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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Power as ONE

Partially written September 2008
Completed April 2011

The world needs to be purified from the old ways of power and control. Old ways, old systems, old politics, old corporate ties, the old mentality, all need to be thrown out…the wise generations, the ones with light must unite and usher in the new.

The structure needs to evolve to a place where power is no longer in the hands of a few. Power belongs to every single individual and can be shared collectively. The new generations must not lead with fear, but with love.

Honorable, just, equal, fair, balanced, intellectually and emotionally intelligent, selfless; this is how we will describe the new generation of our collective leadership.

We have realized that exploitation, dominance, greed, corruption and self interest without limitation has only lead to war, terrorism, revolution, death, destruction, loss of innocent lives, creation of upper and lower classes, poverty, starvation, disease, sexism and many other inhumane and unnatural catastrophes. We have realized that a biased and ignorant belief in institutionalized religion only leads to conflict, racism, and misjudgment and has been the cause of many wars and ongoing conflicts. We understand that prophetic belief causes one to force change in a manner that is not necessarily true or fair. We see now that a people can be moved and swayed psychologically, by ways of propaganda, religious fervor, and again by past prophetic beliefs. We know that control by visible force causes revolts, but we also know control by hidden force can be just as dangerous, to the point where terror is breaded, manufactured, born, raised, and used against each other.

It is time for the new generation to lead without ways of control, but with reason, equality, spirituality, and with a true understanding that all living things can prosper from such a balanced global society.

We must stop the proliferation of conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction. We must crack down on those who consume us all with their greed and lack of compassion. Those who prosper from destruction need to be weeded out. How can one be considered a just participant, an equal human being, in an international global society if he or she lives off of the blood of others? Whether it is indirectly or directly, these people need to be seen as vampires, monsters who prey on every living thing.

If you can consider yourself to be a person who disagrees with inequality, injustice, collateral damage, destruction for profit, then you must consider those who prosper from innocent blood as murderers, rapists, serial killers, and they should be dealt with accordingly.

Don’t be fooled by the suit and tie, don’t be fooled by their kind words, and don’t be fooled by the artificial bright lights. We have learned time and time again that they lie openly and willingly. We have developed an understanding of false promises and political agendas that are based on bottom lines and selfish gains; it is now decipherable to more and more people. Their appearance is much more than a deception, it is an immense illusion, and it is quickly falling apart.

Justice is not just a word in a dictionary that can be used in court when a person commits a crime, justice is not a word that was invented for just one or two states, nor was it created for a chosen people; justice is a moral and ethical evolution of humanity, a word that should and can be used for every situation in our global society. Eventually, justice will no longer be a part of our vocabulary because injustice will be eradicated. As Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher stated “If it were not for injustice, men would not know justice.”

We need to re-educate the educated and educate the uneducated, every mind and soul can be shown the true and rightful path, and those who do not want to change, will eventually dissolve into the majority. The majority rules and the majority are ready for true freedom. The majority want to be on the Light side of things….

Love others as you should love your self, live for others as you live for your self, give to others as you give to your self. Your self is for the other as well, and your self will be complete with the other. Unite as ONE.

With Love

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