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Monday, 19 September 2011

What Are You Not?

You are not your body. You are not your mind. Get out of your mind. Get out of your body. When you learn to escape from mind and body, you become absolutely and truly free. Do not ignore body. Do not ignore mind. Just because we are neither mind nor body, this does not mean we cannot listen to these tools. We have been given the mind and the body as tools that can help in our growth. Mind and body are our teachers as much as they are our tools. By listening to the mind without becoming an active participant in the thinking, you learn to recognize the barriers that the ego has created. By listening to the body, you learn how to create and sustain a balance. Combine these tools into one, and you have harmony. This harmony allows one to escape the boundaries of the mind and to love the beauty of creation. We are not the minds or the bodies, this is clear, but the mind and body are absolutely necessary in our evolution into being. It is not your body, or my mind, or your mind. The mind and body are not belongings.  They are not possessions.  When we see the mind and body as mere materials that we own, we take them for granted, we disrespect them, we ignore them, and ultimately, we destroy them. When one learns to listen to the mind and body, a true appreciation inevitably re-appears, and you will automatically reflect this appreciation into the environment around the mind and the body.  To get to this point is the challenge. It is the only existing challenge where the reward brings lasting happiness. Appreciate what has been bestowed upon us. Love what we have become and what we are becoming. Learn to BE without attaching yourself to what is not actually your Self. Just remember, you are not your body, and you are not your mind…

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  1. And when all of them are guided by the soul.. then comes one's true achievement. Beautiful one again!