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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Short Reminder of Appreciation

A Life lived with conscious appreciation of all that surrounds us is a life lived in joy. To be able to look at the sky in wonder and awe, no matter what the weather forecast, is to appreciate the wonder and awe of life. To look at a tree and smile at the tree with love and appreciation is to love and appreciate life.

I have always appreciated my surroundings. I have walked out of a building, after being indoors all day, and stopped as soon as I stepped outside. I looked up at the sky, and I smiled at the sun. This is to appreciate. I believe that if every single one of us can appreciate these moments, stress, unhappiness, disappointment, hate, and all the other earthly fear emotions will disappear, slowly, but surely…and will be replaced with Love. To appreciate is to love.

I have been disappointed; yet I have learned to let go of the disappointment and the attachment to it, by appreciating what is around me. Attachments become unimportant and cease to exist when you can consciously accept and appreciate the splendour and greatness of creation.

I dare you to try it. The next time you’re feeling down, or something that you have no control over has rendered you unhappy, leave where you are, go for a walk, or simply look out your window. Look up at the sky, and smile at the sun, know that it is smiling back at you, know that the creator of all is smiling back at you, know that this moment of happiness is shared, and know that you are not alone. Take it all in and appreciate what your eyes are allowing you to see, allow your soul to see it, remember not to allow your mind  to block your soul from appreciating these views and these moments…This is a promise to you, it may not seem like its making any difference, but it will, if you can truly appreciate it, and accept it, you will cure your own unhappiness…naturally, and without the help of anything other than what has been created by the ultimate creator of all.

To appreciate creation is to appreciate yourself.

With Love


  1. I'm ashamed to say that this is the first post I read in your blog, please forgive me for coming in so late.

    I must say that I am overwhelmed by what I'm reading, I've always appreciated God's creation, and never knew how to express my gratitude more. Every single day I thank God for waking up, for being able to see the sky, for the rise of the sun up in space, for birds singing on swinging trees, if it's so beautiful, then how will heaven be? I wonder.

    These thoughts have always made me smile, and I used to smile to the world wherever I go and guess what, everything really does smile back to you. Nature is healing in a way or another. Those who take a moment each day appreciating their surroundings, are the most peaceful and sensual of all. Observing everything around, makes you aware of the greatness of Allah, and this in turn will help you appreciate the life you've been given.


    Power !!!!!

  3. Simple,

    I am glad you have visited this blog. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    You are obviously aware of the true healing powers of appreciation of creation, of nature. I am grateful that I am able to share this feeling with others who can feel as well. It is something that is rarely spoken about outside of religious institutions, and I hope that it can be a topic of discussion more often.

    Those of us who live in cities are heavily distracted by fast paced lifestyles, bright lights, tall buildings, loud man made noises, etc., yet there is still a way for us to get away from it all, to block it all out...there is a man in the city where I live who shows up on one of the busiest street corners every morning, in the midst of rush hour, wearing his business suit, briefcase on the ground next to him, his eyes shut, with a suttle smile, he practices tai chi, in peace...when I look at him, all the sounds stop, all the rush slows down...I can only imagine what he hears and what he see's...pure tranquility in the midst of structured chaos, this man, and others like him, have found a way to escape the chaos, even if it is just for a moment...