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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Transformation of Consciousness

There is a strong movement and transformation of consciousness occurring in our world today, and the gratitude that is felt throughout my mind, body and soul is immense.

There have been many who have been asleep for most of their lives, ignoring compassion, unconditional love, appreciation, and finally, ignoring oneness. This ignorance has brought our world to where it is now, where it stands today, at a major split in the road. The choice is clear for many.

One can choose to continue on with ignorance, continue on with attachment to old structures, and accept the total destruction of a meaningful life.

Or, one can choose to accept the change that the universe is offering, accept the reality that we have been ignoring, become aware of this acceptance, be grateful for this awareness, spread unconditional love, understand why we fear, understand why we react to certain situations, observe our emotions, observe our behaviour, learn, teach, live to our full potential…open yourself to what is being offered and enter the library of the universe.

Many are awakening to the beauty and tranquility that is found in appreciation for creation, including appreciation for our self. Many are understanding the difference between “happiness” brought on by materialism, and true happiness brought on by gratitude of your surroundings, appreciating what many have come to name “the small things in life”, in knowing yourself, which in turn enables you to know others as well, which empowers acceptance, and brings about confidence in where we are now, at this moment. There is peace of mind found in accepting your path as it is, without labelling your path as good or bad, right or wrong. Our intentions will become known, and this will lead us on our virtuous and blameless path.

We must also accept that there is the lingering past, the residual effect of our slumber. We must accept the reality that we are experiencing a process of change, and we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves when it comes to feeling certain emotions such as guilt, anger, hate, anxiety, sorrow, etc. These emotions appear as a signal for us to pay attention, observe, and discover why we are feeling such emotions. By observing and allowing yourself to feel these emotions, without repressing them, you will then learn to let them go. Scream, yell, jump up and down, and lose it a little, it’s relieving and it is a necessary part of the transformation. Once these emotions are brought to the surface, you will feel an immense sense of appreciation; a huge weight is lifted off of your shoulders. The heavy darkness that exists will be transformed into light.

As mentioned in previous blogs, we all need reminders. We can also call these reminders validation or approval. Now, I have come to realize that this validation is a necessity for some who have been recently awakened -- From my personal experience, since I have become recently actively aware of my own behaviour; I noticed that I still look for this approval or validation from others who clearly show signs of awakened consciousness. I realized that I look for this approval because I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the uncertainty of my path. I am still attached to certain lingering concepts that may limit the potential for a continuous growth, complete acceptance and appreciation, a complete and continuous awakening. What also becomes clear is that because of my awareness of these behaviours, I am now becoming more comfortable with the uncertainty of my path; the journey is becoming richer, even though it is uncertain. This may sound like it doesn’t make any sense, but if you are able to accept the uncertainty of life you begin to see clarity in it. If you can accept that your path is taking you where you need to be, your comfort zone expands, uncomfortable areas are dealt with confidently, and fear slowly ceases to exist…

Another revelation that I have come to is that we should never repress our fears, what works is an awareness and acceptance of our fears; the fear is in turn transformed into nothingness…it’s all about transformation through acceptance and gratitude.

It is an ongoing process, a revolution, a continuous completion of our development, and it will only continue if we choose to flow with it. It will only take full effect if we can observe our emotions, our thoughts, and our behaviours. These observations will surely bring us to a higher form of consciousness, a full out awakening of our full potentials; we will become the light that we are fully capable of becoming. Again, this will only be revealed if you open your mind, open your eye to what is not seen. Allow your heart to feel…know that if every single religious teaching, holy book, spiritual guide ceased to exist, the knowledge and wisdom would not disappear, know that this knowledge and wisdom is written in our hearts, it is the light that drives our mass, it is the energy that is everything. Every divine word of the creator is written in and on our hearts…it will never cease to exist, it is the only eternal truth.

The choice is yours; no one can force a transformation, only you can choose to accept the unconditional love and eternal light that the universe is offering.

With Love



  1. What a head you got there. AWESOME!!!!! :-) You make my point perfectly... about the path. You KNOW!

    Absolutely agree...we all have a choice, every moment. That is a fact! Another fact, we all do the best we can in each and every moment, even if that choice later seems... "not the best"... which is just a perception, and not necessarily a truth.

    Love it... keep it coming! I need to work my brain :-)

  2. Meaningful discussions will always spark these thoughts and the result is what you see above...Dina, Thank you