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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Awakening Manifesto - An Anonymous Letter for Woken Soul

Introduction to "Security"

 Why has it taken so long for the people of Northern Africa and the Near East to wake up and ask for government reform? Why has it taken so long for these people to start a real revolution, one that will give them the power to make their own decisions, and benefit from their lands resources? Why have they been silent for all these decades?

The answer is simple; it has taken this long because people are ruled by fear. They are controlled by fear brought on by authoritarian style rulers i. Fear brought on by huge security forces that regularly torture and humiliate anyone who dares to oppose or even write about opposing the regime in power ii. This would not be possible without the help of tools of fear. The most obvious tool is weaponry; riot gear and military toys iii. Without these tools, the “security” structure, or fear structure as I call it, would be ineffective. I won’t get into the psychological war fare used against the people, but that is just as serious as the guns and tanks being used... **Wake Up Side Note: Your governments also use psychological warfare against you on a daily basis through media and advertising; this is how they keep you asleep and unaware of the chaos that WE propagate into the world in the name of profit and national growth. Public Relations is in reality Psychological Warfare**

It is well known that most of Africa and the Near East acquire all of their weaponry from corporations that are based in more developed countries, with the support of the governments in question iv. Countries such as the US, UK, China, Iran, Russia, Germany, etc, have been dishing out multibillion dollar weapons deals to these dirty dictators. Yes, that’s right, that clean cut man wearing the suit with the American flag on his lapel is allowing weapons deals to go through to the dirty looking old man wearing the crap coloured turban sporting his tribal attire. Watch God of War to get a good glimpse of what goes on; this movie is more or less based on facts of reality…the weapons industry is out of control.

Check this table out which shows the world’s largest arms exporters v:

  • TIV of arms exports from the top 10 largest exporters, 2010-2010
  • Generated: 28 April 2011
  • Figures are SIPRI Trend Indicator Values (TIVs) expressed in US$ m. at constant (1990) prices.
  • Figures may not add up due to the conventions of rounding.
  • A '0' indicates that the value of deliveries is less than US$0.5m

For more information, see

Rank 2010-2010 Rank 2009-2009 Supplier 2010 2010-2010
1 1 USA 8641 8641
2 2 Russia 6039 6039
3 3 Germany (FRG) 2340 2340
4 6 China 1423 1423
5 5 UK 1054 1054
6 4 France 834 834
7 11 Sweden 806 806
8 10 Italy 627 627
9 7 Spain 513 513
10 9 Netherlands 503 503
Others 2208 2208
Total 24987 24987

This is absolutely unacceptable considering the fact that most of the countries in the table above publicly agree that the way that these authoritarian rulers treat their people is absolutely against human rights and international law. Let’s not assume that they have the same opinion behind closed doors, this would be naïve.

When the revolutions started in the North African and Middle Eastern countries, western governments hesitated to make any statements. At first, they decided to wait and see if the dictators were capable of suppressing the situation, frightening people enough to run back home and lock their doors, and they waited. Then, they started to see that this was not just a small number of hungry protesters, no, this was an actual revolution. The poor, middle class and rich were all involved in the uprising. At that point, with that realization and that fact being spread all over international media, they had no choice but to make statements that were compliant with Human Rights and International law. Statements such as “you must allow the people the right to peaceful protest, and any force used against the demonstrations is strongly condemned”. Some western countries even went as far as to tell the dictator that he needed to step down immediately. Of course, this was only after they realized that the dictators would not be able to squash the protests quietly (outside of international media lenses) by use of the tools of fear that were sold to them by the weapons corps backed by the governments that were making these bogus statements  vi. We are currently living in a mad world, and have been for centuries.

Disguised Policy Makers: Politics is a Dirty Business

 If you still cannot see this after all the wiki leaks that were made public in the past couple of years, then you deserve nothing more than what is coming.

Politics is not just a business; it’s a very dirty business, comparable to organized crime. Actually, it IS organized crime. Our leaders are not chosen based on capabilities of emotional intelligence and intellectual intelligence vii. They are chosen based on charisma and based on how much money they can accumulate for their campaigns. It’s not surprising that the current President of the US won the elections since the contributions he received are more than double that of any other candidate viii. And guess what, the business men who are paying for these campaigns are doing so for a price. I pay for your campaign, and you run the country the way I want you to run it. Not only will you run this country the way I want, you will also run all foreign policy the way I want…it’s that simple. Is it possible that some of these politicians actually want change, positive change? Yes, it is possible, but what is not possible is for the dreams of a once emotionally intelligent politician to actually follow through with the positive change once he or she is an elected official. The business men and women who paid for the elected officials’ campaign would not allow them to break the deal, I paid for your election, and you do as I say. “Oh, you want to pass a health care plan so that all your people can afford health care? Alright, as long as there will be profit in it for me, go for it”. These vampires even try to turn a positive action into a negative outcome. Health “cares” my ass.

 Global Disarmament: Hit ‘Em Where it Hurts

 One of our biggest issues is the global arms industry which our governments are deeply involved in. Without these tools of fear enabling dictators to keep the people in check, the people would have all the power. Instead of fighting a war against drugs or terrorism, we should be fighting a war against weapons proliferation. We should be fighting a war against those business men and women who profit off of the blood of others, off of the blood of our planet. These business men and women in disguise as policy makers are merely blood sucking vampires feeding off of the blood of our brothers and sisters. And eventually, when their blood is no longer available, they will feed off of your blood. It makes me sick that people are still not waking up to this. Wake the fuck up.

Imagine if all nations, every single nation on the planet, gathered their masses under one ultimate goal, Global Disarmament. Imagine what that would do to the millionaires and billionaires, they would shit their pants, and their true natures would be revealed to the masses. This is something that needs to happen, and it will only happen if people like you wake the fuck up, and then once you’re woken the fuck up, you can wake other people up. This is the only way, it’s a start. Conventional weapons are only used for one reason, to deter people who have weapons, and this involves killing, murdering innocent people in the process of defending oneself from people who are claiming to defend themselves. It makes no sense. Weapons only continue to exist because of greed, corruption and profit.

You cannot end darkness with more darkness; this has never worked, not ever in the history of human kind. Darkness will only be perpetuated if we use their means to fight them. Taking up arms against an enemy will only benefit the one who is selling you those arms. There is no gain in violence, only loss of life. Fighting them by their means is foolish.

Ernesto Guevara, the Argentinian born revolutionary, had many times explained why he believed violent uprisings were the only way for a people’s revolution against oppression to succeed. He also stated many times that peaceful negotiations were not out of the question. Che knew that violent uprising was dangerous, but what he didn’t realise was that violent uprising only served the oppressor; the people cannot fight the oppressors with the same tools they use to oppress, they will only be strengthened by those whose interests lie in profits and business deals. Bobby Sands, the IRA revolutionary, who died while in prison on a hunger strike, had the right idea; unfortunately, he did not have mass support. Times have changed, people are more aware, interconnectedness is a tangible reality.

Someone has developed the idea for a third intifada in Palestine. In my opinion, this is NOT a good idea. We know that this will not accomplish anything positive. We know that the use of force will not be limited against the Palestinian people. We know that loss of life on both sides will be inevitable. A third intifada would be useless and would only benefit the ones who prosper from innocent human blood. A third intifada would give the oppressor more excuses to kill, more validation as victims, and more international acceptance of forced occupation. A third intifada is going backwards in any sort of peace, not forward.

Rather than fight them with the same tools, fight them with the strongest weapon of all; Love. HAHA, yes, laugh; laugh at the concept that love conquers all. What you need to realize is that this concept is absolute truth. Stand strong with Love. The keyboard is mightier than the automatic rifle. If the masses gathered and demanded for justice, they would have to eventually comply. It would not be an instant victory, and I`m not saying that people will not suffer, but it is the only way to bring about a permanent change. Fighting with weapons will not change anything. Look at the outcome in Libya so far, they picked up weapons, and now they are being massacred. NATO jumps in to lend a hand, yet this is not to the interest of the people. Don’t be fooled by the reasoning of justice and world peace that these countries feed you, don’t be swayed by their heroic undertones. It is all for one reason; Profits, whether it be in natural resources, weapons manufacturing, rebuilding contracts, etc. If these “heroes” actually cared about human life, equality, democracy and freedom, then they would have helped the hundreds of other countries around the globe that are ruled by dictators in oppressive regimes. We must stop our governments from perpetuating these brutal acts. Stand strong, demand for change, do not attack, do not raise a finger, use your voice, stand together, stand as one, scream, yell, but do not raise a finger, demand for justice and equality, demand that they disarm, demand for unity, show them that Light can overcome the darkness that has swallowed our planet. Use your weapon of mass production, use Love; use the united Love.

Imperialism is of the old world, of the old order. Healthy competition is the only way for the masses to benefit. Tribes within nations at war must be disarmed. I understand that even if the proliferation of weapons is stopped, people will still find a way to kill each other, but at least the means will not be so devastating, we cannot just make excuses anymore, it has gone on for too long…Materialistic attachments to land must be seen as dangerous and destructive, land is not owned by one nation, but is part of the global world, to be discussed in a World Court, whose appointees are chosen by the people of each given nation. Ancient structures must be questioned and seen as global treasures rather than national treasures.

Many will die in this process of change towards a new world; many will be labelled martyrs, but not martyrs to their nation, martyrs to a global cause. Egypt proved to us that true power is in numbers. The key is for the media to be on our side, the key is for the media to stand behind the people and to break the pattern of backing up the powers that be. The media needs to break free from the old world, and join us in the new.

The illusion is that money is power, but that is bullshit, money means nothing if we do not give it value. Unity is not man made, money is man-made. Unity is power, money is bullshit. United we can stand, divided we have fallen. People say every day that the world is such a crazy place, yet you do nothing about it. People watch news every day and ignore the reality that there are hundreds of millions suffering every day because of greed and corruption, indirectly, we are to blame. Whether it be from starvation or war crimes (all wars are crimes), the underlying cause is the same. We are guilty because we are silent. We are guilty because we know that it doesn’t have to be this way. We are guilty because we do not unite.

The campaign that has started in Libya is just the beginning of a more chaotic world, especially if we allow it to get out of hand. The flexing of muscle by western nations needs to stop. It is dangerous and will lead only to more war, more destruction, and more death. We let them get away with Afghanistan and Iraq, and look at those countries now, why would we just stand by and watch them ravage another country? Countries in Africa have been fighting their dictators for years, and the allies have never jumped in to “protect” the people of those African nations, what makes Libya any different? If you cannot see now that they are NOT protectors, they are only opportunists; you are really not paying attention. They preach justice and freedom yet they drop bombs on innocent civilians on a regular basis. They have done so in Afghanistan, and in Iraq, and now they test their new hi tech weaponry in Libya, next is Syria, then Iran…These countries are like giant testing grounds for them, and the loss of life is just a side note, not even a side note, it is completely disregarded. They back stab the leaders of those countries who they have supported for decades; they betray their loyalties because they see opportunity. Many say that what they are doing is needed; the rebels need help against the tyrant in Libya. I can agree, but at the same time, I am very weary of the outcome. I do not believe that the use of force was absolutely necessary; I do not believe that the allies would have entered into this battle with nothing to gain; we see this time and time again. The allies only enter when there is profit. Remember that we as humans rarely collectively learn from our mistakes, remember that the last world war came during an economic recession, remember that our current system depends on war as an economic booster, especially a world war…let us awaken before it is too late…this system is corrupt, this system is destructive, this system needs to collapse so that we could all start afresh.

Demanding Change: United We Stand

 We need to demand for things to change. We need to unite globally and have global demands, a list that can be added to by peaceful global revolutionaries who believe in equality, freedom, justice and ultimately, true freedom and peace in a new world.

I have started a list, and I urge you to start your own. When the time is right, we will bring our demands together, I guarantee you that most of what has been written on your list of demands will match that of others around the globe, the collective mind must act now.


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