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Monday, 25 April 2011

Paths Cross, Intersect, Connect ,Merge - The Key is Appreciation and Acceptance

Every single one of us has a path, every individual living thing has its own path, the ones who can recognize their path are few and far between, but it’s possible, and these people are usually the ones who find true happiness…

Paths twist and turn, paths split, and paths cross. If paths cross, then this means the paths can connect at a certain point. It's possible for these two individual paths to cross once and never again, to cross for long periods of time, or to cross multiple times, but is it not also possible that two paths can cross, connect and then join? The path then becomes wide enough for two individuals rather than one to move freely along, living, learning, changing and loving, together, on two paths joined as one. The whole time, insuring that the path never becomes too narrow.

This joined path is what I can consider as meeting the one, this path that has no limitations, no jealousy, no regret. A path that will sustain both individuals. A path that connects and joins but never comes to a dead end, a joined path that is never defined by marriage or terms that society has invented.

I believe every single human being has this possibility, and I would not call it luck. It is up to us to recognize and to believe, because the moment we stop believing that there is a one, is the moment where we decide that we do not want the one…

I have met many who were on the verge of giving up, or who have already given up, and this has made me sad for them, for they only lose hope because of a lack of patience, or an allowance of past experiences to judge the rest. If we allow ourselves to be controlled by our own judgements based on past experiences, we will not grow, and we will rarely broaden our horizons. We must accept the pain from our pasts, learn from the pain, love the pain, and then leave it in the past, where it belongs. Bringing these pains forward into your newly experienced moments will not benefit you, nor will it benefit your path.

You do your best to live, not survive, but live. You live your experiences, they become a part of your memory, you are your memory, and you base your present and sometimes future judgments on those experiences. You become your memories. It’s limiting, and it weakens the potential of living life. We must learn to let go, empty your cup as often as possible, unpack that luggage, stick around for a while and enjoy the moments. Stop being a judge, stop judging yourself and projecting that judgment on to others, your loved one, your closest allies. Be aware of these projections, and know that you are judging the person in front of you as a reflection of your own self. Let go, enjoy your surroundings, appreciate these moments and learn from them. Understand that there may be pain, but the pain will only become suffering if you judge the pain. If you accept the pain, and appreciate what you are experiencing, you will surely grow from the experience, and you will rarely, if ever, be negatively affected.

Accept your path for what it is and where it is leading you. Accept those who visit you on your path, accept those who cross and continue on, accept those who stick around, accept those who want to join, just accept, appreciate, and let go...

With Love


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