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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Plead for Change

If you knew how the universe affected you on a constant basis, your awareness would expand a million fold. If you knew how your energy is affected by your thoughts, by other peoples thoughts, by the moon, the planets, the sun, the would never wonder why you are feeling a certain way. If you were aware of how much our culture affects you, our buildings, our subways, the food we eat, the entertainment we watch, you would understand why you do the things you do, feel the things you feel.....

I have recently, within the past few years, and more so within the past few months (because of my Goddess partner) become aware of the effects of galactic events that cause changes not only in our psyche, but also in our physical bodies. The ancient civilizations were aware of these effects, and they were also aware of how to protect themselves and prepare themselves for these changes.

Change is neither positive nor negative. Change can be negative if we perceive it as such and it can be positive if we perceive it as such. When we accept change for just that, change, we then are equipped to handle change effectively, without stress or feelings of helplessness. This is our problem, we believe that we have control over everything, we stopped relying on our senses, and become completely dependent on our minds to tell us how to deal with change, whether it be the most minute change or a major shift.

Our sense are capable of dealing with change on a macro scale, but only if we allow our senses to deal with it, without letting our minds get in the way. We underestimate the power of our feelings, our intuition. We downplay the power and magnitude of our connection to all of creation. We have been conditioned to believe that our minds are separate from everything, that we as individuals feel things separately from everyone and everything else. We have been lead to believe that everything is coincidental, and things happen randomly. This is true to a certain extent, random events do exist, but out of the randomness comes a deep connection, out of the randomness comes a message of linkage to everything that occurs around us.

Change happens when the Gods and Goddesses, the Universal Consciousness, the Mind of the World, etc, decide that a shift needs to occur in order for evolution to continue, in order for our planet to move on to the next phase of creation. Creation never stops, its not as if the earth and all of her inhabitants were created billions of years ago and then it just stopped, it never continues and will continue...with or without us....the decision belongs to us for whether or not we want to be a part of this continuous adventure of evolving creation.

Our culture has entered a period where we perceive change, evolution and creation as something that has stopped, and in a way, we have stopped it, for ourselves. We stopped living with the earth the way our ancestors have lived, the way the indigenous cultures live. When we stopped living in conjunction with the universe, we stopped our evolution. We when disconnected from spirit, our evolution stopped. We started to invent tools, invent technology, this is not evolution at all...this is change that is not set forth by a shift in the cosmos, inventions that come from the human mind are merely a product of our man made society, not an evolution in consciousness.

Inventions are not bad, that is not what I am saying, there are many inventions that have brought much light onto this planet. What I am saying is that inventions have not propelled us further down the path of evolution, I could even argue that certain inventions have halted evolution. I wrote about this “de-evolution”, as I call it, in some of my other articles of reflection...

Some writers, philosophers, environmentalists, etc, have brought this to our attention, and have been for a few decades now. They have warned us that if we continue down this path of false perception, we will bring ourselves to extinction, some even say, we will bring the whole planet to extinction. Then you have some other thinkers who say that the end of the planet and our lives is inevitable, something that will naturally occur...this to me, is based on nonsense. The earth, and all of her inhabitants have survived many cataclysmic events, events that we deem as “apocalyptic”. The difference from then and now is the fact that we no longer live with the earth, we live against her. And yes, I say we including me...I am not a hunter-gatherer, I do not live as the indigenous tribes of Australia or Africa or South America live. I live the way you, who are reading this, lives.

The thing is this, I want to change, I do not want to continue living this way knowing that this way of life will bring about a total failure of our species and our planet. I cannot sleep at night peacefully knowing that the way i am living is bringing about extinctions of certain species and total collapses of major ecosystems. I cannot pretend that i am a being of Love and Light if I sit here and consume just as YOU do...

I write this as a plead, practically on my knees, asking you to research what I am saying to you. I am not an expert on the environment, on ecosystems or on anthropology, but the research i have done over the years (not purposely, material on this subject seems to just fall into my lap), has convinced me that we are not living according to the natural law that allows life to continue in peace. I am convinced that our society, our culture, our inventions, are bringing about a total destruction of our planet and our species. 

I do not sit here writing this out of mere paranoia, or conspiracy, this is why I beg you to research..please...consider changing things with me...this needs to happen on a mass scale...i can go and live as a hunter gatherer if I learn the techniques that are needed to survive and if I re-learn what our ancestors knew about living in harmony with nature, i can leave this society, this would be difficult at first, and I may risk my life doing so, but it can be done....but there is one thing stopping me, and that is my love for humanity, my love for my brothers and sisters...I cannot abandon you...that is why I beg of you to reflect on what needs to be changed so that we can go back to living in harmony with all of creation....with the animals, with nature. Can we not be leaders of this world without being destructive? Can we not be self aware without wanting to rule everything, forcing everything to live the way we perceive as being right? I know its possible to live civilized without hurting the planet and its has been done...long long ago....I beg you to consider my words, and to research how our culture, and our society is destroying this planet, and murdering so much of creation...

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