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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Spark

Written July 11th, 2010

My mind is exhausted. It happens once in a while, when I know that I need some kind of mind boost. An idea brought on by a powerful spark, a spark that has been lingering, patiently awaiting the perfect moment to ignite the flame. This flame will burn bright with knowledge and wisdom.

We all have this spark waiting to ignite our internal flame. Unfortunately, we have all been taught to ignore it, conditioned with a mind numbing addiction to distractions, taught to want more than we need and trained to have endless attachments to all that is tangible. Why would anyone want to condition and mold the majority into trained zombie slaves? Well, you can watch any of the conspiracy theorists documentaries or visit their websites to get an idea of possible reasons. I personally don’t base any of my decisions or ideas on other people’s theories. Is it not possible that our society has become what it is willingly, without any evil plotters working behind the scenes? Did we somehow without knowing it turn ourselves into trained zombie slaves? Guess what, it doesn’t matter….

The point is not to get distracted by the why. The point is that WE ARE HERE, and if we care at all, then we should stop questioning why and start asking real questions. I know I’m not the only one that notices how most of us have become heavily attached to materials. I know that there is a serious issue that is slowly but surely spinning out of control. Moral standards are low, very low, you can see it in children, you can see it on TV, you can see it online, and you can see it pretty much everywhere. You don’t have to go very far to be disgusted and disappointed by human behaviors…No one seems to care. Maximize profits is the mindset. We spend most of our time earning money. This means for most of us we spend the majority of our time working. Obviously, in order for you to survive in this society you have to earn a living, and that’s fine, the majority including myself has accepted this fact. But that fact should never be an individual’s sole purpose. I can tell you right now that your sole purpose is not to merely earn a living. No ones sole purpose is to work. But, sadly, so many of us have fallen into this illusion. I see it as the fantasy world of tangible gain. , a fantasy world that puts tangible gains ahead of any basic moral standards.

Our lives are lived to consume and to destroy. We destroy everything that is created and everything that we create. You need to realize that you are not alone on this planet. You need to realize that billions of other human beings just like you and I want to live the way we live. You need to understand the pattern, and awaken to the possibility that you are now the one being selfish, greedy, uncompassionate and inhuman…We continue to build; we continue to add to tangible growth, we continue to add rubble to our future. Why do we consume so much more than we need when we all know that the consumption is leading us to our absolute destruction? Well, the answer is simple; most people are comfortable living their zombie lives. They are too lazy to make any changes, and are consumed by possessions and attachments. I know that many people just don’t care. Most people are just living and choosing to ignore any consequences that their actions may bring about. But I also know that these people can be woken up before a wake up is forced upon them. If you really pay attention, and you really try to understand what is happening, you will start to see that it is very likely that our leaders will eventually have to limit our consumption, wake up, it’s already happening.

The problem is deep, very deep. We already know that the way we live causes obvious issues such as poverty, disease, malnutrition, obesity, animal cruelty, pollution, war, corruption, greed, etc. Knowing is apparently not enough. These zombies need to be woken up. Religion could be the answer, but there is too much hatred attached to men’s religions. I have a huge amount of respect for all religions and those who follow their religions without pride, but through humility, modesty, and love. I can tell you that if a person can truly embrace a religion, any religion, without getting distracted by the propaganda or the institutions that man has created around religions, then the person will most likely be woken up. But there is another way for those who shy away from religion, who have had bad experiences or who have been molded to judge according to beliefs; they can be woken up through a spiritual awakening. If the masses can be convinced of the endless benefits, the masses will slowly but surely change their mind states. If we can somehow make simplicity, modesty and humility attractive, more people would embrace a minimalist lifestyle. We will no longer be distracted by the fantasy world of tangible gain. We will start seeing that simple living is not about depriving ourselves; on the contrary, it’s about being happy. It’s about laughing, living and loving…together. We will see that there is much more to gain. Our minds will start to evolve into a state of enlightenment. Solutions will be realized. We will no longer need to hide in our fantasy world.

You say my ideas and views are unrealistic, you disagree with me and you call yourself a realist. You say that there is nothing wrong with the way we live; you say that we have evolved and we continue to evolve. You say that the way we live has no effect on the world, you’ve worked hard for what you’ve gained, you’re proud of yourself and your possessions. I say that your view of reality is primitive and destructive. I say that we created the reality that you live in, and as I have mentioned multiple times, we destroy all that we create; we will eventually destroy your reality. You need to be prepared to accept that your reality is not real; your reality is truly a fantasy, a complex illusion. Slowly you will see that our attachment to this fantasy world has been the root cause of all suffering. In my opinion, calling yourself a realist is another way of admitting that you’ve given up…that is ultimately your choice. I do not write this to convince you, I write this because I have not given up…

To those who share my concerns, start doing something about it. Try to see if you can let go of just one of your unnatural and distractive attachments. Challenge yourself. Rather than constantly distracting yourself from your thoughts, pay attention to your thoughts and study them. It really does start small, one mind at a time…

With love

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