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Friday, 16 November 2012

You and I Are Not Each Others Judges

I think its important that we see all sides of the story when it comes to global conflicts. I think its important to keep in mind that the people who run the media outlets that so many of us use to obtain "news" are human beings just like you and I (at least I would like to believe they are human). They have their own opinions, their own agendas..Media is NOT unbiased, it is biased and always has an ulterior motive, or a purpose to serve. Keep in mind that no matter what "news" you are receiving, it is an opinion, always biased. It is wise to question, or better yet, do what I have been trying to do, pay less or no attention.

I understand that the events that so many are talking about right now are for some people extremely troubling and silence about these events would be as bad as the crimes committed...but please keep in mind that adding to the tension solves nothing.

Debating with people who have no plan or WILL to change their own biased opinion is pointless.

You can educate and spread awareness far and wide, but when it comes down to it, you cannot convince or force people to change their conditioning or to re-consider their entire belief systems, this change is a change that can only be triggered from within......

Even though I try to steer clear of propaganda and biased news, some of it is unavoidable, and since I am an opinionated person right now, I felt the urge to write this...

I read some of the news, and saw some comments on posts on social networking sites....and it confirms to me that our society is populated with humans who have never grown up, who are borderline psychotic, who still find comfort in bullying each other, who take no responsibility, who hate and who are afraid...

These behaviours are not only ridiculous and counter productive, they are a HORRIBLE example to our children...This is what I see, not only in comments, but even in the news: "You started it! No you did!! Well you stop first and then I'll stop!! No! YOU stop first and then MAYBE I'll stop!!" Really? Does this not sound like a fight you would hear on a playground?  

The comments I see from not only the citizens of such countries in global conflicts, but even from people who have never lived in or been anywhere near any such conflicts are troubling, sad, and again confirm to me that the human race is very very sick, diseased to say the least.

I am tired of taking sides, I don't want to say who is right or who is wrong, it is not for me to decide or to judge, I am not a judge, I do not own a gown or a gavel. I will say that I am against any violence, ANY VIOLENCE, I don't care who you are, what nationality, what culture, what religion or sect, I SIMPLY DO NOT CARE, it does not change my opinion that violence or that killing is NEVER JUSTIFIED, ever...whether it be killing humans, animals, or our mother the earth, none of it is justifiable.

People on both sides are committing these crimes with a goal in mind, with an agenda, the ones who sit back and support the crimes have a deep rooted belief in the justification of such crimes, they are the children who have been conditioned to hate, who lived in environments where it was normal to commit criminal acts, where interconnectedness meant and means nothing, where gangs are seen as a way to prosper and protect a culture or community, where killing innocent people is somehow justified, where revenge through slaughter is acceptable. There is no changing this, you cannot say or do anything to change these deep rooted beliefs or these conditioned behaviours. The environment that they were moulded in has created their current reality, it has created who they are today...just as your environment has created your current reality and who you are today...

Instead of adding to the hate, fear and violence, try to pray, meditate, send love, ask for peace, ask for understanding....this is much stronger than trying to force change on people who have no interest in changing...stop wasting your energy in places that are already lost. Screaming and yelling will get you nowhere, pointing fingers will accomplish nothing. It is more than OK to vent, especially if you are affected directly by these conflicts...but do not expect anyone to hold your opinion as truth, and please please please try to remember that you are not anyone's judge, and that those who have their strong opinions have it for a reason...hating them accomplishes nothing at all...

May our mother end the ignorance that is reigning over this planet.

Peace, Love and blessings to all


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