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Friday, 7 December 2012

Do You Believe In Magic?

Why do we judge so much when it comes to subjects or situations that we do not understand fully? Why do we judge what we fear?

I judge, I am recognizing my judgments, and in turn, I am curbing the need to judge out of fear of the unknown.

Take what people call magic, black magic, white magic, etc etc. Some have said that there are types of magic that exist that can be considered science, but because the practice itself cannot be measured or understood with the current paradigm that science uses to prove itself, it is considered to be fantasy. If you consider yourself to have a closed mind, you most probably want to stop reading here, though I hope you will continue to read this out of sheer curiosity.

The thing is, whether you believe it or not, magic exists. I am not referring to the magic that you see a clown perform. I am referring to the types of practices that conjure energies (spirits) that will perform “favors” for the ritual master. This type of practice is performed, mostly behind closed doors within secret societies on a regular basis. This practice is also performed by yogis, reiki masters, and other types of ancient knowledgeable practitioners, though they will not call it magic.

Now, for those who believe in what I am referring to, many among will immediately judge any type of practice of energy manipulation as black magic or dark magic. The ones who believe that these practices exist, and only see them for their negative, are usually the ones who have been conditioned  by a certain belief system (religion).  The issue with this type of thinking is that you are automatically assuming that the knowledge of this magic is evil, when in reality, it is the intention behind the magic that can be either for good (positive) or for evil (negative). This is only so in this dualistic portion of our existence. Now, if the intention behind the ritual falls within the realm of any of the 7 deadly sins (fear based intentions), you can rest assured that the intention is considered negative, and the energies that are being conjured will manifest negatively. This type of magic is dangerous in that it will affect the physical environment and everything within the environment in an extremely negative fashion, EVERYTHING is affected negatively.

Now, on the opposite end, if the intention behind the ritual is for a positive purpose, a selfless and loving purpose (genuinely), and it steers clear of the fear based intentions, then the energies that will be conjured will be positive and will affect the physical environment and everything in it positively.

Energy has different forms and these different forms have ways of being manipulated. Take the practice of Reiki for example. Reiki, simply put, can be considered the manipulation of thermal energy, electrical energy and electromagnetic energy (light energy). This manipulation is used with the intention of healing, which is a positive intention, therefore, the surrounding environment and everything within it is affected positively.

The knowledge of magic and the practice of the manipulations of the unseen (energy) has been with humanity since ancient times. I feel that there was a time where this knowledge was used for good, for a positive purpose, and to help humanity evolve without harming any of the earths or universes systems. Humans were acting in conjunction with the cosmos, and not against it. I feel that at a certain point in our history (possibly at the same era as the appearance of pyramid scheme civilizations), the practice took a negative turn, and practitioners started to dwell in the realm of the 7 deadly sins. Ancient kings started to use this knowledge for their own personal and selfish gains, and this affected the environment negatively, bringing about an age of materialism and destruction. It is possible that this age was inevitable, and that it is all part of a larger process that most are not aware of, but is it not also possible that in order for humanity to go back to its roots, there must be a shift that is brought on by a re-discovery of this ancient practice?

Is it possible that the end of this age will also be the beginning of an age where magic is again used for the good of all? Where do we begin and how does it end? Acceptance rather than ignorance of the unknown and unseen...let us listen to the sorcerers and witches of our modern day, the ones who truly understand the essence of magic, let us bring them back into the light so that they may teach us what we have forgotten, no longer shunning them and treating them as if they are delusional or fantasy ridden..

It is no longer wise for us to deny what truly exists, for there are those who practice behind closed doors with dark intentions who continue to practice within the realm of the 7 deadly sins. They do not hide with fears of being judged, they hide with fears of the masses waking up, and stopping them. The ones who hide and practice with positive and loving intentions, the witches and the sorcerers, they hide because they fear judgment, they fear persecution...

This fear needs to end so that they can come out of hiding, and help the masses to end the age of ignorance, to end the age of materialism and destruction, and re-discover the age of higher learning, the age of them lightworkers, call them energy workers, call them crystal children, call them what you the beginning, we will call them the ones who removed the veils and showed humanity the true your mind.


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