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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

The journey down the rabbit hole has many twists and turns.

These twists and turns appear as thoughts, thinking, and from being in the mind. It is quite the challenge to step away from these twists and turns and to accept them as a part of the transformation. There are many obstacles, both physical and mental that appear in the path. 

I feel that there is much work to be done on my part, work that is mostly related to stepping away from the drama, breaking the conditioning and going with the flow. This is not an easy task, though it is a do-able task, and it must and will be done. 

This article is a description of the journey down the rabbit hole, the process, the old thoughts that linger and the new ones that appear.  Sharing this journey with you is a great help for me. Thank you for joining me in this sharing.

It is in my nature to want to balance all that appears on my path. At this moment, there is a challenge to balance the spiritual with the material. I have been on a path of introspection for most of my life, there have been times in the past where my focus has been concentrated more towards the material and away from the work of introspection and self observation. The balance that I always strive for has sometimes been lost. I struggle to find that balance, it is a struggle to find comfort in the material world, though I know that I must strive to achieve my material goals in order to make a difference, in order to accomplish the pie in the sky goals that I have created, in order to turn the pie in the sky into reality.  Even though I feel the need for a balance, I sometimes question myself, I question if it is the life that I want.

The beauty of being human in this world is that we have choice. We can choose what we want, but this does not mean that the choice of what we want will turn out to be what we need in this life. My choices are clear, though it is proving to be difficult to recognize which choice will turn out to be what is needed for this life; it is proving to be the greatest challenge of my life thus far, to truly feel which path my Self set out before it chose this body that it drives. 

My choices are clear:

1.       Continue on a path of introspection, self-observation, go deep inside myself and connect with who I can become, become fully, reach the divine potential, create wondrous realities for all who encounter my true self, give all that is to offer, usher in peace, spiritual abundance and prosperity, unveil acceptance and gratitude to every living entity in this earthly realm, enable others to reach their divine potentials, this is the work, the ultimate goal. 

2.       This is funny, i was just about to write my second choice, and as i wrote the first sentence, i stopped, and i laughed out loud...this is why it is important to reflect on your thoughts rather than ignore them, rather than push them aside, this is when you can make a real choice, i laugh at the second choice because i now know it is not my true path.

Thank you,

With Unconditioned Love

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