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Friday, 8 March 2013

Get Up, Stand Up - Still Waiting After 4 Decades

Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your rights. Bob Marley wrote those lyrics exactly 4 decades ago. He spoke to sold out crowds about awareness, he spoke to his die hard fans about growing consciousness....4 decades ago...

I wonder if he knew that not much would have changed in 4 decades time. Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your many of us actually do this? How many of you have complained about government corruption, high taxes, fluctuating gas prices, unnecessary laws and regulations, unjust treatment, etc, etc, etc? I’m POSITIVE that masses of people are aware of the injustice that plagues much of our planet...yet how many of those masses actually get up, and stand up, and stand up for their rights? My answer, too few...

International Women’s Day, a day for women to stand up and voice their Goddess given right to equality, and a freedom from violence, oppression and any form of domination or fear...but isn’t there more to it than that? The men of this race that we call human need to voice their support and make real changes!

How many of you men stood around while witnessing a woman being treated with disrespect? At a nightclub, in the workplace, on the train, in the many of you can say that you have stood up for a woman? Tell me men, does this sound familiar “damn, that girl is smoking hot, I would bang the shit outta her!” while all the other douche bags stand around giving each other high fives and agreeing with this cavemanish comment. Have you ever stopped to think that this woman that you see as a piece of ass is someone's sister, someone's daughter, someone's cousin, and will one day be someone's mother? Do you not stop to think that maybe, if you stand up and say something like “Whoa there buddy, have respect! She is a woman, a human, someone’s daughter! How would you want your daughter to be treated?!!”  that the caveman that said this may stop and think twice before making such disrespectful and vulgar comments the next time?

You may think that my last point is weak, pointless. You may say to yourself “ there are worse things happening like beatings and rapes” but really, where do you think this lack of respect and care towards women starts? Think about it...stop it, before it starts....

How many of you men out there have used your status or your social standing to take advantage of a woman? How many men out there assume that a woman's role is to serve you? My answer, way too many....

I have had the unfortunate experience to have met men, many men, who pretend that they are something that they are not in order to attract women, and the moment the woman lets her guard down, the moment she decides that this person is safe, the man takes advantage, uses her, abuses her soul, and shoves her aside, looking for his next victim....these men need to be called out, lined up, deprogrammed and educated.

The boys who grew up into REAL men, respectable, compassionate, honourable, caring, strong men, need to stand up. Don’t be shy, don’t hold your tongue in fear of judgment from the douche bags. Don’t pretend to fit in with the cavemen. Speak out against the men who make our gender shameful. Act against any injustice you witness, whether it be in a nightclub, a gym, a bus, a train, on the street, at the grocery store, at the office....anywhere. Don’t be cowards, act, use your power, use your voice, use your witt, use your alchemy to transform their un-evolved thoughts. Show all the women out there that WE do exist, our gender has not totally given in to the conditioning and programming, their battle is not being fought alone!

Many of us are here, fighting the fight, spreading truth and awareness. Sometimes we get lucky, and we are able to awaken masses, but sometimes, just that one mind is all that matters. Many of us are here, the problem is, many are afraid to be judged, afraid to appear different, afraid to appear weak, and because of these fears, they do not step up.

I urge you, the men who have honour, the men who know what truth is, the man whose blood boils when he see’s a fellow woman or man being mistreated, the men who were raised by women, the men who appreciate the divinity of the feminine, the men who worship a woman for her strength and compassion...I urge you men....Get Up! Stand Up! Stand Up for THEIR RIGHTS!!!!!!!

With Passion


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    1. You are the vision...I am just the vessel

  2. This is such a beautiful post and I thank you so much for it. Bless your heart.

    Think of a non-abusive adjective that describes the feminine.

    Think of a non-abusive adjective that describes the masculine.

    Look at these two words and ask yourself, which of these words has an element of fearfulness. There is no fear in freedom.

    As the great man himself said:

    "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our minds."


  3. Thank you for reading and sharing Niramisa..I am grateful for your comment. I really do hope that changes start to show, I pray and hope that people stop attacking each other over nonsense, over false ideals...

    LOVE the quote from the mood now to listen to Redemption Song..shivers whenever I hear it...

  4. im a woman and I love being treated badly. don't write this post because you don't even know what woman feel like.

    1. You love being treated badly? Explain, what do you mean?