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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Seekers of Truth and Justice

Written November 22nd 2010

I have come to see that many people choose to ignore the issues in the world simply because they fail to comprehend the indirect effect it has on them and their loved ones. It is also obvious to me that they are so distracted by unimportant issues that the real issues escape them. Their energy is given to whoever can entertain them the most.

I went to watch George Galloway give a speech the other night. Mr. Galloway brought up many valid points regarding the wars, invasions and occupations that are happening and have been happening for decades in the Middle East. He also brought up issues concerning the decisions our governments have been making, regardless of what the people want or need. It is known that the issues and conflicts in the world today are too many to discuss in one gathering, but it needs to start somewhere. George spoke only about the Middle East, but his comments and my feelings of justice and equality are the same for every single global conflict, every single person on this planet deserves justice and equality, this is truth.

After watching this speech I realized that I have been ignoring these issues mainly because it frustrates me that nothing ever changes, and so many people have no idea what is actually taking place on a global scale. I have put these issues at the very back of my mind so that I could accomplish my own personal growth; this is necessary, but there needs to be a balance, the issues still need to be discussed. I needed to take a few steps back and put the issues on the side burner, but this has been selfish of me. In the past I tried to bring the issues to the attention of ordinary people, with a hope that they would recognize the injustice and possibly bring it to the attention of other ordinary people (I do not say ordinary in a condescending manner, I am out of the ordinary because I choose to be, this doesn’t make me better, it just makes me out of the ordinary). In my view, the best way to end the unjust wars, the genocides and the control of freedoms, is to talk about them openly, debate them, and to educate on these very important subjects. This way people will be held responsible, people will give their attention to what their governments are involved in, what their governments tell them and hide from them. People will want to make sure that their tax dollars are not going towards an unjust war, the support of a hidden genocide, or to take away basic freedoms of people here or abroad. Why don’t we question the amount invested in our military and in operations abroad compared to what is invested in our education system, health care system and pension plans?

I realize that to some this subject is seen as controversial, but in reality, this subject is only seen as such because the media has made it WRONG to disagree with our own governments and/or powerful lobbies that work in the best interest of foreign countries or in the best interest of their own financial gains. The media has successfully brainwashed the majority of people into believing in villains and super heroes, into believing that we are good and they are bad, we being the west and they being the “terrorists, insurgents, barbarians, Arabs, Iranians, Muslims, Russians, Asians”, whatever crap the news agencies are comfortable with at that moment, whatever benefits the elite at that time. The elites control the media and use the media to sway the masses and sometimes to distract the masses. Take Wleaks for example. The leaks are released, and the media mainly covers the man behind the leaks. Now the masses no longer pay any attention to the leaks themselves, they follow Assange. They distract us from the actual information and bring our attention to what is completely unimportant. Who cares about the man behind the leaks, I don’t care what he’s done in his past or what he’s doing now. It does not change the data that was released on the site. There could be many different reasons for this new fiasco. They play out the whole thing like a Hollywood blockbuster, or better yet, a reality TV series about spies, diplomatic leaks, fugitives and even romance. It’s pathetic that the masses continue to fall for this. Assange could be anything: scapegoat, fictional character, or maybe a reason for ACTA (look it up) to be put into action. Either way, it won’t make a difference because the plans are already drawn out.

People are making the same mistakes over and over again. A message is released and rather than paying any real attention to the message, we worship the messenger…this happened with every single religion out there and it happens with every truth that is brought to our attention. Stop worshiping the messenger and pay attention to the actual message. Open your eyes…People need to see that when we give our undying attention to a certain entity, we are also giving our energy to that same entity. Our energy should only be given to that which can enable peace and justice, not that which will enable pain and suffering. We mustn’t allow the “vampires” or “energy suckers” (for lack of a better term, still trying to figure that one out) to have such easy access to this vital part of ourselves. The only way to protect ourselves is to introspect, look within and you will know how to recognize true from false. You will then choose wisely before willingly supplying your energy. I know for most what I have just written sounds woo woo, but if you can truly understand what I have just told you, you have most probably already started on a path of introspection and truth.

I subtly brought the subject of the Middle Eastern conflicts up to a colleague at work while on a coffee break. I was testing the waters, to see if there has been any change in the reactions of people when it came to these “controversial” issues. I saw him watching a YouTube video about airport security checks and heightened security; he made a comment about how he thought the West was becoming too paranoid when it came to security and terrorism. I suggested that he watch a George Galloway interview on Sky News. Anyone who has paid any attention to the unfolding of world events since September 11th will know that the heightened security all over the world has a direct relation to the issues in the Near East. My colleague is a smart man, he seems to be open minded and against injustice. Conversations I’ve had with him in the past have lead me to believe that he is a believer of justice, equality, freedom of speech, moral and ethical decision making, etc.,  so I figured he would appreciate Georges point of view on international politics and the treatment of foreign countries by western governments. I was completely wrong in my judgment of him, and this is a reason why we should never judge and never expect; he became defensive, as if I was trying to convince him of something that didn’t exist. I see now that because he didn’t fully understand the situation, he became defensive, and he brushed it off as something that doesn’t exist, it was as if I was trying to convince a teenager that Santa Claus was real. He brushed off George Galloway as a cynical shit disturber that wants fame (if you know anything about George Galloway you know that fame means nothing to him, and his cynicism probably stems from years of being in politics and around politicians). I started to sense that my colleagues’ ego was larger than I had anticipated, and he seemed to be very insecure about his general knowledge when it comes to global politics and conflicts. We got into a very basic discussion about the situation in Ghaza, and from his reaction, I saw that he was misinformed about the whole conflict. I suggested that he watch a documentary created by Jewish Americans about the Palestinian question called Occupation 101. His response to me was of complete ignorance and selfishness. He said that he had no time to worry about these “trivial things” (his exact words), and that he would rather use his time to study the history of the past genocides of his own people, genocides that took place hundreds of years ago. I asked him why something that happened in the past is more important to him than something that is happening now, he had no answer, and he became more defensive and started deflecting his insecurity to me, saying that he cannot debate with me because my arguments were biased and emotional. If I had a video camera taping this conversation, you would clearly see that I was very calm and collected while he was becoming bent out of shape, very emotional and quite insulting towards me. My arguments were based on fact, historical fact and statistics. It’s interesting how people try to turn the tables and deflect their emotions onto you when they are feeling insecure about a certain situation or discussion, I have been guilty of this, and I am trying very hard to recognize this before I let it happen. I tried to reason with him, but he would not let me speak, he kept cutting me off, every time I tried to make a point, before I could get to the point, he would cut me off, so I stopped trying to squeeze in my point and I let him vent about how not everyone has the time as I do to research these things, and not everyone needs to care about these things as I do. Finally, when he was done admitting to me that he didn’t care mainly because he didn’t think he had any time to care (which was just an excuse, a pretty lame one if you ask me) I tried again to speak, wanting to point out that these issues do effect us here in the west, and that global politics and world events are important now more than ever because of the global society that is being created, but he would not let me speak, his response was “forget it, I don’t want to talk anymore”…he brushed it off and we went back to work in silence…

Why are people so up tight about discussing politics, spirituality, religion, social issues, etc? I understand that the workplace is probably not the best environment to bring this up; I understand that I could put my career in jeopardy if these things are debated with the wrong people, but it wasn’t in the open, nobody else was listening and I know that my colleague will not bring these issues up to anyone else. You obviously need to choose your audience wisely. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying `no Politics or Religion at the dinner table`, well guess what, families are rarely having dinner at the dinner table, the world has changed and continues to change with every second that passes. Either way, there is no sense in ignoring these issues and avoiding them. Whether it’s at a dinner table or on a train, it doesn’t matter where it is, the issues need to be brought up and they need to be spoken about in the open. These issues should be discussed on a regular basis; society has been moulded to believe that these subjects should only be discussed by politicians and elites. The common folk should stick to talking about the weather, movies, TV shows, sports teams, new cars, new styles, music, the new burger place…small talk, nonsense that gets us nowhere. I personally am not a fan of small talk, sure, I can sit around and “shoot the shit”, as long as there’s substance in the conversation. We need to realize that we no longer live in the same world that we were taught about in school. We need to understand that we live in a global society, where every action across the globe has direct consequences on you and I. Our own governments have mentioned this global society many times, and they will continue to mention it more often. Pay attention. New world order, new world consciousness, new world, whatever you want to label it, it’s happened and its happening. If you believe it’s a bad thing, it will be a bad thing. If you give the power to control this new world, then it will be controlled. It depends on you and how you feel about it and what you do about it. The time will come when you will have to make a decision, the decision will be based on what you consider as your truth, and your truth will decide your freedom. I suggest you get started on your search for your truth, or else the decision will be made for you…

We are in a load of trouble if the majority of people react to the issues of the world in this manner. People need to be educated, yet how can we educate them if they are too scared to learn? How can we teach people that the fear tactics being used against them are to dissuade them from the truth? How can we allow them to see the injustice if they are brainwashed to believe that if it has no direct effect on them, it is of no importance. Can compassion be taught to people? I don’t know. I remember now why I stopped bringing this subject up to ordinary people. It goes nowhere. People are so consumed by their own lives and the lives of celebrities that they have no compassion for others. Who cares who Prince William is marrying. Who gives a shit what Lady Gaga wore when she went shopping last week. Who gives a shit what color Madonna’s child wants to dye her hair!! My oh my, we are in trouble if these ordinary people are giving all their energy willingly to these subjects. Do they not realize that this is useless information that will get them nowhere? People are so afraid to admit that they may be a part of the problem that they choose to be ignorant instead. People don’t realize that if they teach their children this way of life, life on this planet will not last…they need to understand that the evolution of humankind depends on the understanding of the importance of acceptance, openness, oneness and interconnectedness, which basically all mean the same thing; universal consciousness. If some people are suffering we all suffer, in one way or another…the universe does not allow suffering to go unseen. Universal justice will eventually take the necessary actions if we don’t act. The negative energy being produced in the world is going to eventually consume us all. A dark cloud waiting to erupt. And we will be the ones to blame, we will be held accountable. What can be done? How will we convince people that brushing off the reality of how our own governments lie to us and take advantage of us will only lead us to our complete loss of freedoms? Can we show these people that our future depends on our knowledge? Our future depends on our ability to make our own decisions, not based on governmental persuasions through media sources and trend setters…how can we educate people of the fact that humans are being studied everyday and have been studied for decades, not for the good of humankind, but for ways of control and negative manipulation.

Human behaviour and psychology is a field of study that will always be extremely important to governments and to elites who wish to control the masses. When I say governments I am referring to the tiny percentage of decision makers at the top. I’m not referring to the government at its entirety, it’s obvious that some parts of government are necessary and are there trying to make decisions for the benefit of the people. I am in no way at all anti-government, and no I am not an anarchist, on the contrary, I believe that we do need a body of government to debate decisions and to allow open discussion of issues that affect everyone in our global society. Unfortunately, our tops of governments are making decisions that do not benefit us, and they make these decisions without consulting anyone, and without the consent of the people, usually based on persuasions by powerful lobbies and/or profit margins and bottom lines. They have thrown us into this never ending cycle of greed and corruption, consumption and manipulation for the good of nothing. They have provided us with an addiction to materialistic gains. They truly believe that without their control we would be a bunch of savages killing and raping each other. We’re being lead into this zombie like world because of a belief by the elite (or the tops of governments, whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter at this point) that they are higher than us, better than us, more intelligent than us, and that the only way for us to be “happy” (whatever happiness means to them) is for them to control us. They believe this to be true, and this is extremely disturbing. I believe that the elites and the tops of governments are sociopaths. Imagine, our global society being led by sociopaths. Don’t you think that we should probably start asking questions? Do you want to continue to be lead by sociopaths? The biggest issue is that we allow it to be true by not doing anything about it, by simply following and never making any real decisions or asking any real questions. We allow them to distract us with unimportant entertainment news, reality TV shows, conspiracy theories and more seriously distracted with proxy wars. We allow governments to make decisions for us, without any questions asked, without any debate. And those who do try to bring the real issues to the forefront are either ridiculed or seen as terrorist supporters or shit disturbers. We allow the media to assassinate characters on a regular basis. Character assassination has become second nature to them.

To me, these people are the actual super heroes, but they are shown in our media as villains, and the majority of people fall for this bullshit. It’s sad, it’s disappointing, and it needs to stop. George Galloway gave an amazing speech the other night, and I commend him for his bravery, his capability to see the truth and not bow down when challenged, and his perseverance. Keep it up George, and may there be many more like you, with or without power over the masses, who are willing to risk it all for truth and justice.

Finally, I want to touch on a two related subjects. The first subject is one that most people try to steer clear from. I want to know why we misuse such strong words such as anti-Semitism. Let’s make something clear; a person against Zionism is NOT a person against Judaism, Judaism and Zionism are not the same, Zionism is not a religion, and Judaism is. Zionism is an ideal, and they do not follow any religion, they do not follow anything except for a prophetic belief that has no justification or true religious basis. If a person is against Zionism, it is because they are against prophetic belief that enables genocide and ethnic cleansing. For Zionists, the means to the end is not important; it is the end result that matters, no matter how it is achieved, no matter how much blood is shed, on either side. They will use all that is necessary to accomplish their ultimate goal of a total Zionist state, at the expense of Arab and Israeli blood, and sometimes even Western blood (look up Rachel Corrie, amongst others). So, please think twice before defining someone as an anti-Semite. And, to add to the misuse of the word, also understand that Christians and Muslims are also considered to be Semitic (research the word Semitic). Calling a person against Zionism anti-Semitic is comparable to calling a person against Wahabism an anti-Semite, it doesn’t make sense. A person against Zionism is anti-Zionist, that’s it, that’s all.

The second subject is about Mr. Assange and the whole Wleaks fiasco. In my opinion, if Assange was really for truth and justice, if he really cared about making this world a better place, a more transparent place, he would not have allowed his face to become so very well known, he would not allow himself to be seen as the face behind the site, he would have tried a little harder to hide his identity. It seems as though he is actually enjoying his celeb status. He would have tried to bring the attention back to the leaks and away from himself. I believe this whole thing may be a distraction, and a reason behind the pending approval of ACTA. For all we know, he is working for the tops, for the elite. I may be wrong, and showing his face may simply be a protective measure, a way to make sure he is seen so that he cannot be easily dealt with. Again, be weary of who you decide to give your attention to.

I want to be able to say that we have enough power as citizens of a democratic society to fight these unjust and irresponsible practices of politics and abuses of powers, but in reality, we do not have the power, only because the majority of us are asleep…take a breath, open your eyes, and WAKE UP! The Power is OURS in UNITY.

With love

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