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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

This Is What I Feel - Let's Not Be Led Astray

This is what I feel.

There is a massive awakening in progress. This mass awakening is happening and continues to happen as an on-going part of our evolutionary process.

This path of evolution consists of self-observation, introspection, deep meditation, bottomless acceptance, pure gratitude and finally an emptiness that is surrounded by nothing less than unconditional love.

This is the process, this is the evolution into an age away from materialism and into spirituality, into what we were destined to become, what we are as one, the potentials we hold and the intense light that will be.

I have noticed that many who are on this awakened path are being pulled in a million different directions.

There is a block; this block is designed by entities that are better left unknown and unnamed. I do feel that there is a spreading of a certain fear that is being perpetuated into the public eye. This propagation of this fear is rampant on what we call alternative news sites. Let us not confuse the esoteric school of thought with alternative media; there is a very big difference.

The fear was once segregated into nations because of the separation that existed in the past. But since the creation of mass media and more importantly, the internet, there is a global society, a global world that has emerged. Fear as a means of control and distraction cannot be separated anymore, fear is now used on a global scale. Most recently, fear was propagated on a global scale through the terrorist/islamaphobia tactic. Now, with the cowboy style killing of Bin Laden, this fear tactic has come to an end, we barely see reports about terrorists plotting to destroy our countries anymore. More people are turning away from mainstream media and are paying attention to the alternative media. Let’s be logical here, the entities that control mainstream media know that this is happening, therefore, the entities will surely infiltrate and inject into those alternative sites. It is also known that because of the interconnectedness that the internet has created (mainly through social media and blogging), it is proving to be very difficult to turn people against each other.

Let me get to the essence of what I’m saying here – fear is known to be one of the most effective means of control and distraction. Comets, Brown Dwarfs, Asteroids, Planet X, Nibiru, Pole Shifts, Illuminati, Mind Control, Doomsday, 2012, Mayan prophecy, Sumerian prophecy, the I Ching, Evil Aliens, etc., all these subjects have been manipulated into the energy of fear, the darkest of energies. I am not stating if these subjects are true or false, that is for you to decide, true and false are nothing more than personal perceptions based on belief systems and deep conditioning.

We can fill our minds with knowledge of nuclear meltdowns, natural disasters, conspiracies against humanity, we can distract ourselves with these events, we can worry, and stress about these catastrophic events, we can prepare ourselves for events that may occur....we can...but remember that certain distractions will lead you astray, and stressing about these events will only limit the potential that can be reached. Remember that it is crucial to be aware, but not attached...
These are distractions; these are the same as the terrorist fear tactics. These distractions and dark energies will only work if the masses buy into them. Self-observation and deep introspection heighten intuition, bring us back to feeling rather than knowing, this is our ultimate protection.

There are messages that can be realized from these subjects, and much light can be seen, but light is not what is being spread on these alternative media sites, the light will only be seen by ones who look for it, stop using your eyes to see, and start to feel.

Those who are on the path to spirituality, who feel that there is an evolution of consciousness, of awakening to divine potentials, see that these fear tactics will only lead us astray. Feel that these subjects are of no importance. Feel that importance lies in self-observation first. Feel that this path is already set out for us, and that no matter what is happening in the universe, it is happening as it should. Observe as the drama unfolds, do not participate, observe, for all that happens is part of the process, we are part of the process as well -- just be.

I feel that the entities that want to control are doing so because it is obvious that many are awakening to their divine potentials, when more and more awaken, it will be impossible to push the awakened down, it will be impossible to control the awakened with fear, it will be impossible to frighten the awakened, and the entities will no longer have the slaves, the entities will no longer have the factory workers to run the machines, the entities will no longer have the system that has been forced upon all.

This is part of the process and it happens as it should.

My suggestion is this; let go of what was and what may be. Live now, be now. Introspect, and become what the universe has willed you to become. Allow light to flow in by accepting the darkness that is. Accept that this is a process, allow things to unfold, let’s not get in the way ;)

With Unconditional Love


  1. Idiot, hmmm, must be a reason for such an insult. Care to elaborate?

  2. Don't pay any attention to the insult - even Jesus was abused!
    Peace and love,