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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Awakening 2 - Divine Knowledge

Written April 2nd 2011

We will accept what we have become and this acceptance will bring us to our divine destiny. Upon this acceptance, we will recognize our true potential.

History as we know it has been taught to be repetitive. There are those who lead and those who follow. Human beings from the very beginning have always been influenced by elements that are outside themselves. These elements have lead many civilizations to complete destruction. At many different points in our history, there have been a small minority of beings who were able to reflect and find the truth that lies within every living entity. These beings spent much of their breath teaching and spreading their realizations of this universal truth. The divine knowledge was bestowed upon them and they in turn translated the knowledge to those who were willing to listen. After many attempts, the divine knowledge is either forgotten by the followers or lost in translation. For many, following is not dependant on a true understanding of the divine knowledge, but a development of a belief system due to a possible lack of any previous system; it becomes what we call following blind. The divine knowledge becomes mortal and is turned into tradition and habit. The original truths of the enlightened beings become lost and misunderstood…

Access to knowledge in the distant past was minimal. Now, with the present that we are experiencing, we have the access at our fingertips, literally. Yet, so many continue to be distracted…

We are now able to accumulate knowledge and then reflect on the accumulation. This reflection will bring you to the truth that lies within. Once the truth becomes more visible, your heart and mind then opens up to the possibility of accepting the divine knowledge.

Once you begin to break free from the prison that has been built around your heart and your mind, you will be subjected to an enormous amount of possibilities. Emotions are high for a given time, but when you are able to balance and accept, everything becomes light and clarity becomes permanent.

We are at a time when more people than ever before in the history of human kind are awakening to the truth being our limitless potential.

Vibrations are high, and everything around us is changing. We try to explain these changes, through science and through theories. The reality is that whether or not we can explain these changes, the changes will not stop and they are inevitable. We need to accept the changes, and prepare ourselves using the endless amount of accumulated knowledge. We need to finally come together, to recognize our similarities and accept the differences that have been created over thousands of years of ignoring who we truly are. History will not repeat itself.

We have an opportunity to make it all right. We have a duty to fulfill our destiny. Start your journey, tap into the divine knowledge, and we will all usher in the new age collectively.

With Love

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