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Monday, 28 March 2011

Every Action Has It's Reaction

Written March 3rd 2009

It seems that many are completely unaware of the basic concept of action and reaction. People seem to think that if our actions do not have an immediate effect, we need not worry or even think twice about the action we took or are about to take. Our system lacks this awareness of action and reaction; the powers that be perform actions on a regular basis that display this lack of awareness. We want you to know, that we are all being affected by these actions, whether it is you who has made the decision or not, because the actions that they take are so negative, the reactions will be extremely negative and far reaching. You will be affected, directly.
The reality is, every action, no matter how small, has an effect. The effect may not be immediate, but it is inevitable. A consequence that is lingering from a past action can be much worse than any immediate consequence.  Whether it is physical or not, it will eventually take full effect, and the build-up will be catastrophic if you are unaware.
Also understand that this is on a micro and macro scale, on an individual and collective level. Some of us smoke, consume alcohol, use drugs, eat toxic foods, fill our heads with poisonous media, etc., and these actions will eventually bring about negative results on an individual and collective basis. Some will say that moderation is the key, and this may be, but do not assume that moderation will avoid negative effects. We all want to let go every so often, it is easy to get carried away, we know this from experience. Remember that we must grow more and more everyday with every moment that passes...the next time you just want to let go, think about the consequence, if you can accept the possible outcomes to your actions, go ahead, enjoy...
Many have spoken of karma, a belief that many preach on a daily basis, which makes it obvious that there is a greater universal understanding of the consequences of our actions. You may help someone and expect nothing in return, yet are rewarded in some way; this reward can be understood as a reaction to your previous action of generosity or kindness, or good karma. On the other hand, you may purposely hurt someone and receive no immediate repercussion or punishment, yet somehow, your life becomes more difficult to live, achievements become harder to accomplish and obstacles seem to be endless; a realization of the connection between your past misdemeanour and current predicament can be understood as a punishment, or bad karma.
Karma still exists when you harm yourself; you should respect yourself as much as you respect others, you are also a part of this universal law. We have all heard of this concept of good and bad karma, and it is an understanding and honest belief of this concept that will lead us into a society of generosity and kindness and away from the current system of greed, corruption and murder. It can lead us into a society of heightened mental and physical health...a spiritual awakening, an acute awareness of action and reaction.

We need to believe that whether it is the smallest act of love or the most elusive act of fear, we will always be rewarded or punished accordingly, not by mans laws, but by fate, by the power of the universal mind.
We were all installed with the knowledge of love and light. We all know when we have done something based on fear, and we know that we are responsible for our actions, this is not taught; it is felt from a very young age. We know the difference between love and fear. We know that the reactions that come from love are positive, and the reactions that come from fear are negative, this is the universal law that I speak of. This is why you have that negative feeling when you see injustice, and you have that positive feeling when you see people performing selfless acts of love and kindness, the feelings are very distinct and easy to differentiate.
You cannot lie to yourself when you are feeling guilt, you cannot hide guilt, and even if you are trained to lie, your guilt will eat at you whether you like it or not, it will eat at you until you self-destructavoid this and act on the basis of love only, its that simple.
Do not expect instant gratification; do not expect rewards, just do good, thats all. There is nothing to lose when you are acting based on love, nothing to lose when you are being sincere, compassionate, genuine, honourable, respectful and courteous.

Altruism will take this world a long way, into a new age of love and light, and away from the current age of materialism, greed and corruption. understand that every single action has it's proper reaction, on an individual and collective level...The new age is our destiny, and I urge you to join in this inevitability, the sooner you attempt to adopt this way of life, the easier it will be for you to make the transition

With Love


  1. I'd like to start by saying I don't necessarily disagree with you...I just have different opinions on the subject...

    First off, you refer to Karma as being a collective issue as well as individual. I'm not sure I completely understand the context of which you mean this. I think it is frustrating to think of Karma as a collective implication considering that we can't necessarily control the actions of our peers, neighbours, colleagues, etc etc. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be concerned about their actions, or influence the people around us to be honourable, and good in their lives. But to say that one individual who has no concern or regard for their peers should influence my fate, I am not sure I am absolute agreement.

    You also mentioned that actions that come from love are positive. Again, I'm not sure in which context you meant this. It seems silly to presume all that all actions made in love are positive. Many of the actions and principles people uphold in love, in this day in age, are selfish. Some motivated by materialism, some by jealousy, some by misguided notions. I believe the concept of love has become confused and its purity altered. I’ve found in recent times that sincerity and love have become two entirely different things. I might be coming across as bitter, but I feel I am merely being realistic. Never mind the divorce rates, and domestic abuse, etc etc, but doesn't it just feel different? The mind games, and the inconsistencies.

    Having said that, I think a more accurate interpretation of what you said would be actions that steam from purity of heart tend to result in more positive reactions. If you implement kindness and sincerity in your actions, your good karma is likely to remain intact. I am a firm believer in that we create our own destiny. As you said every action have a reaction, both positive and negative, so in turn we create our own positive destiny.

    I think some if not most of us have been ignoring our inner moral compasses and denying the purest intentions of our heart, and in turn our actions aren’t reliant on this anymore. Whether or not people are concerned or conscious of their daily behaviour or actions, they simply do not realize the ripple effect it has. They do not appreciate the implications the reaction will have on their karma, or their own destiny.

    All in all, we should be thankful for people like you who are conscious and are willing to remind us of what is important. Thank you.

  2. I see exactly where you are coming from. And I do believe that my writings can easily be misinterpreted or misunderstood...this is the exact reason why I encourage respectful discussion and debate :)

    Let me clarify a few things that you have brought to the front.

    First, the notion of collective Karma is something that I have not learned or read in a book somewhere, it is a feeling and a logical reasoning from self-reflection that has brought me to the following conclusion: Karma can be felt collectively in certain situations. For example, if I knowingly invest in a company that uses slave shops to manufacture their product, I am not directly implicating myself in this malpractice, but I am nonetheless going to reap the negative reaction of this negative action for supporting such a negative practice. Or, if I am aware that my government is knowingly harming or imposing their will on others, and I keep my mouth shut about it, feeling that because it doesn’t affect me or my loved ones, why should I care, again, I am not harming these people directly, but because of my silence and lack of compassion, I will experience the negative outcome from my governments negative actions. This happens every day and we have seen consequences of others people’s negative actions affect us directly...

    Secondly, when I speak of love, in any of my writings, I am speaking of the positive emotion which has also been described as compassion and selflessness (altruism, self-sacrifice, gallantry, generosity, kindness, and many other synonyms exist)…I do not speak of Love for your significant other, or love for your mother or father…these types of love stem from your ego and are significant to attachments…I’m not saying that we shouldn’t love our partners and our family members, all I am saying is that when your intentions are filled with REAL love (what I have just described above), then positivity will be the outcome…there are acts of what I call infatuation, or fake love if you will, that bring about emotions such as jealousy, obsessiveness, possessiveness, etc…none of those emotions stem from real love, when I mention Love, I am referring to the emotion that gives light to every other positive emotion in our earthly realm…I am sure you can agree that you know when you are doing something out of love as opposed to when you are acting out of infatuation…this of course, is debatable, it depends on your view of what real love is, and in what context…is love for your mother the same as love for your partner? In my opinion, no, it is not at all…

    My Love is for humanity, for all that dwells within and without. My love is for everything and everyone, including myself. Of course, I have moments of anger where I feel as though there is no way that I can feel Love for such a person (a corrupt politician for example), but when I pause, and reflect, I come back to what is real…to love humanity and everything without and within, it becomes close to impossible to stay in a place of judgment and anger…I am still working on this, and it is not an easy charge, but I do believe that this is one of the keys to permanent and eternal happiness…

    I have not given up and never will. I believe that my duty is to spark what the minds of as many human beings as possible, my goal is to be able to broaden horizons, my own and others as well, I am here to learn and to teach, to teach and to learn…

    I thank U for taking the time to express your view on this writing, I am grateful that you have taken it upon yourself to reflect and take what I am saying seriously enough to comment.

    Love and Light to you P.L 

  3. Dear Sir,

    I have come across your post during my own personal quest for knowledge and understanding, and let me say first of all thank you as after reading this it has inspired much thought for myself, and as the other person commented I believe a lot of what you have written, but I have a few points on which you may take upon in reflection for yourself, or perhaps you may enlighten me with a response.
    My first point is on your title and opening paragraph, in which you state that if our actions do not have an immediate effect, we may not worry or even think of possible consequences yet to come - which is true, however in using the term action and reaction, that is hardly the case as that only refers to the laws of motion in which the consequence (or reaction) would be immediate and instantaneous to the action. Perhaps cause and effect would be more appropriate to your scenario. A small technicality but still valid none the less.
    My next point is one that is less of a point, and more of a question as I am struggling to find meaning and purpose in my own journey through this crazy ride that is life, and it has to do with your actions being based solely and truly from love (or altruism, or whatever term the reader might best apply to their self), having only positive results. I wish this were true, and perhaps still may be, however I can not help but think about all of the random acts of violence that we must endure, all of which (in my humble opinion)are senseless and avoidable if only everyone behaved with love and kindness, but many an act of kindness has been treated in kind with very negative acts. It is disturbing but that is the world we live in and it would be lovely to think that if we only acted in kindness, that we would only be treated with that same kindness in return. I personally believe that it is just a cosmic balancing act that spans infinity - No start, no end, but a perfect balance. Where there is good there will also be bad, Action/Reaction, and unfortunately there can not be one without the other. Perhaps with enough people taking the time to consider such things, it will have an amazing outcome! Just something to ponder, and hopefully you may be able to provide more insight for myself and many others, and perhaps I may have done the same for you! Thank you again, as I find your writing very positive and thought provoking. Best of luck to you on obtaining your goals, even I can not see any negative effects coming from people broadening their horizons.

  4. KeenerJay,

    Thank you kindly for this comment, I am always willing and hoping that others will benefit from deep self observation and a search for their own truth. My sharing of thoughts is purely for this purpose, to bring others to thinking, to bring others to questioning their own beliefs.
    Your first point is very valid, and I must agree, you are correct, my terminology may have been misleading, or rather, not fitting to what I am trying to portray in this blog. I stand corrected, cause and effect should be the term used in the title and opening paragraph.
    Your second insight is intriguing and thought provoking. The balance of good and bad, the existence of one in order to have the other is a subject that lingers in my thoughts always. Bare with me here, the following will be feelings and thoughts as they come, so it may not be perfectly structured...
    I am an idealist, and I do believe that there will come a day when more and more masses will be able to transcend duality. I do feel that we will be able to balance good and bad to the point of nothingness, where there is no good or bad. Heraclitus once said without injustice there would be no justice, though many have interpreted this statement as what it obviously states, and rightly so, most have seen this as there must be one to have the other. I have taken that statement completely differently. I feel that if injustice simply did not exist, then we would not have even come up with a notion such as justice. We do not know what the beginning was, therefore it is easier to say that there was no beginning and there is no end, this way, we have created some sort of an explanation. I feel that human beings are a product of their environment, when given the chance to flourish; humans will flourish. On the other hand, when put in a situation of every man for himself, of survival, humans will react as such. Our society has been built around the notion of survival of the fittest; many have been conditioned into only caring for themselves regardless of others who suffer around them. This has led our society to a nature of destruction, violence, greed and corruption at every level. Back to the basics –why do we kill each other? If you look at history, humans kill each other for two main reasons – 1 Belief Systems and 2 Material it possible for humans to realize that these reasons are ultimately fruitless, volatile and will eventually lead us to our complete destruction? Yes, I feel that at this present moment, from what I see and feel around me, people are waking up to this ultimate truth, to the understanding that belief systems cause violence and injustice and that it is a form of conditioning and control by the entities that are in the know. People are waking up to the understanding that material gain is not a true purpose, and that another person’s suffering is your own suffering, that we are all one and that it is not natural to live on an island of happiness surrounded by an ocean of misery...there is another obvious reason that I did mention above – Survival...This reason is the easiest to abolish. How? Simple, insure that every single conscious living entity is helping every other living entity. Insure that every single human, every animal, every plant is not merely surviving, but is flourishing into their greatest potentials...again, allow me to remind you, that I am an idealist. Though I do truly feel that if more people could feel what I have just explained, these ideals are not merely words on a screen, they are a concrete reality, it IS our future...

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