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Monday, 14 March 2011

Lost Souls

Written March 3rd 2010

I notice so many lost souls, so many people walking around with little in mind about what they are here for, or why they should even care. I feel like we live in a society full of mindless, pointless, endless souls. People follow what they are told to follow. It is obvious that the majority are being molded into sheep, slaves, workhorses, ants, pawns, etc…Pointless, wasted lives….

I don’t blame them, I don’t blame their parent
s and no I don’t blame society. I blame four decades of brainwashing. I blame broadcasting corporations; I blame psychological vampires, and mass media as a whole. Who am I to judge others you ask? Well, its simple, I am someone who is slowly but surely trying to come out of the mist, someone who has been able to find a part of my soul. How do I know this? Well, its simple, I see things others don’t, I notice signs and feel vibes that others don’t. I follow these signs, and they take me to where I am supposed to be. Its very obvious once you start to understand it. I told someone the other night that everyone you meet has something to bring you, and this wasn’t something I had realized until I actually said the words to her. I haven’t realized many things until I either write about it or talk about it to someone. It makes me realize that there are so many hidden truths and answers within ourselves that we need to discover by discussion and deep thought. Sometimes, these things can be realized by simply doing what you feel you should be doing at that moment. I have always said that I go with the flow, and I truly do, and this has led me to where I am today, and it has also led me to this thought, this article, this moment.

I noticed that certain symbols that I see are placed there for a specific reason, to lead me on my path. Kind of like flag stones. Everything that has happened to me up to this moment has been a perfect sequence, and the more you accept this, the more you will be able to see it. The lost souls are almost like people who suffer from alcoholism. They cannot realize their problem until they can admit that they have a problem. Once they admit that they have a drinking issue, they are better equipped to fight the addiction. Once these people see that their souls have been truly lost, they will be better equipped to find it again, better equipped to see what has been right in front of them and within them this whole time. I tend to get into spiritual and philosophical conversations when I’m with people one on one, and I love to ask questions and listen to the answers that the person instantly comes up with. I love to analyze the answer, because the best answers are the ones that are not thought out, the best answers come when the person is caught off guard. I asked a good friend of mine the other day if he believed in God, his answer was no. I then asked why, and his answer was I don’t know. I‘m not here to preach that God exists, but as soon as I made him realize that he has no logical explanation as to why he doesn’t believe in the existence of a “higher power” (as so many people call it these days) he then changed his answer to I don’t believe in religion but I believe in a higher power. People have been almost completely brainwashed to believe that their existence is a purely materialistic existence of this world and only this world, and that nothing else exists, and that religion and God are mere complications and examples of how to teach less intelligent people the difference between right and wrong. I find this to be hilarious. I’m not going to get into why this is pure stupidity and ignorance, all I will say is that I have had the pleasure of knowing very intelligent and highly educated religious people and very unintelligent and uneducated atheists and agnostics (and vice versa). Sciences like neurology can explain all kinds of human behavior, science in general can explain so many things that were unexaplainable not that long ago, but science has never disproved the human soul, nor has it disproved the existence of a great power that constantly creates and harmoniously rules over the universe. The point is this, the belief in God, a higher power, a universal mind, does not make a person naïve or unintelligent, on the contrary, it makes them noble, honorable, and trustworthy (this is only true if the genuine belief in the existence of God is accompanied by the feeling of Gods existence within oneself).

This brings me to my next thought. Those of you who practice their religions just to follow tradition or habit, I suggest that you re-think this. It’s not necessarily harmful, but it is pointless and will sometimes limit a person physically and spiritually. I suggest that you look into your religion. I suggest that you look into other religions. I suggest that you research everything you can about your religions and every other religion out there. I assure you that one of two things will happen. You will completely stop your traditions and habits and will embrace some other kind of real spirituality, or you will continue practicing your own religion, but no longer as just tradition and habit, you will practice because you truly believe. So many people have told me that they are from this or that religious denomination simply because they were born into it, and they decided to follow it because their parents pushed them to. I understand because I was also born into a religious belief. I get it, I understand that it’s easier for many of us to just say we believe even if deep down inside we want to question. I understand that for many of us tradition and religious belief is practiced out of respect for your parents, grand parents, family members and so on. And I understand that many people would rather not question because they do not want to risk upsetting or disrespecting their bloodline. But these people need to realize that the only person you are disrespecting and hurting is you. Believing blindly without any true understanding of the belief is compared to a bird without wings….The problem is this; most people don’t question, they want to, but they rather be comfortable with the belief that has been preached to them their whole lives, even if they don’t understand what they are following. What we all need to realize is that the only way for a person to truly have faith and to truly believe is to question the belief itself. Question the belief to the breaking point, until you finally realize what YOUR truth is, and understand that this may take a lifetime.

I know the basis and the foundation of my truth, and I believe that I will discover that many people, if not all people, will eventually share the same truth…


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