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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Growth Rings - The Re-emergence Of The Divine Feminine

I've never written in terms of male and female. I have always kept my writings to be completely inclusive. When I say us, I include everything living and non-living in this universe. I've never seen men as greater or above women, even though so many cultures and twisted versions of religions try to indoctrinate children with these false beliefs from a very young age. Even as a child, I always knew and felt that women were divine and held a great power that surpasses what men hold. I saw that even though women hold this power, they never flaunt it willingly, or use it to hurt anyone who does not deserve it. I saw clearly that instead of owning or controlling with power, women only want equality with everything. Not greater or lesser, but equal.

I feel that through my female partner, through my mother, my sister, female cousins and female friends, I feel that through them, there is a great wisdom that is always being taught to me. These divine teachings are not done through words, but rather through emotions, feelings, and vibrations. The tree of life and the secret of our existence is being taught to us at every moment, if we are willing to listen to our teachers. I owe so much of my wisdom to the divine feminine. I am grateful for the strength that they show regularly, for it has shown me what true strength really is.

Our genes hold a certain type of memory, memories from our ancestors, like the growth rings of a tree, every ring has its story, every ring has seen growth and has been through many seasons. Without the previous ring, the next one would not appear, one ring leads to the next. If the tree is growing in a healthy environment, then more and more rings will appear, one after the other, from one healthy ring to the next, and the tree will grow for centuries. The tree will continue to reach upward into the sky, all the while, each ring seeing and feeling the one before it. If the environment that the tree grows in is unhealthy or destructive, the growth rings will eventually stop appearing. The ring that grows the last will feel the pain that the last ring had to endure, it will not grow strong. Unless the environment is changed into a healthy one, one that sustains growth, the tree will wither and die. If the earth that the tree grows in is polluted, diseased and disrespected, then it is likely that the growth rings will stop, and the tree will die...Without a healthy mother earth, growth will stop...

The same goes for humanity. Our past follows us into our present, and what has created us now was created in a specific type of environment. What our ancestors have gone through, what they have done is felt by us, whether we want to feel it or not, we are connected to them. The space between every growth ring in a tree is what connects one ring to the next, the same goes for us. In our case, the environment has not been healthy, it may have appeared healthy at some points, but destruction was and is mostly rampant...our history is filled with innocent blood....The grandmothers, the daughters, the sisters of our world have been disrespected continuously, and this has stunted our true divine growth...This to me is the cyclical continuation of life...the tree of can be destroyed, it can wither and die, or it can grow, prosper, and evolve into ascension.

Since this is truth to me, I understand that there is a certain responsibility that we all have when it comes to the wrongs or rights our ancestors have done. I understand that like a tree's growth, our growth depends on a healthy and sustainable environment. I understand that the putting down and destruction of the female by our ancestors will continue into the new age unless people, not just men, but all people, can finally admit to the guilt, and forgive. If we can finally rebuild what we have destroyed, the tree will start to grow again, and the rings will continue to appear, one after the other, stronger, and stronger....divinely pointing to the sky...what connects our ring to the next, will become stronger.

All conscious men must admit to the guilt of their ancestors, and women must forgive. If this does not happen, then the new age will be postponed once again, and ancient chords of hatred, revenge, mistrust, and ultimately, destructive separation, will continue.

I clearly see that a huge window of divine opportunity has opened up to our world. It is crystal clear to me that this rainbow of compassion and love is spreading through the hearts of so many on this planet. This gives me much hope, but at the same time, I believe that we should not take this opportunity for granted. I believe that it is more important now, than ever before, to spread the awareness, to educate the people in terms of the power of the feminine and the path that can be built by this awareness.

I feel that in this age, there will be many men and women alike who will backlash against this discovery of what has always been there, the divinity of women. I believe that without the re-emergence of the female divinity, the world will not be able to evolve. I am not saying that men are not divine, all living things are divine, in essence of course. What I am trying to explain is that without the realization and re-emergence of the divine feminine, all will stay dead, and the essence of this world will stay hidden in plain sight. The key is the divine feminine, the key is the birthing of a new age through the divine feminine, this is the key to a mass shift in consciousness.

Look at it this way. When a woman is pregnant with child, it is extremely important for her to consume the right amount of vitamins, for her to rest, for her to receive care and to be given love and respect. If this care is not received and given, the baby will likely not be born, or the baby will not be born healthy. The same goes for this new age, the birthing of this new age will not happen unless we feed the divine feminine with what she needs; respect, adoration, motivation, stimulation and ultimately, a culmination of all our love....

What has held us back for so many ages is the destructive forces that have continuously put women down. What has held us back is the false belief that women can be seen as objects or possessions and not as divine carriers of ancient knowledge. This false belief is our barrier, and once this barrier is dropped, divine consciousness will be reached...and through the divine feminine, our collective evolution will be inevitable.

It is not by chance that it is women who are leading the Idle No More movements, it is not by chance that it is women who are standing up all over the world in unity. It is not by chance that many of the revolutions in the Arab Spring were inflamed and motivated by strong women...This is more than a sign for what is to come, and the men who consider themselves to be part of a higher consciousness need to step it up a notch. The men need to stop talking, and instead, be the catapult for the females in your life, be the stepping stone, literally, get on your hands and knees, and let the women in your life stand on your back, lift them up high above you, and allow their voices to be is time.

With Love



  1. "If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it."

    - Anais Nin

  2. Happy you are breathing, crying and feeling full on while you are writing.

    1. Happy that you are feeling me through this writing...Thank you :D