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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

From a Simple Mind

Things seem to be quieting down. The storm is approaching as we continue to experience the calm.

In the western part of the world, people are still very comfortable in their environments. The majority of people in this part of the world do not have to struggle on a daily basis. This atmosphere of perceived comfort creates a society stuck in a standstill, with very little possibility of an evolution in consciousness. This atmosphere forces society to become completely dependent on a structure that is led by greed and corruption. We work ourselves to the ground almost every day of our lives, from the day we enter school, to the day we retire from the work force. Whether you are a banker, a lawyer, a dentist or a clerk, you are another cog in the destructive machine we call civilised society. The society gives you a choice; either you work to live, or live to work. The majority of us can convince ourselves that we are satisfied with one of those two choices.

We must not forget, there is a minority who have not been able to convince themselves. The choices presented by the machine or rather the lack of choices, are questioned and challenged for their entire lives. Working is a necessity, but it ceases to become the reason for living when we are capable of providing each other with the unconditional support that will create a balanced and equal society. The minority can see that the destructive machine that we depend on depends on us to allow it to function.  It is clear that this machines creation came out of a very low frequency of existence and that it will continue to function as long as the masses are standing still at this frequency. It cannot be forced on people to feel and understand the implications of our inaction, though it is obvious that more and more people are opening their minds to other possibilities of existence. It does not need to be forced, it just needs to be spoken about and put out into the open, without hesitation. You would be surprised whose eyes you may open. The minority has a responsibility to awaken the majority.

We cannot simplify things into the 99% vs. the 1%, this is not a realistic way of describing our society. This is my simplification: Within the 99% there is a majority who do not feel the need for change, and who are comfortable with the way things are. The minority in this 99% feel a great need for change, and are keen on educating others on this need. The majority can sometimes agree with the minority, yet there will rarely ever be any action from the majority.  The minority may clearly point out the inequalities and injustices in our society, and may even sometimes present solutions, yet the majority is always easily swayed and distracted because of comfort and dependence on the machine. In come the 1%. The majority of the 1% do not control the machine and may or may not be sympathetic to the 99%s perceived injustices in society. Then you have the elite who are the minority of the 1%, the ones who are at the main controls of the machine, the portion that rewards greed and corruption. Of course it goes deeper and deeper and there are more and more separations within portions of our society, and this is understandable.

Our society is based on separation. Right down to the individual, where one cannot understand who they themselves are. There is a separation on a personal individual level. It makes sense that we create these separations in society, because these separations exist within each one of us. This is the disease that has caught us in this machine, and has perpetuated this standstill. The dualism that exists within each one of us can be balanced into a non-dualism, which will then allow unification within your true self, which is consciousness. The individual is then cured of the disease, and the perceived self which created separation and dualism dissolves into non existence. Once this is accomplished on mass levels, where more and more individuals become consciousness, society will seem to fall apart. Separation and dualism slowly become unimportant and disappear. The cured people will start to see that the perceived reality of society falling apart is false. It will be clear what’s really occurring is the unification of masses and a realization of interconnectedness. This will eventually evolve into a transformation of mass consciousness. 

The world is waiting for us…let’s work on ourselves. Some have more catching up to do than others, just keep in mind that help is always just around the corner when you’re looking for it…

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