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Thursday, 10 March 2011


As we witness nations struggling across the globe, we are reminded of the importance of unity. This should not only be the case in times of difficulty, but should be the case permanently. We should not wait until things fall apart completely to come to each others aide.

I hear reports of what is happening across North Africa and it makes me proud to see many sticking together, not allowing the fear tactics to tear them apart. Egypt saw an attack on a church a couple of days ago, this attack was carried out by remnants of the Mubarak regime of fear. What amazes me and maintains my feelings of hope is that the Egyptians are not falling for these fear tactics, they are not allowing divisions. I got in contact with a certain person who lives in Cairo, and I expressed how proud I was of the Egyptians, for sticking together and uniting to insure that this revolution will not be countered successfully.

I have heard and read in mainstream media that the Libyans are in for a civil war once Kaddafi leaves, mainly because they are a tribal nation. Well, this may be a possible outcome. I am not a messenger or a prophet. I am not a psychic, I cannot tell the future, but I never assume and I steer clear from propagating fear and negativity. Do we not see that these tribes have all united for one purpose? Again, same as the other revolutions that were sparked by the Jasmine, Libyas revolt was not sparked by a political or religious leader or party, it was sparked by the people, for the people. My positive view is that the tribes will unite, and stay united, forming a unified party.

The revolution that are in progress in the Near East are windows of opportunity. Doors that have opened for us to walk through. These revolutions are just the beginning of a change that has been lingering in the heavens for eternity. These changes will be positive as long as we can project them into our reality.

What we should start to absorb from all of this is that people are coming to each others aide for reasons other than material gain. I am hearing more accounts of people helping each other and banding together. This is how it should always be. People need to give to each other, without expecting or wanting anything in return. People must realize that in order to change the system, we need to help each other. We need to be able to depend on each other so that we no longer have to depend on the system.

The first step is to strive for self sufficiency. The second step is to offer your help to others who are striving but struggling to achieve self sufficiency. The third step is to provide for each other, continuously and endlessly.

A society that does not depend on a power structure is a society that helps each other with no expectation of return on investment. A society without a power structure is a society that rules itself, through humility and modesty, through minimalism and simplicity, through honour and compassion, through LOVE.

There is no room for compassion and love in a society based on materialistic Return On Investment. None of the doctors in Liberty Square were there for their own benefit, none of them expected any return, and none of them expected any profit. They were there to help, to offer their talents and provide their service, with compassion on their minds and in their hearts.


What we need to realize is that there is a return on this kind of investment; it’s a return that is not materialistic in nature, nor is it necessarily tangible. It is a return that manifests itself in an infinite number of possibilities and situations. It is a return that many call Karma, it is not an expected return, it is not a measured return, but it is a return nonetheless.

If this realization occurs on a collective level, it will be a collective return on investment, a collective reward. 
Do good for others from your heart, and your soul will benefit immensely…light is always seen by the universe. Light can always be what your heart offers, and light will always shine in the darkness. It is in all of us. Altruism is extremely beneficial, to all who are involved. Altruism is proven to be a form of therapy, a form of exercise and is proven to be a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Offer yourself with love, with no expectations. If you can set intentions that are filled with light, the light will overtake the darkness that fills most of our world.

Remember that the darkness is not evil; darkness is not good nor is it bad, darkness is a creation as everything else is. The darkness only lacks the light, that’s all, fill the darkness with light and the world shall continue into a new era…

With Love


  1. I agree with you...I find in our society self-lessness is becoming increasingly obsolete. People tend to help eachother simply for personal gain. I'd much rather live in a society where helping one another is not looked at as a weakness, yet as an asset. And to think, if we start, and set the example for our youth, imagine what a unified world we might become. Not just within our own society, or nation, but internationally. Where we wouldn't be judged for asking for help, but rather welcomed.

    Many think that one person doesn't bring much influence. That if we change our behavior or perceptions, that it won't matter. In my opinion, this couldn't be further from the truth. I believe it is our responsibility to be an example. To our peers, to our loved ones, to our children especially. Why not set a standard of unity, respect, and admiration for our fellow man, without remaining within the limitations of our own race, religion, society.

    Showing pride in humanity as a whole will go a long way.

  2. Thank you for that comment Anonymous...You are absolutely correct and I couldnt agree with you more.

    It is possible for people to see the endless benefits, self-lessness can go a looooong way :)

    Cheers :)