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Friday, 4 March 2011

The Disease: Fear, The Cure: Love

Written February 7th, 2011
Please read what I write with an open mind. Realist or idealist, it simply doesn’t matter at this point.
Humans would not have discovered and created much of what we take for granted if it wasn’t for idealists who think outside the box.
If idealists did not exist, the world would be doomed for eternity.
People have been molded into calling themselves realists when in reality all you are doing is calling yourself a pessimist who has simply given up.
Compassion is not an ideal; it is a fundamental human emotion that stems from love.
There are two main emotions; all other emotions stem from these two. LOVE and FEAR. Unfortunately, the society that we have created is largely based on the Fear emotion. You can see this very clearly anywhere you look. This is an infectious disease, much like cancer. We all have it in us; it’s a matter of activating it. The fear emotion was activated a long time ago, and this emotion is still predominant in our society. This will not change unless we start to create societies based on the love emotion. If we continue to teach our children based on the fear emotion, the world will fall into a darker state.
Much needs to change. “Educational” systems, health “care”, “economic” principles, etc. I put the words educational, care and economic in quotations because of the following; our current educational systems do not truly educate our youth, much of what needs to be learned is not taught. I can elaborate on this in a separate posting. The word health care implies that the system cares about your health, when in reality, if you look into it, it does not care at all; it only wants to patch things up so that you can continue to use the system. The word economic implies that it is a system put into place in order to economize, though in our current economic system, there is very little about it that economizes, all it does is benefit a few and shits on the rest, while gambling in casinos that we call stock markets is seen as normal...
Thankfully, the Love emotion is much stronger than the Fear emotion, this is why people out there are compassionate and want to change things. This is why we can find millions of videos, blogs, organizations, etc, that all send the same messages of love, peace and unity. That is why we see what is happening in Egypt and the whole near east, peaceful protests from Human Beings who want to be in a society based on Love, not fear. And what we also see is that the power that rules over them uses nothing more than fear tactics. Every move they have made thus far stems from Fear. It is extremely obvious once you can simplify where our emotions come from.
What we fail to see is that our society is the same, just not as obviously ruled by fear. I have never heard a political leader in government tell his or her people that we need to love each other and unite as one against corruption and injustice. I believe that Obama may have tried, but he obviously has failed until now to actually change anything in his country or in the world. We cannot assume that Leaders of countries are responsible for any of the decisions being made; it is more likely that there is a Power Structure, or Elitist Group, that actually pulls the strings and manipulates all world events. This may be why it sometimes seems as though an elected leader wants to make a difference, but cannot, because ultimately, it is not up to them, the agenda is not under their control.
Now here is where it becomes our responsibility, since as I just mentioned, world leaders have obviously lost control. Whether you are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Secular, etc., you are all still human beings, living organisms who all share the same planet. You have to understand that if we continue to fight each other, the oppressors that are in place all around the globe will always have the power to oppress. The best way to conquer is to divide the people. The world has been conquered and oppressed for centuries by structures of fear and hate.
It is our own fault that we are being oppressed. It is our own fault because we are divided. As long as you preach hatred aimed at other faiths such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity, you will always be divided and conquered. Over and over again until we completely destroy the planet and each other, if not for the sake of human kind, for the sake of the planet and all living things. You, me, the planet and every single living thing in this universe is connected, all one. Do not blame others for a problem that exists because we are too distracted by hate and fear to UNITE AS ONE against all oppression, corruption and injustice.
Understand that the world is in the chaos that it is in because humans are divided, other living things do not cause these issues, only we do, and we need to fix this immediately. Understand that to be victorious you must first sacrifice many things. Understand that to be victorious you must accept each other, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, etc., all need to UNITE under ONE MOVEMENT for justice and true FREEDOM. Put your beliefs aside, and put your prophecies behind you, prophecies only materialize if you dream them into reality. The human mind is extremely powerful on an individual basis; imagine how powerful it is collectively, the power can be used to manipulate our environment, to dream things into our reality. This is why all of your prophetic beliefs of end times need to stop, all of your negative tendencies towards life and the after life need to be questioned and transformed into positive ones. Extremists are not the majority, the majorities want peace and unity, and the extremists will eventually dissolve into the majority. Do not tell me that this is not possible. The only reason this would not be possible is if you think it is not. Has negativity ever gotten you anywhere in your own personal individual life? I bet it hasn’t, so then why do you think it would be any different on a collective and united scale? It would not be different, negativity will only perpetuate the current system, Positivity and Action will give birth to the New Age.
Stop the fear mongering and hate propagating. This will only make things stay the same if not get much worse...If everyone was able to spread love rather than fear, the world would be a very different place. A place with no weapons, no dictators, no armies, no war, no hunger...The world would be what it was meant to be from the beginning, before negative powers took control and infected your minds with fear....Cure yourself with LOVE, it is the only answer!

With Love

This is Fear
This is Love

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