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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Another Short Rant - Suggestions Please!

There is a massive lack of human interaction, real human interaction, not the telecommunication kind. There is a change in the minds of the youth; there is a transformation in the behaviour of our youth. You can see it in their eyes, when you can actually get them to look you in the eyes. It’s not just the youth that are affected by generations of emotional separation and slavery. I see it in the eyes of our elders and our middle aged population, in the eyes of teens and young professionals. I see a tormented soul when I look in their eyes, I see discomfort in their bodies, I see sadness, fear and pain. When we pass people in the streets who are smiling, we think they are mad, when we see people laugh out loud, we think they are losing their minds. Why is that? Why is it normal for people to look angry, depressed, or simply not present…zombies…when zombies are depicted are they smiling? No, they are not smiling; they are dead, dead and dead. Their facial expressions look dead. Our society is dying; people are dead, walking dead…how can a society fight for their rights if they have no spirit to fight? What can we do to make them come alive again? I am helping myself, I am alive, more alive than I’ve ever been before, I smile in the streets, I laugh out loud…and I wait patiently for others to follow suite…
I stand in the subway and I look at people, and I see them looking everywhere except at each other. I see people with headphones in their ears, and newspapers stuck to their faces. These people get to work, sit at their desks and stick their faces in their computer screens, good morning, good afternoon, have a good night….then back home where they will eat, shit, possibly fuck, and then sleep…then back on the subway with your ears blocked and your eyes closed…why the hell would a person stuck in that cycle do anything to change the world, to help bring our society to higher levels of consciousness. Why? What is in it for him or for her??
I shouldn’t judge…but I do and I will. I live next to a rub and tug, for those who don’t know what that is, well, it’s a massage with a happy ending…so, I live on the corner and the rub and tug is on the opposite corner. Some days, or nights, I’ll be sitting on my stoop, enjoying the noises, watching people…then a BMW, or a Mercedes pulls up, the man in the car looks stressed, paranoid, in a rush…parks the car and walks out, looks around and runs into the rub and tug…a neighbor who notices this with me says “wtf, that’s so pathetic, these people are fucking sad!! Losers!” and you know what, I sorta agree with him. Yet I defended the man, I told my neighbor “do you know him? Have you met him? Do you know what’s going on in that man’s personal life? If he is resorting to this type of service, its quite likely that he’s in a very bad place in his life right now, and he may not even know it, we shouldn’t judge” why did I defend the man? It’s because I get it, I understand. Just because I disagree with something it does not mean I don’t understand it, and when we can understand it is when we can actually be at ease with others and with ourselves…
I understand the zombies. I get it. Generations of mind numbing, it gets to you…it got to me. One foot on the path and one foot off, teetering….foundation is strong and that’s the only reason one foots still on. We need to help zombies come alive again, there are ways…just gotta think a little more about how. How can we wake them up once and for all, even if it’s just a little bit at a time…any suggestions?

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