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Monday, 28 February 2011

Going With the Flow

Written October 21st, 2010

I decide to go with the flow. I decide to let it ride, may it be, let it be…

I decide that I want to live my life in true freedom, no materialistic attachments. No burdens of dramatic relationships. I decide that I want to live my life to the fullest extent possible.   I want what I know I need rather than what I think I want.    

Expectation is no longer what I live for, slowly but surely, expectations will become a thing of my past. I live for moments, every moment, every breath, every glance, every touch, every step, is a moment to appreciate. I am what I have created. You are what you have created. Situations that are brought to my path that have been accompanied by feelings of stress and fear are now moments that I will cherish, moments to learn from, to grow from, and to move on from. My life has always been and will continue to become a perfect sequence of events that harmoniously creates itself as it continues on. I accept, appreciate, positively shape, in order to accomplish my life lived with no regrets.

What if I am wrong and I am living my life the wrong way? What if the majority is actually doing the right thing? What if attachments are necessary for evolution, a part of our fate? What if living without expectation limits my growth…just writing these sentences feels wrong. I smirk while asking these questions because I know that it is untrue. And even if by some freak chance I am actually losing my mind, well then, I’m enjoying the ride, the whole way there…

I have a feeling, a very strong feeling that this way of life is the way to true freedom, true and permanent happiness…rather than a pursuit of happiness; it becomes a surrender to happiness. Surrender to what we all know is in the universe and in ourselves…

I no longer have the urge to want all that I have wanted not that long ago. I no longer have the urge to be distracted from my thoughts and my emotions. I want to feel everything in clarity.

I have heard them say that people who preach this way of life want nothing to do with society because they are failures. I have heard people whisper that people who want nothing are people who have accomplished nothing. Friends and family have asked me if I am changing my ways due to a lack of financial freedom. This is what I say to these people: I am one who has accomplished much in a short period of time, I am one who has intellect, I am one who has had no financial struggles, I am also one who has struggled, and struggles, in every sense of the word…I could easily have what so many others want, its not difficult to accomplish riches. My struggles only brought me closer to a realization of what I truly need, what we all truly need, to be happy and to grow, to reach our true potential. To be happy, simply, with no need of anything external to bring happiness. This is only accomplished once I have fully accepted the truth about this life right now. The truth about all of life, the whole universe of life.

There is a universal mind, interconnected universal consciousness, connected by what we have named GOD. All of us, every single living thing has a connection to this energy, this consciousness, this intelligence. I discover that this is true everyday, more and more. Things I read, things I hear from others, makes me realize that we all need the same things because we are all connected by the same thing. Why do fields such as numerology and astrology exist? Because it is what draws the connection, it is the perfect sequence of events in the universe that amplifies into our lives on this planet.

We have been ignoring the connection, pretending its not there, falsely learning that we are separate from it. This has caused and is causing all the suffering in the world. This belief that we are not all connected is the reason why we separate ourselves from each other. It is the reason why compassion has always been a rarity. Compassion would not even be a word if we never ignored our connection. This is what the universe is patiently waiting for, for us to recognize the universal energy that makes us all one. Wars fought between religions that preach love and acceptance, it is ridiculous and I don’t understand how anyone can truly believe that this is real. Wars fought over land, as if a human being can own a piece of this planet, this is ridiculous, thinking that we can stop people from living on land that was not given to anyone, land that was created by the energy that we call GOD, created for one, for all of us. Wars fought over materials and natural resources, again, ridiculous. These things can only be seen as I see them if you can come to a realization of the fact that we are one. Interconnected universal consciousness. I need not elaborate on these thoughts of my mind anymore, it is everywhere, it is in your thoughts as well, you know it, I know it is, they know it is, the universe put it there, and is waiting for us, patiently waiting…Look it up…it exists, and now is the time for you to WAKE UP! It is time for us to reach our true potential. And this cannot be accomplished easily. This true potential can only be reached once there is a realization that we are a part of the interconnected universe. Physicists, scientists, mathematicians, they all know this, like I said, look it up, or rather, feel it first, then look it up, as I did, and as I continue to do. This brings me closer to the realization of a universal mind…Going with the flow has brought me to this, and I hope to bring all of you here to, so that the universe can finally be whole and one again. Openness, interconnectedness, will eventually lead to Oneness, it is inevitable, and besides, why would we want to avoid it…

With Love

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