explain things that we will never prove as absolute truth. Keep your minds open, and never allow the structure to be built around your souls. Free yourselves from bondage and opt out of this system of fear and separation. This system of conditions will end and the new ways of unconditional love will begin. Fear will slowly subside and will no longer be the driving force in this world, Love will flourish and bloom and will be the driving force of this new world. 

There is no we and no them. We are the 99%, but remember that the 1% is still a part of us, a part that has broken off, and that needs to be mended back to create the 100%, this will bring lasting harmony…may we be patient, resilient and genuine while we wait for the 1% to join the 99…

With Love