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Friday, 30 May 2014

Let's Play

Let's PLAY this game. Lets dance and spin and pretend we know what we are doing. Lets all pretend that we know who we are, and where we are going. Let's act as if who we are is stable and solid. 

Let's not..

Admit it, you have no clue what you are. 

You have no idea why you are here. 

You have no direction and your dance is just an act, you're spinning, yes...but you are spinning with a false sense of control! 

Why do you care?! Spin, spin, spin, spin...admit that you are playing a game, a game that has no foreseeable end….death...?

Admit that your path is twisted. 

Admit that you are not solid.

You are not stable.

You are not in control! 

You are nothing more than a light. 

A light that bends, travels, spins, bounces, reflects, falls, fades, disappears...admit it...

You have no idea what you really are.

Do not be alarmed, this is nothing new..species have been in this predicament for ages...less than 1% ever knew who they really were. 

Some pretended so well that they had others believe that they were actually something other than a fading star..a dying star...a black hole…

We are stars...but not in the sense of greatness...greatness is just a word, a false state of mind….you are not great, you are empty…just a light...greatness is ego. 

Ego is not who you are, light is not ego...

Stars fade, stars die, low density stars become black holes...empty...believe it, feel it, know it, and live it...

You are a dying star, a 3D star, slowly turning into a black hole….becoming empty, becoming the black hole…

This is become the dying star, to finally realize that this whole life is nothing more than a cycle of death and birth….not birth and death, but the other way die before you are are something before you become nothing...

Emptiness is the goal, not wholeness as they lead you to believe...wholeness is an illusion, there is no wholeness...

Lose yourself...lose yourself and then you will REALLY dance...lose yourself and then you will REALLY spin...out of control..spin out of control…..that is the become turn into the nothingness...into the zero, into the sacred and empty space...

Stop pretending....and let's REALLY play :)

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