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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Consider This - A Short Rant

Written January 20th 2011

Stop being dependant.

Stop depending on them. think clearly.

Stop expecting to be provided for when you are capable of providing for yourself.

Stop expecting to be “taken care of”. All you are doing is giving your “caretaker” power.

Stop depending on the power structure and allow yourself to taste true freedom.

Stop distracting yourself, whether it is through mainstream media or backdoor conspiracy theories. These distractions will only pull you further away from what truly needs to be accomplished.

Your mind shuts off, and time passes, your mind sleeps, and time passes, the structure grows, and your mind is held prisoner within the structure.

You will never learn if you are always expecting to be taught.

Imagine for a second that you did not have any of the “commodities” that this society has provided.

Imagine that you did not have anyone to provide food, shelter or electricity for you. What would you do? How would you survive? How long would you last?

Consider this. The powers-that-be have created a monster society of consumption and dependence so that they can forever hold on to power. They have turned you into slaves in a factory that produces itself over and over again. You are the factory worker and you are the product being produced in their factory. You are producing their main product, and their main product is your energy...

Consider this. The powers-that-be have made you dependant on them to the point where you have forgotten how to be a real living entity on this planet.

They have provided you with what they have taught you to “need”, and the teaching was based on consuming everything around you including your own self. They have fed your ego with all that the ego needs to grow and have left your self in a deep hole that is being buried alive everyday that you breathe their oxygen. Your self will eventually suffocate.

Consider this. You depend on the powers that be to provide you with all that is necessary to live your life in this society. This fact has enabled the powers that be to continue to hold power. This has enabled the powers that be to have complete control over your life. You may not see it or even feel it, but the control is there. It is obvious when you start realising how dependant and useless you have truly become to yourself and to the rest of the planet.

Consider this. No one is to blame but us. We are to blame. We have allowed it to come to this. We continue to follow like sheep. We have been following since the beginning and will continue to follow to the end if we don’t achieve our true potential consciousness. It is pathetic. There is a desperate need for us to take responsibility for our failures. We are the most pathetic living entities on this planet while in this state of sheep consciousness.

A monkey is much more independant than you are. The animals do not depend on a power structure, they are self sufficient...the power structure hates animals...

You have accomplished what exactly? Have you truly used your talents? Have you ever truly been rewarded for you merits? Have you reached your true potential? Are you learning? Do you continue to learn everyday? Have you ever learned absolute truth? Have you ever taught absolute truth? Do you simply follow?
Yes, yes you do…we all do.

The ones who do not follow have fallen off the radar. I don’t know them, nor do you.

You do not know how to be self sufficient, therefore, if this power structure decides to stop providing, you will NOT survive, that is absolute. Natural selection and you will not be naturally selected…

Survival is to be self sufficient. Survival is self sustainability. Survival is real love for life and for you. Survival is he who is able to provide for himself therefore being able to provide for others who in turn are willing and able to offer their talents. Everyone provides for the other, based on individual talent. Meritocracy.

Grow your own food. Filter your own water. Build your own shelter. Become self taught. Become an autodidact. You hold truth inside your real self. You are powerful beyond belief. The sleeping giant lies within you and within us all as one. This is noble. This is truth.

Being taught by the current education system is adding to the dependence. The current education system prepares you only for our society as it is and it will only prepare you to become a consuming, dependant slave…

I have been saying this for more than a decade now, we need to break free from the chains and experience true freedom through true independence…

Pull that door open, and walk through with your head held up high. You are reliable, you are incredible, we are ONE. Together, we can pull open the giant doors ahead of us, the locks have already been broken, we just need to pull together...

With Love


  1. Ouch! You're completely right. Being free is to be independent, and the idea of being independent is really scary. I always criticized my parents because the usually trusted their own work more than any worker, and I always asked them to get the more professional people to do it. Now I feel insecure just to hear the policemen are on strike, or that the basic food commodities are running short. I need to learn to do it all on my own. That is why the Prophet (SAWS) said, "One who serves others is their master". We need to cooperate and help each other as a community but we also need to have the choice of becoming independent.

  2. Yes, thats exactly it.

    Cooperation is key, we could all learn from one another.

    In my opinion, the powers that be have injected this dependance into us, they have made it so that we tend not to depend on each other, rather, we depend on the is better to help each other, give to each other, teach each other, this way, we no longer need to depend on a system that distracts us from our true potential...we are so much more powerful than we think, especially when we are united...

    I'm glad you can see what I am trying to say Marwa :)

  3. I agree, yet at the same time I am concerned that the majority of us will remain a product of our environment and not reach true independence. Not simply because people are inadequate or mindless, but because we all know very well that people are scared of change. People tend to stick to what they know, and unfortunately, what we all know and all depend on is the system. It provides security in the mists of the choas of the world. Do I agree with how dependent our society has become on the rules, ideals, and principles that have been inflicted on us for decades- no not at all. However, I think asking people to expand beyond this at this point is unrealistic. The theory is excellent, however I think the execution will be disappointing.

  4. Thanks for the comment P.

    U r correct, at this specific point in time, it is unrealistic. But what if the system completely comes apart at its seams? What if the current system that so many of us depend on completely crumbles? In my opinion, from what I have witnessed up to now, from what I could feel, the system is coming apart, the system is, when (or if) it does, people will be forced to wake up, people will be left with no choice...and unfortunately, because of the lack of awarness, people who are not paying attention will not be prepared, and it will end up being a natural selection kind of environment...

    I hope that those who are aware, and those who have taken it upon themselves to be self sufficient and independant, are honorable enough to guide the will hopefully be a situation where the aware and prepared are leading and teaching the unaware and unprepared...

    Ur right, unrealistic in this moment in time, but realistic in a collapsed system...


  5. Absolutely. I truly think that it is important, for the sheer fact of efficiency, that we teach ourselves now. To slowly wean ourselves off of the habits and dependencies that our society has created. When the system collapses society will be in a state of shock and we won't have the same luxury for learning the things that we lack already.

    I also agree that it is absolutely important that those who are better prepared to take it upon themselves to help those who aren't as knowledgable. It is time for us to regain our independence. Not to say that it will be an automatic occurance, but to develop the instincts to help ourselves, rather than wait to be taught (as you previously mentioned). Because we will never be taught how to truly take care of ourselves, only how to use the things provided to us (products, medications, etc etc).

    It's time to depend on ourselves and our fellow man.