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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Left Behind

If we can feel others suffering we would not complain about our easy lives.  If we could understand the amount of injustice and the lack of compassion that exists on our planet, we would not complain about others wanting change.

It is very easy to watch the news, and watch while citizens of countries fight their governments, attack their police forces, riot in the streets, without even blinking an eye. It is easy to pass this behavior off as barbaric and pointless. It is easy to pretend that these actions are based on useless thugs who only want to cause ruckus and rob merchants. What do you really know about this? It’s even easier to just pretend that it doesn’t exist, it’s not happening…Can you confidently say that you know for a fact that all these people who converge on the streets, burning vehicles, breaking shop windows, attacking police officers, are merely doing so because they have nothing better to do? Can you confidently say that it is fact that all these people are just too lazy to work for their money and that they are merely fed up of surviving…If you can answer yes then please, I invite you to show me your ‘factual’ information that proves these allegations.

There are those who analyze situations, and take it upon themselves to look further than what is merely shown on the news, or what is written on a person’s social media status.  There are many who can see past the smoke screens and bright lights, to see what is really occurring, and more importantly, why.  We must realize that these events are a result of a larger issue. We must start to accept that the suffering that occurs on this planet is far reaching and it affects every soul. 

As long as injustice exists, as long as we continue to support the system of classes and separations, upper and lower, rich and poor, there will be struggle, there will be riots, there will be revolutions, there will be terrorism, there will be thugs and activists, there will be suffering and chaos. Either we accept these destructive forces, or we eradicate injustice, therefore, eradicating destructive forces…

It is clear now that the masses are desensitized to chaos. It is clear that the powers that be have successfully turned the majority into work horses, slaves, lost souls who do not see the bigger picture. It is clear that the majority has been moulded into seeing only as far as the media lenses can and will show them. Decades of hypnotic advertisements, decades of public relations aimed at destroying lives, decades of psychological warfare, and tactics developed by psychological vampires, by arrogant sociopaths, have proved to be fruitful for the powers that be.

We must understand that it is all connected. Every conscious person who suffers affects every other conscious person who believes they are free from suffering. We must start to understand that a person or a people suffering across the globe will create an atmosphere of severe stress and negative outcomes. Why is it that in the most prosperous nations, so many people are dying of stress related illnesses and are suffering from depressions and addictions? There are so many people who are extremely unhappy, and they barely even know it. So many people complain about the most trivial things, and seem to want to feel like the victim, craving situations of dramatic proportions. When there are masses suffering from disease, malnutrition, tyranny, starvation, and other unnatural catastrophes, there will be this global atmosphere of pain and suffering, there will be an effect on every single soul. Yes, I am making the connection, call me crazy, but it is what I feel…

As long as people are suffering because of a lack of compassion and a rampant behavior of greed and selfishness, there will never be peace, and souls will continue to be lost, distracting themselves from their pain and guilt. A realization of interconnectedness and oneness is necessary and is crucial for not only our survival as a species, but for the continuation of our evolution. The planet will evolve, with or without us, it is our choice whether or not we want to join in this process of evolution and change…make the choice, or else many will be left behind…

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