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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Soul Nourishment vs Soul Poisoning

There is a need for all living things to feed the soul. Some may view the concept of souls as religious nonsense or a mythological creation. After much self-reflection and some research into quantum physics, I personally view the soul as the energy that drives our mass, the light that is encased in our bodies, and I personally believe that this energy is present in every single living thing, including our earth, and including every other living entity in the entire multiverse.

Deeper self-reflection and meditation is required to grasp its full presence…a better understanding of quantum physics will benefit the masses greatly. We have a lot to learn, and the learning starts within.

With that said, my view is that the soul is as important if not more important that the material world, than mass itself. I see the soul as being part of the realm that we have not been trained to see, the realm that exists everywhere in the multiverse of dimensions. The soul is the driving force for all of reality, the illusion of the material world is a mere perception. We have been trained from very early on in our existence to perceive the universe in a materialistic manner, in a state of measured reality, though we fail to comprehend that even the soul can be measured, quantum mechanics will bring us more answers, though I do believe that the answers will never totally show themselves to the masses, it will only be revealed to those who go deep inside…whomever has interest in this subject should read about out of body experiences, lucid dreaming and even shamanic practices. Also, many quantum physicists have written books about the soul; one in particular is written by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf and is titled “Mind into Matter”.

Now, let me get to the essence of why I am writing this for us.

Feeding the soul is the simplest thing to do yet so difficult for many to achieve. There are certain actions that we perform that hinder our souls from being fed. These actions start as thoughts. Sometimes, we may not be aware of the thought before we perform the action, and other times we catch ourselves in the thought, which gives us the choice to act on the thought or not. Being able to catch the thought and then make a conscious decision is a great benefit of self-awareness.

We should always do what is good for the soul. It is difficult sometimes to know what is considered nourishment for the soul and what is considered to be poisonous for the soul.  This is learned through self-reflection and personal experiences.

We sometimes want to fulfil an urge, a thirst that can be temporarily quenched through instant gratification, we only realize later that the means used to quench the thirst can actually be damaging to the soul. Sometimes we will trick ourselves into thinking that the means is not poisonous or detrimental, that it is a natural thirst quencher and that it will have no negative implications. A realization of the negative affect will only materialize when the means is repeated over and over again, with the same result. The insanity in this behaviour is a mere part of our growth. If we choose to ignore the repetitive behaviour, and fail to learn from it, we will be stuck in a cycle of soul poisoning and we will deprive ourselves from reaching our full divine potential. Growth can only continue when one accepts ones actions as damaging and learns how to avoid repetitive behaviours.

There is a fine line between ‘living in the now’ and instant gratification. The fine line is extremely distinct yet so easily crossed. We must study our thoughts and the implications of a possible action of our thoughts before actually acting. This process is meant to avoid crossing the line, into the darkness of instant gratification which in turn destroys higher levels of frequency that your soul can reach. It is possible to enjoy and appreciate every moment, it is possible to live in the now without driving yourself crazy by always studying your thoughts, it is possible to live your life fully and with depth without implicating anyone else in a negative way. If there is a likely possibility for a person in the situation to come out short, whether it is yourself or the other, then you can be sure that the action is based on instant gratification and will be detrimental to the souls. This is a clear indication that the action being performed is not based on a true appreciation for the now, the moment; you have created this illusion…

People are always saying ‘enjoy the moment’ but fail to mention what is truly important – ‘enjoy the moment, without implicating anyone in a way that may be detrimental to yourself or to the other’…

Self-reflection and self-realization is not selfish. Understand that aside from the benefit you can receive from knowing yourself, remember that you are not alone; your self is shared by billions of others. Truly love yourself and in turn you will truly love others. Love others unconditionally and you will see that your actions will always be based on what is good/beneficial for all who are involved. Be aware of the illusions that we create when we are vulnerable, be aware of the justifications we create when trying to fulfill a need, self-awareness is the key to a world full of unconditional love and infinite respect. Our souls are not lost, they are just not felt.

Below is a very easy list of ways to nourish the soul that anyone can easy, so simple, yet soooo nourishing... :)
15 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Meditate, go inside yourself, feel, become what you were at the beginning and nourish the soul.

With Love

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