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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Let Us Now Create Ourland

We see that so many are held back from their full potentials because of feelings of fear and guilt. If every time you think outside the box, you become full of guilt and fear, you will never realise your full potential, and your connection to all. How can we possibly believe in utopia if we have been lead to believe that hell is where you will reside if you stray? What is it to stray? Who decides? Why have so many been convinced of this generalized negativity? Is it because good and evil must be evident in our society in order for the institutions that exist to continue on?
If disease did not exist, would pharmaceutical companies exist? What if there were permanent cures for diseases such as diabetes and cancer? Some say that cures already exist, but this is not a rant about conspiracies, we could leave conspiracies to those who choose to give their energy to that…

What if every single human being on the planet had what they needed? What if every single human being felt that they were a part of a world full of love and care, and that in order for this world to live in true prosperity, we must strive and live to help one another?

What if poverty and hunger did not exist? Would crime still exist? If crime did not exist, prisons would cease to exist, police forces, lawyers and judges would cease to exist…

What if everyone had a true feeling of belonging to this interconnected universe, to the source…no middle man needed, no trivial rituals practiced…would churches, mosques, synagogues, shrines, temples and other religious institution’s exist? Would we need to convince one another to congregate? Would we need to be reminded to be thankful? Would we need to be reminded to be grateful?

It seems as though we have created these institutions only because we have created a belief of duality, negative and positive, good and bad, reward and punishment, heaven and hell …

Do you believe that doing good deeds should be based on the fear that if you do not do good deeds you will end up in hell? Or do you believe that we do good deeds out of the goodness of our hearts…

We are lead to believe that utopia is not possible. We are lead to believe that we cannot change what we have already created…some people say that there are certain realities that we cannot change, so there is no use in stressing over them. Yes, there are certain things that we cannot change. For example, we cannot change the size of the sun, we cannot change the size of the moon, we cannot change the growth of the universe, we cannot change the natural process of birth and death, etc…no use in stressing over these things…but none of these things were created by human kind. All that has been created by humans can be changed, all that has been manipulated by man, can be further manipulated and transformed. The system that we live in only exists because humans have created it, so what exactly makes you think that it cannot be changed? It can be, though it will not change unless there is a major shift in mass consciousness…

Let go of your guilt, let go of your fear, let go of the conditioning. Understand that good and evil only exist because we have chosen to define it as such.

When you do good, make sure it is from the goodness of your heart, and not so that you can earn points with God. When you do good, make sure it is not just because you are afraid to go to hell.

Have you ever heard someone say they are afraid of going to hell, for something as simple as a thought that may lie outside of the teachings of their own religion? I have…this feeling of guilt is a sign that you are not fully aware of the existence of the creator. This feeling is showing you that you do not trust yourself, nor do you trust the creator of all that is…for the creator allows you to stray, allows you to discover, in order for you to find the true path. The connection to God, to the source, cannot be taught, it can only be realized…felt from within.

We should allow ourselves to flow, without fear, with an understanding of the true connection we all have to the creator of the universe and to each other. We should allow ourselves to flow just as the river flows. Without pre conceptions of what lies ahead, without fear of punishment for our thoughts. We must embrace our thoughts, embrace our changes. A river flows without fear of what lies ahead, a river flows and adjusts itself to any and all twists and turns, without any complaints, it flows and continues to flow at ease…we must learn from nature.

Guilt and fear within you will cause disease and sickness. Guilt and fear create mistrust and lack of growth. Be who you are without fear. Do good out of the goodness of your heart. Do good for others because of a realization of oneness and interconnectedness. As I have mentioned in the past, altruism will take this world to a higher level of consciousness. Realization of our connection to each other and to all that has been created by the ultimate creator will bring about a new age of freedom, equality, unconditional love, unity, prosperity, and growth….utopia…

It has been called Neverland, but I wouldn’t say never…this is a land that exists in the mind of children…why? Why does this exist only in the mind of children? Is it possibly because the conditioning of fear and guilt has not yet taken over their minds? Neverland, a land with no rules because there is no need for rules when respect is a reality for all, no boundaries when there is nothing to hide and nothing to restrict, immortality when death is accepted as a part of the cycle of life, endless love and infinite beauty when there is appreciation for all, as if every time is the first time you experience love and beauty…this is not a fairy tale. This is the world that we must create, first in our minds, as you have done when you were a child, do it again, and then eventually, once the masses begin to create this world in their minds, this world will manifest, just as the world that we live in now was created in the minds of the fearful and guilty….the NEW WORLD will be created by the minds of those who have chosen to love and to accept. Separation will perpetuate the current system that has been created, unity will destroy the corrupt system and will usher in a new age, and Neverland will become OURLAND.

With Love


  1. Not sure where my other post went but I personally feel that fear and love are two sides of the same coin, you fear to loose something that you love unless you believe that God will only bring what is good for you even if you do not agree with the outcome, that is detachment from your desires. To fear and have guilt on a general level is to feel that despite the fact that God has made us perfect the way we are that there is a part of us that is not yet there and strives for that realization and enlightenment through good deeds. To feel guilt is to be humble enough to admit that we can never be sure of our goodness and once that happens we can live every moment of our lives striving to be genuinely good. If we were garantied love and acceptance in the way we interpret it would we even grow? God puts us through struggles and obstacles so that we can grow but left to our own egos we might be lead astray, living a selfish life where we only worry about ourselves and not take care of others. The guilt that we feel at a momentary level teaches us about specific situations about what we should and shouldnt do. Generalized guilt is a form of humility that despite all we are and have done of good deeds there is still more to be done. Of course God's mercy and forgivness overides his punishment and this belief is what prevents the insanity or disease from afflicting the person. So in a way to truely understand God's love and the extent of it ask someone who feels the guilt and fear of punishment but sees how God's mercy and forgiveness and grace overrides his punishment. If in that there is a duality then there is duality and isnt that what we are striving to balance out. In the end like you said before: who are we to judge, others and ourselves.

    I know that understanding that we are one in the end and what you do comes back to you in the end can make you think twice about your choices which brings us back to the act of unity but often times we are not aware that something we say or do might hurt someone and consequently ourselves until we do it but by that time the deed is done. Jugding by the fact that this whole world is left to its own devices already acting on impulses and whims, imagine if people were allowed the luxary of doing those things without feelings of guilt, then no one would learn to be compassionate and kind to others because they would never learn the consequences of what they did. Emotions teach us but there is a difference between situational emotions and generalized emotions. The key for our mental health and physical health is to be settled in the moment and know that God is in control and that despite our wrong actions that they do not define us but that is only if we learn from our emotions and become in tune with ourselves which in turn means that you do good out of goodness sake and not to be regarded by others in a favorable manner but basically to do good even if no one is there to see it, except God as your witness of course but even then any good does not come from you personally so even the good you do is not of you.

    HEM :)

  2. Your point is well taken. Those who believe in reward and punishment are also aware that there is forgiveness and mercy from God. I understand that concept; it is in every major religion. Some also say without evil, good would not exist. Without Good or Evil, would everything fall apart? Or, would everything just BE.

    Without the notion of heaven and hell, people would do things out of whim and impulse without thinking twice about it.I must disagree.I have had the opportunity of connecting and discussing different situations with people who regard themselves as label-less, no belief system, and those people do not have any fewer morals than some religious people that I have had the opportunity of making connections with.

    Is it possible that some people need to believe in the system of reward and punishment in order to be lead on the correct path? And others simply do not need it? I have a hard time believing that you will not find humility without the feeling of guilt. I understand the difference between guilt and failure.I believe that humility and modesty is found through appreciation for your life, appreciation for your creation, appreciation for everything that has been created around you and within you, appreciation for the creator…not through guilty emotions, or fearful decisions. When one fails in something that they have tried to accomplish, and this failure is accompanied by an experience of learning, and the failure becomes appreciated, this is when humility can be found, not through guilt of failure, or regret…

    Fear and guilt bring about selfish emotions when a decision is made that may have been a decision that either hurt someone, or yourself, or both. One may say, “wow, I really hurt that person, I feel guilty because I am fearful now that I will be punished for my wrong doing, I will refrain from ever doing that again!” one who does not succumb to guilt and fear will say “wow, I really hurt that person, I see now that this behaviour will only bring about a negative outcome, for the person I hurt, and for myself, therefore, I will refrain from ever behaving that way again.” The difference is you are overstanding why the behaviour was malicious, rather than making it about you, about what will become of you. “I did something wrong, therefore I will be punished” -- this statement leaves out the person that you hurt completely disregarding the wrong doing as it has affected the person. This goes even for hurting yourself.For example, one may say, I do not drink alcohol because it is bad for my health, it destroys the temple of my soul; it changes my state of mind and may lead me to act in a way that is unlike me. Or, one may say, I do not drink alcohol because I do not want to feel guilty for drinking, my guilty feeling comes from the fact that I am fearful of the punishment that God will serve if I decide to drink….who is being honest with themselves, and who is acting on fear and guilt?

  3. My point is that people should not act based on a fear of punishment, but rather a true overstanding of why certain things should be avoided, or why one should not behave in a certain way…it is important because if we only follow based on fear and guilt, the following becomes a burden, and growth is not accomplished…we become stuck, and enlightenment will not be reached through feelings of fear…I am not saying that fear does not exist, what I am saying is that fear will not lead one to God, it will only keep them in check, and rarely will the person understand the true essence of the creator. Oneness and interconnectedness is the essence of the creator, the creator of all designed it as such, so that cause and effect would be infinite, so that we could finally come to a realization that what I do to you, I do to myself, what I do to this planet, I do to myself, what I think, others are thinking…I do not think it is healthy for us to be led by fear and guilt with a belief that it is possible for repentance…instead, I believe that people should try to strive for a realization of oneness…a realization that God is within and without…God creates, and we destroy…
    Then again, I may be completely wrong, and I may be paving my way to an eternity in hell fire….do you think that makes sense? My intentions are solid, why would my lack of a belief system bring me there?
    Thanks for your comment HEM

  4. Firstly, your enlightened approach is refreshing and unique.
    Secondly, your faith in the human condition is astounding. Humans created institutions to eradicate themselves of guilt in the first place. By removing these institutions people would be forced to think for themselves which is against their very nature. Man creates what it needs and turns it into what it wants. It needs organization to strive and achieve for the betterment of so called life, and it wants these organizations to go from a guide to a do-it-for-you mechanism. Lazy is the modern man’s credo, intellectualism is anti-religion and sadly I have no faith in people as a general whole to want to awaken.

  5. Julia, I thank you for taking the time to read this post...and for your comment. I am glad that my approach has been refreshing for you.

    First, let me state the obvious, you should know that every pore of my body seeps idealism, from head to tow. I am an obvious idealist, always have been and always will be, until the time comes where idealism is no longer a word that exists...
    It is expected that you are astounded by my faith in our fellow humans.This faith comes from a recent realization of the masses of people who are slowly but surely awakening to their full potential.It has been a very interesting year thus far, as you have obviously realized yourself.People are tired, people are hungry and people are bored, something huge is missing in the lives of the common man -- the perfect ingredients for a mass awakening.I believe in evolution, and I believe that our evolution has not stopped; the next phase of evolution is going to be concentrated on consciousness, mass consciousness.The old world is crumbling on itself, and this destruction of the old world will be an opportunity for us to rebuild from scratch.We are smarter than our parents (no offence mom and dad), this is fact, we are much more emotionally intelligent than the previous generations who have created the society that we see falling apart, and it is time for us, the emotionally, spiritually and intellectually intelligent generations to start to draw the schematic for the New World, Ourland…
    Lazy is the modern man's credo only because the modern man has allowed it to come to this. I’m not sure if it is really a do-it-for-you mechanism; I see it more as a mechanism of we-control-you, so shut up and work, people do not think for themselves because they are distracted by bright lights and moving pictures. It is obvious that the ones at the top, who keep these institutions running off of the blood and sweat of the common man, are in the know, they think for, the point of all of this, is for people to awaken, and, as I mentioned, more people than ever before are awakening, there are more Buddha’s walking our planet now than ever before...I have faith in humanity, you know why? Mainly because I have not lost faith in myself, and humanity is a reflection of your own self.

  6. If only my brother, this was possible. Think of the Bible; Adam & Eve. The original sin. The recognitionn that they were naked, afraid and guilty. You say manmade things may be changed and transformed. We cannot change this way that we are created. We have fear, we feel guilty about decisions. However truly we are being broken down into smaller whole's of ourselves and our connection to each other and our planet.

  7. Mayday, thank you for posting this comment my brother.

    Let me ask you, did God create us to be afraid and guilty? Or, according to scripture, were we brought to those emotions because of betrayal and jealousy, not by God, but by satan?

    With all due respect, this is a religious belief, and clearly, I am not preaching religious doctrine. I am saying we must move away from religious doctrine. To say that the world will not be a better place because of stories such as Adam & Eves story, and notions such as original sin, is the same as passing the buck. Not taking responsibility for the current state of corruption, greed, lack of spirituality, lack of emotional intelligence is in my opinion, the biggest sin. I say move away from religious doctrine, and move closer to the creator.

    Mayday, religious belief aside, do humans really know whether we are innately fearful and guilty? Or were we conditioned early on, in order to limit our spiritual growth, in order to control and to separate us from the source...

    Just a thought.