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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Don't Let the Lights Confuse You

Written November 2008

Someone said to me the other night that those who ask questions about things that are not known to the average person are looking for excuses to get away from all the responsibilities that tie us to societal living. She said that certain individuals look for reasons to get away from responsibilities, like paying bills and going into work every day, day after day. I did not disagree with her, because I knew that she was referring to a certain type of person.

What she failed to mention was that there are those who ask questions and demand answers, not for reasons of laziness and empty excuses, but for reasons completely different. There are those who look straight in the face of truth and close their eyes because it is too bright to stare at, and there are those who look right into the face of truth and they stare it down until it is something that they can recognize and look at with ease, without squinting and without looking away. If I can stare right into the bright light without flinching, then I am meant to know, I can handle what many others shy away from.

Some people live lives that are meaningless to me, yet meaningful to them, and this is without truth. If you let them cover your eyes, and you let them distract you from the reality of what has happened and what is happening, then you will be satisfied. You can pay your bills, and work your 9-5 job, day in, day out, and be satisfied. But what if the cover is suddenly ripped away to allow full vision of your surroundings. What if the distractions are no longer available? What will you do then? How will you cope with such brightness? You will cover your eyes, but this will not work as a cover, you will be forced to look straight at it, and you will try to look away, and this will not work either because everywhere you look, the truth stares right back at you. You will be forced to see what has always been right in front of you.

I have spoken of a bubble that we must burst to allow a true understanding of what our world has come to be. If we do not burst these bubbles willingly, one day, in the near future, these bubbles will no longer be strong enough to withstand outside forces.

Some people say that I ask too many questions, that I am searching for something that is not there. I tell these people that if I didn’t ask these questions then who would? There are people like myself all over the world, and they ask the same questions, and they search for the same thing. A revolution of the mind and spirit is needed and the only way for this to come about is for the masses to gather with a reason of truth.

I go into work every day, I pay my bills, I am a citizen of a powerful country, I am born to immigrant parents, I have studied and filled my head with nonsense that has been forced upon every single one of us, I have read novels and textbooks, I have watched Hollywood movies, I have listened to politicians and lawmakers, I have seen some of the tallest buildings, I have felt fear, happiness, pain, sadness, loss, gain, growth, and yet I have not found truth in any of these things. Humans were not meant to live such meaningless lives, without mind, without spirit. We were not meant to learn what others write in text books based on belief systems, we are not meant to slave for worthless paper money. We are not meant to suffer day in and day out for the good of nothing. We are not meant to believe every single thing that is shown to us in such bright colors and moving pictures…yet we are comfortable doing so; the great majority has been successfully moulded. This does not mean the moulding can’t be broken, it can be broken, shattered into pieces. It will be painful, it will feel like you’ve lost yourself, but do not worry, you have not lost yourself, you are actually slowly finding you self again…

We look at the lifestyles and cultures of others across the globe and we judge, we say that they are third world, uncivilized compared to our high standards of living. Our morals and values surpass others. We are better than they are because we have more and they have less. We understand better than they do because we have textbooks and teachers and they don’t. We are better people because we live in houses that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I can assure you, they have not been moulded, and they still see the truth. They see what we have been moulded into, and they pity us, our high standards of living are just mere complications and are useless to them. They know that true good values, high morals and higher learning all come from simplicity. They know the difference between what is wanted and what is needed. They know how to learn without textbooks and teachers. They know the secrets that the spirit holds in conjunction with the planet and the universe that we claim to know so well. I have learnt more from myself than I have from any teacher.

I can admit that teachers are very important, yet if they are controlled by sets of standards of what they can actually teach, then I do not consider them to be true teachers. I have said before that the majority of teachers are taught to mould us into workhorses and slaves without even knowing it, the teachers themselves don’t know because they went through the same moulding at one point. The education that is offered to the general public is necessary for the maintenance of our present society. The education offered is not intended for higher learning or spiritual growth. We are trained engineers, doctors, accountants, lawyers and politicians. Many go through the system with a goal in mind, and this goal rarely evolves into anything more than material gain. Materials to distract and imprison...

Open your eyes, open your mind, and allow truth to enter without hesitation.

With Love


  1. We have more because we work more efficient and have more respect for human condition. The third world countries find only excuses and their so called spirituality makes them lazy and out of control. I guaranty you they wish to live our lives and they do not pity us. Till now they did not show they are better civilizations or populations. If you think spirituality you might heard that everyone has what he is worth having.


  2. Tyron, I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

    I do not believe that a baby born into a third world country deserves anything less than a baby born into a developed country.

    I also believe that what we have here is not due to a respect for human condition, I see acts of disrespect and lack of moral and ethical behavior on a regular basis, in our media, in reality TV shows, in my neighbourhood, in my city, in my government, in business, in the corporate world, etc...if you cannot see this, you simply are not paying attention.

    Those who live in third world would outlast any of us in the developed world when it comes to basic survival instincts. Thankfully, we do not have to use those instincts, all I am saying is that one day, I intuitively feel as though we will have to go back to the basics, and many of us in the more developed world will not survive, because we have created a dependence on being provided for. Working in our society to make a living so that you can go to the grocery and buy food to put on your table is not survival, not at all...think about it Tyron, do the third world countries have the commodities we have? No, they do not, but they somehow find ways to survive do they not? And also, you are incorrect in saying that they find excuses and are lazy, I would like to see you walk 3 miles to the river to fetch water for your family, and remember, most third world countries are in the state that they are in because of developed countries, because of capitalism, because of free trade, because of imperialism, because of war brought on by developed countries....please, research in depth before judging others...

    Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion, I appreciate it.

    Love and Light