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Thursday, 16 June 2011

From Knowing to Feeling

The importance of self-observation becomes more and more apparent with every passing moment. The acceptance of ones path will allow a flow of living and a possibility for a heightened vibrational frequency.

Stop getting in your own way, I was told. Stop blocking yourself from being where you are supposed to be, I tell myself.

Just be, just flow.

Stop knowing your intention, instead, feel your intention, in its purest nature, it is shapeless…

Get out of your head, I was told, use the intuition that has been gifted upon so many of us, I tell myself.

Just let go, allow it to flow.

Sever the chords that attach you to distractions, you cannot change what is outside of yourself; instead you must drive to completely being your Self.

Self vs. Ego - ego is very powerful and does not want to let go, Self is even more powerful and carries wisdom, therefore, self will not force, self will allow ego to overtake until self feels as though it is ready to take over, it is up to self to tell heart that it is time for ego to let go. Self is then fully initiated, potentials are visible, energies flow, and vibrations heighten.

Let it go, let it grow, let it flow…

Stop knowing that you are on the right path, feel, and feel that you are on THE PATH, no definition, no measurement, no weight, just pure nothingness.

No more building boxes that shape our minds into thinking in terms of measurements…

Become, as you are becoming in every moment that passes, be comfortable with becoming, for you are what everyone is, the potential that you can reach can be reached by everyone, at ones own pace. Feel that with this becoming, there is great responsibility, feel that with this growing, there will be temptation, feel that there is guidance, and feel that the foundation is stronger than anything, and that nothing can destroy the foundation that has been built by your intuitive, pure intention less, SELF.

Be, and with being, feel, and with the feeling of being, you have already taken the most crucial step in the creation of a better universe.

A universe filled with divine, a universe driven by pure feeling, a universe accepting of pure nothingness…a universe filled with the Queen of All Powers – Unconditional Love…

With Unconditional Love


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