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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Buzzing Into Creative Transformation

I spoke of a buzz last year that had been loudly making it's way  through the realm of consciousness that I and many others feel. I spoke of a shift that has been happening and that continues to happen. I spoke of all the Occupy Movements and all the revolutions BUZZING around the globe. I shared my feeling that the buzz would continue, and that it would become louder, and louder and louder. I shared my feeling that more and more humans would start hearing the buzz...idle no more and other creative movements....are buzzing.

More are hearing, and major moves are happening. Whether you see these moves or not, does not change the fact that things are changing, and fast. I know that things are always changing, but this seems to be different. Many are feeling a heavy weight on their shoulders; many are feeling like they are not totally present in their everyday tasks. I feel that the everyday tasks of going to work, shopping, paying the bills and so on are getting less and less important, and more and more people are searching for more meaning, more depth. The burdens of societal living are appearing to be present for every single one of us. I keep hearing people saying that they want to escape these burdens, they want to find something more, they want to fulfil their deepest desires and finally fulfil their purpose, whatever that may be. They want to connect more, they want to create more meaningful relationships. The slavish lives that so many of us have lived and continue to live is becoming more visible and unbearable. The elite that perpetuates this way of living, is losing it's is CRYSTAL clear.

News around the globe seems to be showing us that major changes are not only happening in the cosmos, but are also happening in this material realm. The movements are occurring in sync. Like gears in a giant cosmic clock, grinding to a halt, in turn speeding up time as we know it. Tick tock, tick tock, time as we know it is becoming less and less visible, it is becoming obsolete. All seems to be coming to light, joining and transmuting from lead into gold, from time into timeless, a spiritually alchemical process that has been set into motion ages ago, and the people who have their centres open, are seeing and feeling the changes immensely. Not only are these changes occurring without, but they are also occurring within. I know that we are always changing, constantly, what I am now is not what I was just a second ago. Our bodies, our minds, our hearts are constantly expanding and contracting, breathing, just like our mother the earth, and the universe that she travels in.
We are all on this journey together, whether you see it or feel it or not, this journey is designed to bring us all back to our source, whatever that may be, description and label is not necessary. The expansion of our universe is in sync with the expansion of sentient consciousness. We breath, we eat, we live, we continue on growing, and so does everything else on the material and non material planes. The difference on this plane of existence is that we measure growth, on the other planes, growth is not measured, it is felt and accepted as part of a greater process of transformation.This measurement on this plane of existence will no longer be necessary, as time speeds up, it will dissipate into a past, present and future that is no longer needed...measurement is of the old world.

We have been separated by measurement  and the purpose of this separation is only to allow us to learn from the darkness, so that we may once again embrace the light, and becoming One whole immeasurable force..

The separation that human kind has endured on this realm has created so much darkness, gaps between us that create conflict, differences that we created out of fear and confusion. This separation can only be resolved through a series of realizations, not only by one or two sentient beings, but by all, a realization of our creative divinity, a realization of the creative divinity that eternally exists in interconnectedness, in oneness....

First, we accept ourselves as we are, and through this acceptance, a personal transformation is set into motion. There are so many monkey wrenches thrown into our gears of growth, sometimes these wrenches crack a tooth in the gear, and a major change is needed. Once this change happens, the tooth mends itself, and the gears are set back into motion, moving us along into the process of transformation. We must not give up, nor should we give in. The gears will stop on their own, when we no longer need measurement or time to continue the process of transmutation. All that is within is also without, all the breathing and changing is happening everywhere all at once. Feel it and the process will be less painful, and then we can turn the transformation into a pleasant and peaceful one. This transformation leads us to a realization of our deep connection to everything that is, nature, the cosmos, the world around us, the people around us; all become visibly connected to us. This realization may be something that is elusive, hard to truly see and feel at times. Chasing this reality is like trying to catch a rainbow, you cannot do so, it is there to observe, not to own or “catch”. You see a rainbow; you admire its beauty, its brightness, and its magical appearance. You appreciate it, and let it all sink in, you know you did not create it, but you perceive it nonetheless, you know it’s another wondrous part of creation, just as you are. You ponder its beauty; you get absorbed by its beautifully perceived colours.
The realization of oneness is the same. You are everyone and everything else, and everyone and everything else is you. That is love. I am continuously feeling that all of this, all of creation, all of what we perceive is the artistic expression of the pours through our own beings, our own artistic expressions, a perpetual sharing of creativity, singing, dancing, creating...passing it on, generation after generation...just as nature passes on its beauty and creativity, perpetually through the is always standing still, yet there is always movement...this thing we call life, is the same as this thing we call death..Nothing moves without it, nothing transforms without it...the creative forces of the feminine combined with the driving forces of the masculine...without it, we would not exist...balance, acceptance, gratitude, transformation, all we need to be able to continue the process of creative transformation...moving while standing still...being nothing while being everything...

With Peace, Blessing and Love


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